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DANKline behind the scenes

by Sound Experiments • 1,902 views

Soundrone's new review show is in pre-production and we have been shooting as much as we can. We will keep you posted as to the progress... The new show will be seen on Soundrone's Main channel...

sick set up yo i cant wait to see it :D Thank you for all your hard work sound and team.
So what's dankline about exactly? Is it like reviews on strains and other good stuff?errrr whaaat?!?!
wtf!! last video i watched had 66,060 then i goto this and im 66
WOW Soundman ... You are dressed to the Hilt! Your new show will be a hit like all your others . Remember not to Gag when you toke
prob weed at first. but i do have some new products that are comming out to review as well.
Wow, I'm impressed. Very excited to see Dankline! Keep up with the amazing work Sound, I'm so happy this has all been working out for you so well all this time.. hope all is well ~ OG sub :)
This should be the shittt !!!
or maybe just not videos on this sight? zinnnng jk man nice vids
will the tie be availible on the 420 armory ?
bought another boulder of beeline from ya told my friends too at least 3 have bought some. stay hiiii
Oh true you should bring out the big jar
we all know soundrones fucking that ;) lol
nice fuckin job bro keep it up,,,shit is phat,
lol i love the ending best part man peace the fuck out! lol you sounded constapaited :) hahaha jk man
cool comment , i had no clue the work involved to produce a pro show
looks like a awesome new set up cant wait to see the new vids sound
Im thirsty for a glass of that FIRST
i hear ya, i get spam from people selling stuff all the time. best way is to contact someone first to avoid confusion, ya know? you good...
how old do you have to be to get a medical marijuana card'
yes you should sound! it's friggin awesome over there, just your type of people. r/trees is the stuff
Thought you joined the Men in Black cast with that outfit
nope. unless you like reposts, stupid teens talking about how high they are on a scale of 1-10 and generic weed pictures
woooo woooooooo look at u looken all nice (go sound) :P
nice dude wear that suit for dankline PS: Sorry i never placed that order yet some family matters occurred will be placing it still in the future weeks here have a goodn sound- puff
hahaha i never thought of it , do you think people will want a DANKline tie?
ok dude i thought she was your girlfriend or somethink
that table looks "clean and seedless"! haha! looking forward to the future!
if i wear a tie its gonna be one with a leaf on it !! hahahaa you all good bro order when you can
It feel like it going to b about glass the first show am i right sound
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