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Mac Miller - Don't Mind If I Do

by TreeJTV • 7,326,540 views

Mac returns with the finale to his "Day In The Life" series. Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records, the Most Dope, and TREEJTV proudly present "Don't Mind If I Do"! Produced, Directed & Edited By Ian...

What you are looking at is a man in the process of going broke.
+rara rara  don't mind if i do ! sing along come on ! :D
+kayumust dont mind if i do dudududududu
Made a remix to Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever". Come over to my channel to check it out. 19 year old Asian rapper from Brooklyn. I guarantee I won't disappoint! Thumbs up 👍
2:00 sounds like fireflies
HIP-HOP FAN? Can we please have a couple of your minutes to check out what we've been working on. We'll put out a track every sunday. A chance is all we ask. And we would love to know your opinion!
you're talented. keep it up fam!
2010 Mac Miller Waz The Shit 
He got better though.
if u listen to mac u lose all yo probs 👍
"Traffic in the sky" is the first song
Was looking for it. Thanks!
MUSIC is what I love 😂
I like old mac better then new mac
"Still listening from 4 years ago" that's some time travel shit right there
0:32 Does anyone know, where do i find the Instrumental?
jajaj es  owlcity fireflyes ;)
U cant be addicted unless u get pshcoglyical to weed so wut durg is he addicted to lol hes banking makeing money while we all work our 9-5 at minamun wage lol let him be him and yall be yall
Was besseres gibt es einfach nicht !
Hey, please check my page for new music and a sick freestyle. Check my twitter @_Livari too for some updates and news on my new project with some big producers and upcoming artists. Thanks! 
I feel the sample telley from the movie Kids...i Rock with you keep the heat coming
he look fresh here! 
3:27 what's with the fat chicks in the pool?
cuz larry fish known to fukk a fat bitch or 2
Bitch in the video is trying so hard lol
the beat on this track is so nice... 
That blond chick is hot af 
There is no video where Mac doesn't do a duck face... Try and find one...
Intro by Telly from Kids 1995 :3
First song is Traffic in the Sky..
Peace... Find your own path...Stop looking through the window life is not all about money.
Miller to be famous please be at my house I love Sharlot Irish 2097 Holly Dr. Big White House right straight go straight to shit
Whose the girl In traffic in the sky? Is that macs old girlfriend?
Hola Hola Presidente :D Demoré mucho en buscarte jijijiji 
The Getbackers on this shit.
I love how he always uses dialogues from "Kids" 1995, my favorite movie fr
🎶Yo wassup my name is "Aero Sandhill"🎶 And instead of me typing a long @ss paragraph I just want to say you should consider checking out some of my songs if you have time. I think im an alright artist but don't take my word on it so check out a couple songs by me. 🎶My Song "Leave Earth" && "Strawberry Vibez"🎶
0:32 Does anyone know, where do i find the blonde girl? ^^
he sounds like he has autism 
I like how there is just one blonde chick in the background doing nothing but being awkward...
Mac miller is in jail
he's never done jail time. he spent one night in jail once in 2011 for a bag of weed that was among him and his friends while on tour in new york
+Stefan Batory Hi Stefan! You have awesome sunglasses dude! 
I remember watching this video back in 2010 when it had like 500 views, he has progressed a lot like a rapper.
Aw youngin mac Pre tattoos woaah
before macs hairy chest haha
Yall niggas don't understand he was born to be a rapper nigga look at Kendrick lamar he started off when he dropped collage nigga plz but Mac he's great rapper yall ppl might not think that but shut up and move on
I really cant resonate with Mac Millers songs, where as someone like Kendrick Lamar and Eminem where its more poetic I see to gravitate towards, but I had no idea Mac Miller was so big until I looked him up after hearing Kendrick's control verse. I dont get what hes trying to say is all.
I'm white but this is albino
Will always love this
Going to swim like I'm trying to sneak across the border.?
Love What Mac Miller Has Done For White Hip Hop Artist Stay Up Fam !!!!!
Im Just Like Mac Miller. I rap the same, eh 
beginning speech is from the movie KIDS yo
+Kris D it wasn't fucking he got that from the ending of the movie kids watch it and you'll hear what he replaced the word music with just like kool aid and frozen pizza he got the beginning with they said that party got plain quick from kids when they were on the couch smoking
+Kris D yall do know the whole premise of the mixtape is kids right? All of the voice overs are from there and pussy is what he substituted since nobody actually would say it
i really want to be gay so im watching mac miller videos, but hes so ugly that theyre not helping
troll fails at trolling
i love dontmind if I do its so awesome
a product, like a bag of cheap fried chips
I loved this song so much i made a remix in this beat. Check it out! 
is this two individual songs or one?
2 songs, the first is Traffic in the sky
This songs is similar to : 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up! :P
desde el minuto 3 de la cancion es lo maximo :) grande Mac Miller :D 
Man people need to keep that negativity to themselves. Haters go away and let the fans enjoy his music. U don't like it don't listen to it. Thumbs up !!!!!!
Wow... Looking at him back then and then looking at him now.. he looks so different
+holy guacamole he doesn't do "drugs" at all man, smokes a lil weed/cigarettes and had a lean addiction but that's it. 
that pimp shit.... ooohhh yeeaaahhh.. haha
Does Bella know that Edward raps?
i like theis fuckin song sit fuck yeah <3
Macs the dopest guy be so cool to meet him Eminem and mac are my two all time favourites
havent herd this in a while
lol this back when mac was on the come up
Love the Owl City remix ;)
look up K.I.D.S. on and you will find it
its a quote out of the movies Kids (1995)
Ok im a fan of Mac miller but this song sucks damn Mac sometimes u fail
No this shit is dope
This isnt dont mind if i do...
fuck this nigga shit rap  #whiteRAPis thebest
You are bad rapper good is white lotus or demigodz or army of pharhos or immortel tequnique jeru the damajaa und soo youu are bad
lemme see you do better
You have really bad taste dude.
Damn, time flies, son 
nice pimple mac ahahaha
what is the name of the first song that starts at 0:29
Haha he sampled a track from an anime OST in the beginning xD Gymnopedie? - Taku Iwasaki I'm just glad I recognized it
why the fuck is this dude famous? his music is shit all of it
I work on a drilling rig :)
+SuperiorGordy18 Mac Miller weeds out the fakers IMO, anyone who has a general appreciation for creation and music can see mac is  talented as hell. The guy just gets it, he puts out a lot of content and almost all of it resonates some different vibe at a high level of production and quality. 'Clarity', IMO is an absolute gem of a song, the whole production is an inspired piece of art. I have never gotten those kind of vibes from a rap/hip-hop song before. His songs cruisin and live free are done in exceptionally good taste and display a level of polish far greater than you would expect of a then 15/16 year old kid. Its a shame his most watched songs are the more pop orientated ones, considering most fans of mac listen to the best songs that the people hating on him never get the chance to watch because of low view counts.  
What is the song playing in background from 2:07 to the end. I know it's a very famous one but I just can't remember !
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