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by SummitScreeningRoom • 360,557 views

Like us on Facebook -- Follow us on Twitter -- STEP UP REVOLUTION is the next installment in the worldwide smash STEP UP...

"We WILL solve the world's problems...through looking hot and grinding."
i saw this movie!!!!! its the BEST DANCE MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!! <3 STEP UP FOREVER BABY!!!!! i want to see it agin p.s MOOSE!!!!!!
IF i see this movie it will ONLY be because of Moose <3
i scream when i saw moose oh my fucking god i need to see this movie
oh and i do know what impunity means I don't think what a poorly raised cretins knows that means
Ummmm.... Going to be skipping this.
This movie looks freakin awesome. Can't wait ta see it.
i will most definitely be seeing this. i'm just so glad that unlike a whole lotta other movies that have been continuous (Bring It On...) Step Up hasn't really changed from really being ALL about the dancing.
Omg moose is in it!!!!!!! I Love moose! I love all the step up movies!!!! Dancing is epic -3
20 thousand hits on youtube in 5 hours? THATS A LIE EVERYONE ON YOUTUBE KNOWS THEY CANT KEEP UP WITH COUNTS. it should only be 302 hits
sht this the best movie i ever see before
phillip chebeeb, tight eyez, moose, beppo...what more can you ask for?
ahh yea we got madd chadd, mike song, phillip chbeeb, and moose dayum this gonna be epic
I love this video because I saw it at the movies
not gonna lie, I am sucka for these movies, my ass will be seeing this, LOL #Confession
Step up is a million dollar company that is taking all the coolest ideas for dancers and putting it in movies with already famous dancers so i guess no dancer can become famous from ideas like this anymore.
love the dancers, saw kito and moose. I also saw Bebo from Phunk Phenomenon Crew
why would they try to put a plot in this, just the dancing is entertaining
look so good, i want to see it so bad!!!
Holy sugar that was awesome
Right . I Hate how the main characters change each movie , even the concept. Im just glad moose is in it. but he's prolly not even in the whole movies. the plot does look boring
Ah, the internet... The place where poorly raised little cretins feel free to talk to their betters with impunity...
you stupid butt whole if you would actually pay attention to what dancing means instead of the dancing you would like the movie you ignorant pain in the butt and yess you got told by a thirteen year old
YES MOOOSE YEESSSSSS. hahaha he makes every Step Up great.
first of all i'm not a poorly raised little cretins people love me cause i give people who deserve respect just that i'm also on the honor roll and plan to if you don't mind I have community service to do thank you
I will wait to see this until it's in the cheap theater. It'll probably be fun.
yeah the plot will suck, and yeah there are too many already, but Fuck it! I Go to see the dancing so my ass will be there, LOL
i'm glad they r having the old people back lol
Are you fucking kidding? A movie about a bunch of fucking rebel kids starting illegal flash mobs all over the city! What plot could be better?!?!?!
like if you definetly gonna be there the day that the movie is realease and like if you smilin during the whole trailer #Step Up Fan
If they make more step ups....bring back Moose every movie cause he makes the movie better
Moose is in there!!! This movie is gonna be sick!!!!
Tell me the name of music plezzz
They made the climax with that Dupstep music towards the end....Just to show us MOOSE!!!!!!!!! :P
Okay; someone please tell me how I managed to jump from a trailer for Courageous, one of the greatest independent films ever made, to this thing. There are basically NO similarities between them! Oh, wait; there was a trailer for Sinister inbetween the jump. Nevermind.
Songs :! Chris brown feat. Pitbull - International love
Well nobody actually tried yet to do it by dancing. Sure because it seems can't save the world, but you may get some smaller projects done by it!
How'd I "know" that the lead chick was going to be related to the dude trying to shut them down? Didn't someone call dibs on that already? LOL! Come on, dude...recycling bin for the win. Oh well, I'm seeing this because Moose makes EVERYTHING better :D
Lol, the dancing looks so awesome. But I really don't like the female actor and the storyline is probably terrible. STILL, AWESOME DANCING!
Revolutions are not made with dances, they are made with bullets
you see moose you know u have to watch it. MOOSE<3
thank god it has a little bit of the old movies in it, it's not just all new stuff...
ou peut-on trouvé danse dans les rues 4 révolution?????? merci pour vos commentaires.
Im Only Watching It Cause Of Madd Cadd
so excited when i saw Moose was gonna be in the fourth movie ONLY to find out that it's a camoe.....Step Up isn't Step Up without Moose in the movie!!!!
Soooo, stupid... Hey. we're going to change the world by dancing! Just like all the great people in history who have changed the world by dancing. Who can forget when Mother Theresa chased the Werewolves out of Africa by busting out crunk moves? Or when Martin Luther King defeated the aliens from Uranus by tap dancing with Jesus to Singing in the Rain? Note to Hollywood - when you make a movie about dancing, don't try to incorporate the life of Ghandi into it...
idk but when you find out tell me and how old are you cause if you can dance we need a boy in the lansing mob
Who else sh*t theyre pants when they saw Moose?!
I literally just screamed so loud when i saw moose AHHH can't wait!
hey im starting a dance team in lansing if any one wants to join inbox me
Were can u watch this movie can someone tell me
Really?? Another one. Fucking stop already. We get it.
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