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Minecraft: Hershels Land w/Nova & Dan Ep.1 - Rick & Shane Build A Home

by UberHaxorNova • 990,985 views

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Back when this was new I had no idea what was going on... Now that I'm addicted to Walking dead I feel the need to watch this all over again..
I remember this... One of the very first series I watched, the memories :,D
The first series i watched from nova was his minecraft multiplayer with sp00n back in December 2010
Like if you are watching in 2015
Decided to rewatch the series, gonna watch entire series in one night... Hopefully I make it:
I forgot about this series,lol
Who else is re-watching this series? This is by far my favorite. Nova and Dan's relationship here and the things they tell eachother is gold.
About to rewatch the series that got me into Nova in the first place. He's the only youtuber I ever got recommended outside the internet.
Can't believe its been two years since he uploaded hershals land
I watched this before but didn't understand any of the jokes or quotes because I hadn't started twd. coming back 2 years later now that I'm watching twd. a lot funnier now that I understand it all
Man...good times. Can't believe its been 2 years.
Your picture cracks me up.
When will you and dan start the breaking bad project????
This is the series that made nova my favourite youtuber, re-watching it is just the best
Im really sad watching this....Hershal is dead now! D:
Very first series I ever watched of James, I remember because my brother thought James sounded stoned (still don't know James doesn't sound stoned to me) haha, I also remeber people yelling at me because I didn't know who the Creatures were, which is sort of funny because shortly before I watched a video of Seamus' a GTA one I think. And to think here in 2015 not quite 3 years later, they have an office, new members, members have left, Jordan spent all his own money on trying to obtain a virtual knife
Where that breaking bad you talked about the whole time at the farm? :)
;( the first video of Nova I watched and the my first you tube video and my first gaming video that brought me into watching loads of other gaming channels and ruined my life. This is why I will watch Nova till I die and even if he killed a baby.
And people say Dan isnt funny
Novae face acctulay looks ibit like Shane's
Honestly I can't watch novas new videos so I just re watch all his old vids from the good old days.
Can some one say marathon time love this series
marathon time love this series
I remember back then when I was new  I thought rick and shane were their real names
Damn dood, exact same case over here. This was the first thing/series I ever watched from Nova. Didn't know The Creatures before. And didn't know Walking Dead as well until afterwards.
Hey Subscribe to my Channel i am just starting to do this and i am putting a lot of work into this and it would be really nice if I got some more viewers! Thanks ;) ( also Nova you are awesome)
Gonna re-watch this series again!
I was so excited when I heard the rumor that they were gonna do a Breaking Bad spin off, but it didn't happen. ):
Watching this series for the 3rd time. HAha i love this series. They should do more.
Does anyone know the seed???
im watching this after season 5 ended which is coming back in febuary 2015
coming back to this brings back so many memories ;)
BRING IT BACK! I've watched this series a million times
I finally get to watch this series omg :D
James looks like Shane does anyone agree
I just had to re-watch this series ^.^ I love it so much.
My 4th time watching this series! You guys should do more like this!
They should recreate Woodbury or the prison
spoiler alert : Rick grimes is a cop
Wait Dan was the own with him?? O_O
rewatching this after watching all of the walking dead made me laugh my ass off
This was one of my first minecraft related video that i watched (:
I've seen this series like a million times
best series ever created on minecraft PERIOD!
"Shane!" Dan's amazing here xD
I didn't get this at first when it came out, but since I've seen the walking dead i understand it
Do a breaking bad series I'm sure they have drug mods
U killed me rick RICK!!!!!!
Im on season 4 finale :-) There will be season 5
do you mean tv because its not the season finale its the midseason finale theres more season 4
Came here after watching the finale again...
is dan even a creature anymore?
Merry Birthday for exactly one month ago.
hay dos any one know when is season 4 episode 9 COMING ?
This is where the Dan the farmer came from
Re-watching because i have no life....
Can't wait to watch this legendary series! <3
Re-watching this series because it rocks
I love the way they converse like Rick and Shane
I found out the walking dead from this series. Never been happier :3
the creatures are my favorite youtubers,the walking dead is my favorite show,minecraft is one of my favorite pc games and if you put that all together,it makes one hell of a series.
Ahh this is the series that made me start minecraft and sub
i like the fake quotes they say
After nerding out for 30 seconds i finally decided to click on this video
i used to live in senoi i didnt know what all the cameras and actors were doing until i watched the walkin dead at my friends house
my internet has beena pile of shit
There should have been a mod available that got rid of the other monsters and replaced them with zombies
I watched this series once last year again this year :P haha I loved this too much
I'm not really a fan of minecraft
This was the start of something beautifull
this is the greatest series ever! :)
So far I watched 2 seasons of the walking dead :D
No, like "I like to stick pizza crust up my ass and sing 'I Feel Pretty' by Westside Story.
I just finished seasons 1 and 2, and now I get a shit ton of the references
Don't mind me, just rewatching the series for the good ol' times.
I never finished the series... Time to rewind da clock!
Ive watched this series 4 times...... time to make it 5!
lol I'm gonna re-watch this entire series while I'm on a 18 hour road trip
I havent seen this series i am glad o watch it
im going to rewatch this whole series
how did you start the furnace without coal or charcoal?
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