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Disproving Evolution: No Transitional Fossils

by JesusLovinBuddy • 2,966 views

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Creationists are very afraid of admitting the existence of transitional forms, perhaps because creationism has a rule which considers EVERYTHING that contradicts the bible as automatically false. Stop being so afraid and denying things just because they are not agreeing with your opinions. There are two words to define people who say "there are no transitional fossils": FEAR AND DENIALISM What do you expect to find in a transitional fossil? What do you think a transitional fossil is? Transition fossil is defined as a fossil that has characteristics of the groups involved, it is between them. For example, if A evolved into C, then B is the transitional fossil, it must have chracteristics of A and C. However, creationists will want fossils between A and B or B and C, but this is impossible. Transitional fossils DO exist, but the problem is that creationists will never admit their existence, because they are afraid of anything that contradicts their beliefs. No matter how many of them are found, creationists will ALWAYS deny. Besides, we will never have all transitional forms of every animal that evolved. Several examples of transitional fossils that have been found: Creationists refuse to accept the transitional forms. We have done our part, so far. The problem is not ours, the problem is in the creationists, who deny everything that can make people question their beliefs.
+rudy avelino Wow, what do you need for that a BS?  Couldn't hack it as a chemical, nuclear, aeronautical, mechanical or electrical engineer?  I showed your post to my Father, (PE Chemical AND Nuclear), my brother (Mechanical AND Nuclear) as well as my brother-in law (PE Aeronautical) and they thought your degree was cute.  You still need to spend some time on your English.  Where is your degree from, a diploma mill?
Parroting some stupid creationist arguments that show they have no education worth speaking of, is no argument, nor is personal incredulity.
There are many museums out there that have transitional fossils. Just Google it.
Weak. Sauce. Uncertainty about the details of certain lineages does not constitute evidence against the larger theory of evolution by natural selection. The fossil record is, by its very nature, fragmentary. But you don't need every single piece of a puzzle to get a good idea of what's in the picture. Furthermore, if you read thirty year old papers about  areas of active research, you're going to find some questions which have since been answered. If you ONLY read thirty year old papers, you're gonna wind up looking like a doofus. Just imagine trying this in computer science.
You're basing your video off an article by a "scientist" who wants to include the big bang theory into evolution. Evolution deals with life, not the universe. That would be cosmology, not evolution. You are actually disputing how we evolved, not that we evolved. Evolution is change over time, which has been demonstrated over and over. The exact mechanism of change may be debated, but that change happened is indisputable.
I don't even know where to begin with people like you. You seem capable, but have somehow missed the bus. See you later.
Speculatory! :D Wow this guy is really really smart!
your best was not good enough... sorry dude lmao
All of your sources are from the 70s and 80s. Today we know much more. Try reading a current science journal you tool.
Congratulations you've made straw men and quote mined sources the vast majority being no younger then fifteen years old.  You're an A grade retard.
ok finished 9 min of no fucking science, i did lol at your religious and faithbased arguments.
whales are mammals you dumbass
Oh my god, you're so cute, but no
This guy really doesn't understand what he's talking about does he? He's only parroting nonsense..I see why creationists are compared to mindless sheep.
"Evolution hasn't been observed while it's happening". Doesn't that mean that Evolution fails the scientific method?
Had to stop after 10 seconds.... are you retarded? Of course the fossil record reflects the evolution theory!!!! Have you ever seen a fossil turn up in the wrong place in the geological column? No you haven't. Even if we had no fossils. The DNA evidence is all that is needed to prove evolution. Which is why it is and always will be taught as fact.
I suggest you do some more study. Anyone with the right recourses can study fossils and DNA. Even creationists. However creationists tend to claim it is false without providing evidence why other than the bible. Which is why only qualified scientists are taken seriously. Don't fool yourself into thinking there is some big conspiracy in the scientific community to advance science with lies for profit. That is absurd. If you want to know more, I have experience in this field. Ask away
Im betting your IQ is sub 70 if you're lucky, go take an IQ test and come back with the score.. You just spew out redundant evotard drone-talk with no evidence, no arguments...What the...... Please stop before you complete your evolution into full "evotardation" Thanks
So your best response was a personal attack? And your talking about my IQ? Thanks for showing your true colors mate!!! If you'd like I can give you massive amounts of evidence... how ever like most deniers you'll simply brush it off.
I don't know if he exist or not but what I do know is there is no evidence that he exist. Therefore, I choose not to believe in his existence.
Other theories: atomic theory, cellular theory, gravitational theory, theory of realativity.The theory of evolution has more evidence to confirm it than ANY other theory in science. Creationists cant even define the words or pass a 5 th grade test on the subject nearly 100% science illiteracy.Religious illiteracy is about 80% in the US.
Your two arguments: a) I don't want to be (very very) distantly related to worms (from hundreds of millions of year ago) b) What I want is true b) Therefore evolution is false a) A bunch of websites on google said evolution is false b) I'll ignore the other websites that said evolution is true and the also all the evidence scientists collected c) Therefore evolution is false Great arguments. It's not that I don't want to listen to you, but your arguments make absolutely no logical sense.
"19th century science which was debunked in the 20th century" When? By who? What evidence? What science? Why wasn't I aware of this? Why aren't modern scientists aware of this? Apparently 99% of scientists aren't aware evolution is debunked? Say what? Why do creationists always make up bullshit whenever they feel like it? And it's very obvious it's bullshit too. Instead of actual argument, all you have are lies? Good job. BTW you still hasn't tell me what evolution is.
Fossil don't tell you who their parents were. Secondly, your evoultionary theory of microbes to man still remains an unproven theory. Thirdly, micro never translates into macro no how many years you want to add into your equation.
i know i cant disprove god just in the same way i know a tool created by man to create a control mechanism doesnt prove anything either just becuase it says hes invisible doesnt mean anything cause the bible doesnt mean anything its all just a way to control the uneducated fear creates power and whats worse than the fear of death the fear of immortality being tortured in hell
If it still makes you feel better to believe your great grandpa was a two inch worm then go for it.
you're claiming all mutations are harmful ? a mutation for lactose tolerance(the ability to consume milk after weaning)is a benefit in hard times is it not,especially among peoples who herd cattle,this recent human evolution happened in two quite separate cultures,5000-6000 years ago in the funnel beaker culture northen europe and in africa around 4500 years ago,these are two mutation events with an obvious evolutionary advantage are well documented and available online.
"A growing number of respectable scientists are defecting from the evolutionist camp ... moreover, for the most part these 'experts' have abandoned Darwinism, not on the basis of religious faith or biblical persuasions, but on scientific grounds, and in some instances, regretfully." (Wolfgang Smith, Ph.D., physicist and mathematician)
I'd like to congratulate you on an outstanding illustration of your ignorance on this topic.
If evolution is a fact as you claim then why do I get 258,000,000 returns when I Google the keywords "evolution is not fact"
You just said it better that I could when you said; "I have evolved from the worm."
evolution is stupid simple as that , the public should involve in these scientific researches, instead of trusting these paid researchers, who might be lying for money or controversial ideology, how can an animal be immortal for billions of years so it can evolve body parts and subsequently transitions to something else, again immortally ?? how do u explain survival in evolution ?? and did all food aliments as we know to support life already existed before the evolution walking fish, or after?
I'm sure MagMag96 already pointed out it's a relative, not necessary an ancestor, but do you have any other argument besides: 1. I don't want to be (very insert a billion very) distantly related to worms 2. I don't understand how evolution works, so the fact we are (distantly) related to worms does not make sense to me 3. I don't want it and I don't understand it 4. Therefore evolution is false This is your argument against evolution. A great argument indeed ==
a) Yes, because the general internet population has studied science and evolution closely... not b) Yes, because "not" can be used in phrases like "not a single scientist" and "did not". You need to study how search engines work. You made this argument before and I've debunked it already == a) 258,000,000 pages on google said "evolution is not fact" b) They have no degree in science and most of those pages are not about evolution being false b) Evolution is false Good logic. Good logic
so is he implying that we did not evolve from the cave man
care to explain or are you going with but no... but wait.... bout no.... on this one
Why with all the accusations towards creationists? I've not generalized any group, instead I've focused on you as an individual. The fact is that you don't know me, you don't know what I believe, you see some of these weird Christian faiths and assume all Christians are like that, how unfair. Either way, I believe evolution may one day become a law, maybe not though, idk, but the fact that it is not law is because there are some fill in the blanks involved and science doesn't work that way.
Even the web-site you gave me proved that you lied. The web-site you gave me says that an evolutionist, not creationist first coined the terms micro and macro "The terms macroevolution and microevolution were first coined in 1927 by the Russian entomologist Iuri'i Filipchenko (or Philipchenko, depending on the transliteration), in his German-language work Variabilität und Variation, which was an early attempt to reconcile Mendelian genetics and evolution. Filipchenko was an evolutionist"
I never said anything. You need to learn how to read. So you just repeated the argument 1. I don't want to be (very insert a billion very) distantly related to worms 2. I don't understand how evolution works, so the fact we are (distantly) related to worms does not make sense to me 3. I don't want it and I don't understand it 4. Therefore evolution is false Do you have any actual evidence against evolution besides that?
Not really, since the claim to god's existence is not backed up by evidence of such. Whereas those who try to prove evolution openly use fossil records as bases for evidence, hence the fabrication of false skulls etc.
@ThePhilosuffer Only Jesus camp like upbringing can turn the analytical thinking part of your brain off mixed with cult like unquesfioning obedience to indoctrination of these stories.You where mind raped by fundamentalism to be the way you are today it is a crime and you are a victum
@ray7685 Ya that's exactly what I said, the information is already there, in the form of the four base nucleotides of DNA, which can produce different proteins by being switched around randomly, and if your lucky enough to acquire 1 of these changes/mutations that benefit you in your environment you survive and pass it on, its called natural selection, it happens very slowly you see, you dont get a complete and utter change straight between species, comment continued above ^^
It really doesn't matter since your evolutionary biologists say you're related to the two inch worm. Therefore I can now put you down as someone who disagrees with those evolutionary biologists.
This is the way you meant to do an debate. Has information from multiple and peer-reviewed resources to argue the point. Thanks man.
in creationism your ancestor is clay dust dirt transformed by gods magic. You came from dirt which is less than a worm ancestor.Following creationist logic if we came from dirt how come there is still dirt.
Really dude? Come on get an education about this stuff before making a video.
It is very dishonest of you to quote Darwin about eye evolution. Darwin asked the question rehtoricly but then went on to answer the question in depth. Creationists always quote this but fail to quote the next paragraph .Look up the quote yourselfin a google search.Ask yourself if Jesus wants you to quote mine like this making all of Christians look bad.
I didn't offer that as proof of God, I offered it as proof that your logic is wrong. He created time and space, so He must transcend time and space. Therefore, He must be immaterial, because He transcends space. Is it possible to take a picture of something that is immaterial?
Yes I realize my mistake. I was misinformed. Happy? You were right in that point. Are you just going to keep attacking me or are you actually going to address the fact "macroevolution" and "microevolution" pretty much only exist in creationist's minds?
The universe operates on purely natural means without any hint of intelligent agency.Evolution disproves biblical literalism. There is no known occurance or evidence of any supernatural tinkering.There is no known confirmation of anything supernatural known in science.Nothing to bump God out of the faith only status.God is taking the prime directive, hiding or may be fictional.
You claim evolution is fact. The burden of proof is on you to prove it.
Darwin conceded in his writings that; “Not one change of species into another is on record ... we cannot prove that a single species has been changed.”
You can't disaprove evolution in it's self. Evolution is happening in real time and can be observed. The only facts you need to acept to belive in evolution are: There are variance in a population (not all bears are equally strong, lions equally fast, humans equally tall and so on), and traits are past throug generations (offspring tend to share traits of the parents). The rest follows by logic. What you can debate is the path of evolution aka what has actually happend until today.
You have a quote from Gould at the end of your video description. You fail to mention, or likely are unaware and have been duped by Christian apologist, that he was urging against gradualism and NOT against evolution and he later went on to offer a solution in the same paper. He was doing what all scientist do in their respective fields, theorizing about collected data. He never once said he doubted the collected fossil data or evolution. Same could be said about your other references.
Correction - the actually title of the video is : "Why saying evolution is just a theory proves your an idiot ". Sorry I misspoke.
Watch the videos that explain evolution is a theory and fact, there are several. The short answer is that the USA is about 95 percent science illiterate.The word theory is missunderstood as theoretical or hypothetical.Theories are comprehensive explanations of the facts of evolution.Theories explain the mechanics of the subject.
lol your reply made me laugh... I´ll just tell you something... if you don´t trust the scientific method or the people that use it ( by definition scientists) then you shouldn´t use the internet, computers, cameras, hospital, count with the police or the military, you shouldn´t use your toilet, you shouldn´t wash your hands with running water... today there is nothing you can do without using something created by science. "how can an animal be immortal for billions of years"???!!! what the fuck?
what the hell are you rambling about? you know, to be a good troll you have to be more... soft... ;) even theists aren´t that stupid
Okay I heard you waffle on.....can you prove to me that there is a "God" !!! Well I sure you can so go ahead and prove it !!! Evidence is true whether you like it or not. There are thousands of transitions !
haha SO MUCH HATE FOR THE TRUTH.. “I fully agree with your comments on the lack of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly include them. I will lay it on the line—there is no one such fossil. Cite Dr. Collin Paterson, Senior Palentologist, British Museum of Natural History in correspondence to Luther Sunderland quoted in Dawin’s Engima 1988. P89.
so how can you prove he exist outside the natural world?
Would you mind providing the scripture in which the errors occur in?
"how can an animal be immortal for billions of years"???!!! what the fuck? exactly isn't that what evolution teaches ?? how many years did it take one fish to evolve walking legs before the migration to land surface ?? and how is it possible to just get off the water diet and just jump to a land diet ? an algae eating fish gets out the ocean and immediately starts eating who knows, a banana probably, the public should involve in scientific researches or should be publicly demonstrated, to avoid
Again, that's not what i believe. We are related, and there are way more generations between us.. And evolution is a theory, yes, and a fact. A theory being a number of facts and observations that explains a phenomena.
"Microbes to man" is a great undersatement of what evolution is, and it is bu the way proven, beyond a doubt. I never said fossils tell us what the parents were, but we can be certain that they are of the same species. If a micro-mutation is 0.1, and macro is 1.0, is it that hard for you to fathom that 10 of these mutations (a lot more in reality) is evolution. Last time i checked, you do not exactly have any good arguments for creation, but i have tons for evolution.
Evolution is proven. Transitional fossils, DNA similarity, super bugs, tamed wolves, etc. clearly prove evolution is true. "Micro evolution" and "Macro evolution" are terms used by creationists to try to confuse people. It doesn't exist anywhere else except in the creationist's mind.
I'll pass. If it still makes you feel better to believe your ancestor was a worm then go ahead. This entire discussion has proven that you can't reason with individuals who want to believe that lie.
Gotcha. It took you exactly 11 minutes to check out all 258,000,000 links. Your quick to drawn conclusions. Most likely due to your presuppositional biases. I understand, I use to have those same biases when I use to believe in evolution for the first forty years of my life. My desire to search for answers eventually removed those biases to allow the process of critical thinking to begin and allow truth to outshine falsehood
there was nothing random about it fatty acids in salt water eventually formed vesicles which grew elongated and broke apart forming cells which eventually bonded forming more complicated structures that became life one would argue that the first cell was life
My apologise on assuming you where a creationist. Evolution is a theory which is an explanation of laws and facts.There is a missconception that theories can turn into laws, they do not.Here is a good video that explains the percise differences between these terms. I regret this video has a mean title do to flame wars.The video is : " if you think evolution is just a theory it proves your an idiot "
Every fossil we've ever found, is a transitional fossil, between it's parent and it's child. You're using an old, debunked and disproved argument, how about some originality? Are you even aware of what the difference between micro- and macroevolution is?
Eli, I notice you have this video in your favorites "God Doesn't Exist? Prove It!". You don't seem to realize it's satire and it's poking fun at people who believe in a god. Drinking water straight from streams, in its natural state, could be dangerous as it could contain amoebas and other nasty critters. Same goes for natural "healthy" organic foods as they could also be very dangerous and contain E. coli. Don't fall into the natural is better fallacy.
Tiiktaalik' and 'Archaeopteryx' have already been debunked. Just Google the words, "debunking Archaeopteryx" and you will get 66,700 returns to research, or the words; "Tiiktaalik debunked" which will give you 34,000 returns. Those over 100,000 returns should keep you busy for a while.
trust you? what the fuck are you talking about... just take 2minutes of your life and type on google... transition fossils.. simple as that... no one said we are monkeys... we and apes and gorilas and monkeys share a common ancestor. lol you are a intellectual dishonest faggot who believes in what creationist "scientists" say to you... people who use wrongly methods ON PORPOSE. we have discovered skulls and sketeletons of pre-mankind forms. "how can an animal be immortal for billions of years" ?
You can't prove Him scientifically. Science is for the natural world, what we can see and test. He transcends the natural world, so you can not use something of the natural world to prove His existence.
how has it not been proven just look at the difference between Neanderthal and homo sapien sapien we evolved from that to this a hell of a lot longer than 6000 years ago i would also like to point out
I'm a human. Amazingly that single sentence is all you get from my comment. You really has a problem accepting new facts don't you.
In my understanding, all that proves is that science is fallible. Anything a scientist comes up with can be disproved in a later generation. With this new found logic, Newton is wrong. Einstein is even being proven wrong, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. I'm sure you've heard of that. God, and the bible, has not been proven wrong.
"the public should involve in these scientific researches" how the hell do you think this is even reasonable... what the fuck dude. I mean, seriously?! that already told me everything I need to know about you.SCIENCE IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. and even IF it was, who cares???? AS LONG AS IT CONTINUES TO WORK... SCIENCE BITCHES, IT WORKS. so by following your line of logic when you are sick you should trust on the public instead of seeing a doctor? there´s a reason why people specialize their knowledge
To put your strawman argument to rest: great (then insert a billion greats here) grandpa, grandma, along with the other individuals within a worm species (i.e. humanity's ancestors) slowly evolved with hundreds of millions of tiny incremental changes in DNA over hundreds of millions of years into the human species. This is vastly different then your "interpretation" that your granddad was a worm.
@BT3701 Evolution is a fact verified in multiple fields of science. You can only deny to let fundamentalism thrive. The facts are on my side, we have the fossils, theDNA maped .
I don't get why there are so many "disproving evolution" videos. Who gives a damn if someone chooses to study something that you disagree with. There are h
Scientific American published an article about 25 dictionaries incorrectly defining evolution .Evolution can never become a law, it doesn't work that way.Theories are above laws and facts.If you want that explainedI can provide the video tittle.You exemplify why most creationists are stuck for life in fundamentalism.
You have no proof that molecules turn into man. But hey, if it makes you feel better to believe your great grandpa was a two inch worm then that's your business.
@ray7685 Well I can't change your mind for you, if you don't accept it thats your perogative. I think there's enough evidence both from fossils and genetic comparisons to infer that evolution does happen, it's just a very slow process. Actually R-carbon dating IS accepted as being NOT 100% accurate, the older the sample the less accurate it is. But it does show that it's 000's/000'000s etc years old. I'll go on accepting evolution, you won't, and I think that's where it ends.
.com is not a credible source dude lol.
Yet it makes perfect sense that great grandpa was a worm. Go for it.
Bitch please. The fossil record clearly shows transition between different species, what you don't get is that this is a SLOW process. It doesn't happen in a few generations...
Abiogenesis has been debunked years ago. You would know that if you ever take you're head out of a evolutionary biology book and take time to see the other side of the coin. A coin has two sides. So far you have only looked at one side of the coin, not knowing what's on the other side of it.
Wrong. The existence of evolution is a fact accepted by scientists, the theory of evolution is a model used to describe evolution. It's akin to gravity where the existence of gravity is a fact while the theory of gravity (Newton or Einstein) try to describe the fact.
similarity doesn't prove evolution. All similarity proves is that we have a common designer
It takes no faith what so ever, every known mechanism and method of how anything is made in nature is done so naturally withouty any intelligent input. Galaxies, stars, planets, oceans, mountains, rivers etc.. Naturalism and natural history differs from supernatural miracle claims.Nature and its mechanics are known facts. There are unknowns in lifes chemical origins but every step that is known is natural.!!
What you're referring to is 19th century science which was debunked in the 20th century. You need to get out of ancient disproven science and get up with the times. This is the 21st century.
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