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What Kid Shows Taught Me

by JennaMarbles • 8,896,323 views

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As a matter of fact there was a friendliest great white shark and his name was Kenny the shark
Kenny was a tiger shark.
Dora taught me that if someone's messing with you, if you tell them to stop three times then they'll run away, and that it's perfectly ok to walk around with a monkey and talk to animals.
Again people: KIDS. CARTOON
"OH HI RANDOM PERSON, OH YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? WELL LETS FIX IT EVEN THOUGH I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU. OH YOU GOT A GUN WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO WITH THAT?" HONESTLY in that situation Dora would.... kinda say those excact words.... hasent her parents done ANYTHING to like say "hey dora i want you to be careful and dont talk to strangers" BUT NOOOOOO also guess what!!!! i kina missed something.... THE PARENTS ARE AS CRAZY AS DORA HERSLF!!!!!! you know doras prized "talking backpack" well it turns out in an early episode of dora.... the parents GAVE HER THE BACKPACK. they also said "This is a SPECIAL backpack..... it can hold so many things and can also talk!!!" maybe they didnt say those words exactly but it was pretty darn close.... so all those times they "talked to boots" all those times they knew that doras freinds...... were real???? and they knew that there was swiper the fox and that dora was dangerously going to magical places......... they dont do anything..... they just sit on their a**es and are all like "ok have a good time" as if they WANT her to go...... WAIT how could i have been so blind?? OF COARSE THEY WANT HER TO LEAVE!!!! thats why they gave her the backpack with the "mystery" map. thats why they dont do anything to stop her.... or help her... or care that she could possibly die..... because.... they want her to die...
Like if your watching this 2015!✌️
Dont do if this 80years ago
Spongebob taught me that there's supposed to be a city that fish live in at the bottom of the ocean. Wonder Pets taught me that there's three superheros that are a hamster, a duck and a turtle going around saving other animals. And lastly Adventure Time taught me that its OK for a 13 year old to be slaying monsters, going in dark dungeons, and hanging out with a talking computer and talking dog that is for some reason yellow.
also there is a princess made of bubble gum!!!!
anyone else fangirl over the new tmnt?
+TheGamerLizzie Anybody who isn't either doesn't have a soul ir is lying
Ugh I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'm eating Christmas candy like I'm depressed over a break up when in reality I'm just being my fucking fat self. But it was like a fucking circle chocolate candy and you said Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and I like inhaled and it fucking like got caught in my fucking throat and it fucking like i had to like try and fucking bring it back up my fucking throat and I looked fucking dumb. And coughed for 15 fucking minutes, and then commented this. 
'fuck' count in this comment - 9
Dora taught me that I can wonder into the wilderness with no parental guidance what so ever.
sudden realization that Jerry is the bad guy
There was a kid show about a talking Great White Shark. His name was Kenny. I don't remember much more of it, but I remember it existing.
Yeah, remember that show. It ran on discovery kids and I loved that show. Though he was a tiger shark.
SpongeBob taught me that I could get a job in fast food restaurant and have enough money to pay rent, keep a fridge fully stocked [as well as my best friend's fridge fully stocked] and keep a pet. Even though the most he makes is like goddamn minimum wage. Courage the Cowardly Dog taught me that even though almost everyday you end up in fucked up situations and the only person to save you is your dog you should stay where you are. I mean maybe the next day living in the middle in the middle of goddamn nowhere would suddenly become super safe. Clifford the Big Red Dog taught me that I could get the runt of the litter but my love for him will make him grow so big that he'll grow as big as a fucking house. And that I'll still have enough to provide for him and all the damage he causes. Like 'oh my dog squashed your car! let me write you a check with the money I DON'T HAVE!'  Out of the Box taught me to break promises. The last episode they told they would be back but did they ever come? Hell no. Fuck them. They are the reason I don't trust anyone. 
Spongebob taught me that the Krusty Krab is in Bikini Bottom....realization
cheese pizza cheese only is strechy when it from Costco
"I didn't learn anything from teletubbies. That show was a cluster fuck" hahaahahah
Max and Ruby taught me: 1. it is ok to live alone in a house with 2 CHILDREN as long as there grandma visits occasionally 2. it is ok to boss some kid around, never pay attention to them, don't let them talk and do your own s*** 24/7 and be a total b** to your younger brother. 3. you don't have to go to school if you are part of girl scouts and go bird watching 4. DOES THE TROOP LEADER NOT NOTICE THEY HAVE NO LEGAL GUARDIANS?????? HOW IS SHE PART OF IT?! 5. do her friends have ANY parents as well? or is everybody an orphan or something?!
anyone else see the rash appear
classic jenna was the best jenna
Love this video and the way she says water, lol.
Teletubbies and barney are without a doubt the two most creepy kids shows.
TMNT wear masks and its not like they're giant fucking turtles or anything
Tom and Jerry also taught me that if you don't like someone it's ok to continuously try to murder them!
Fairly OddParents taught me that it is TOTALLY fine to keep secrets from your parents. 
Jenna 😂😂😂😂I can't she never disappoints me 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Jenna mouye❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I have cats that look just like Pinky and the Brain
i noticed that pocahontas  wears her hair stright down has very silky looking hair  but what  the fuck you keep yo shit like  that   with no shampoo nor conditioner  what kind of shit she uses  for her hair and  this movie also  tuaght me that its okay to walk around with nothing on my feet  like really  what the fuck  so you walk around all day everyday and dont step in shit pissa nd glass and never cut yo feet i understand that  shoes wasnt inventd  back then  but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS  how you fall in love with a stranger thats a hunter and you barley know him  then at the ends  she risk  her life to save me  goes off to a far away land  with this dude hell naw i would trust this dude like really fuck this im staying my ass right here  in my tent with my fam
When I was a kid a pretty much just played for a whole summer and hardly wore shoes and by the end of the few months my feet were hella tough. If you grew up never wearing shoes I imagine you could walk over damn near anything.
On her other video she said that if you have a red spot on your neck you're drunk. I think she's also drunk in this video that's why she's ao fucking funny!
@sierra frye Dora actually has downsindrome
Courage the cowardly dog, gravity falls... ever think about those shows??? they seem suspicious,.. 
"omg barney scarry dinosaur y der no show bout a friendly shark durp durp" dude did you not watch Jabberjaw as a kid? what is WRONG with you?
what kind of dinosaur comes alive when a bunch a kids touch it kinda weard. what is he planning to eat thm all???
I've been told that the teenage mutant ninja turtles didn't live In a sewer, but in an abandoned subway station , but the person who told me that could be wrong.
Also the thrid barney acter was. Pedo he was arrested
damn I just notice that there's a miroir behund her which makes her bedroom really small
Does anyone remember the show with the talking airplanes?!? And at the end of every show they would have a fact about nature?
That ish was freakin creepy
+Kathryn Gonzalez Technically so was Thomas the Tank Engine. I think the person who made that show also made Jay Jay the Jet Plane. [Which for some reason I loved both of them].
Anyone else find the background music slightly uncomfortable? Like that music belongs in a sexy end-screen dance
I was dying the whole time! Especially when she was talking about barney eating children and living in the sewers are okay
Your videos are hilarious, I like die laughing 😆😋😊
Cauiou taught me that if a kid is bald at 5 years that you should not bring him to a hospital.
Kenny the Shark was a show about a friendly shark.
It's too bad you have such a foul're funny but I stopped listening after the first FIVE F*bombs.smh
Well then maybe you shouldn't be watching her she is for teenagers and stuff and her "foul mouth" is what makes her so famous smh
Dora told me that if someone goes to your house and starts stealing, you should tell them to stop and they won't fucking shoot you, it also taught me that if you are chubby no one will make fun of you as long as you talk to animals and go on long journeys. Dora also taught me that if you wear the same clothes every day, no one will say anything cause society apparently does not do that.
Diego taught me that I can freaking go out in the jungle without any supervision and make friends with all the fuking jaguars that will probably eat me Dora taught me that if someone's mugging you, just tell them no 3 times and they'll stop Blues clues taught me that if my dog is messing with my mind I can fuking "skadoodle" into a freaking picture
Dora tought me that it's totally fine to have a talking backpack and map and to listen to talking in adamant objects also to rely on 2 year olds completely for directions that if she came out from behind the Bush she would be able to see herself!
pokemon taught me it is okay to force animals to fight with each other.
Spongebob taught me that if you live underwater, you can drown in the Goo Lagoon.
Maybe in popeyes pipe its weed
also the red ranger was a native american
I reckon the spinach is actually weed
Henry hugglemonster taught me that if you want to live on a hill then just get some of you friends to push it up the hill 😂
Jenna I miss ur Ng Ng ass random shit descritins
What about fucking Johnny Test?! It's like "It's totally socially acceptable for your dog to be your best friend." But yeah, no.
In addition to the teenage mutant ninja turtles, even if you did fight them, what would fight for, the sewer? You are risking your life fighting against four teenage mutant ninja turtles for a sewer? I don't get it.
Its to help the people
There is a kids show about the friendliest great white shark its called Kenny the shark
What are Jenna's religious views? Just curious.
I am obsessed with tmnt
I love pinky and the brain
Watching teletubbies now and its the creepiest shit ever how did my parents let me watch it.
You should do the nickelodeon shows like catdog, and aahhh real monsters, and rockos modern life and yakkity yak and all them like that would be so funny if you commented about those shows
I have learned more from olaf than any kid shows that I have watched
Dora taught me that it's okay to see talking animals
Turns out.... the fuckin baby in the sky is supposedly some girl named Jess Smith! who knew!
Tom and jerry was the original 1000 ways to die
The Power Puff Girls taught me that a creepy old man can make little girls in his basement without facing ANY kind of punishment.
there is a show about the friendliest great white shark Kenny the Shark
Oh my god, her dogs DO look like Pinky and the Brain.@.@
nuh uh chicago pizza is cheesier
Wait...... the muppets aren't real?
Actually there was a show with a kid with a great white shark as a friend called"Kenny the Shark"
wizards of Waverly place taught me to fix everything with magic...but what if I don't have magic this is real life people I can't just be like boom hot guy
okay who's your favorite telitubie?
there is actually a tv show for kids about the friendly tiger shark
does she have a hickey on her neck?????
That's what I thought
Does anyone else notice th hickey on Jennas neck? Apparently she was having fun last night Lol
Barney taught me that if I love you, you love me
If only that's how it worked!
Yes Pizza won't ever look or taste the best as ninja turtles
I wasn't allowed to watch the tell tubbys cause my parents thought it was extremely stupid 😂
this garbage got eight million views?!
The Power Puff Girls taught me that a creepy old man can make little girls in his basement without facing ANY kind of punishment.
Calm yourself they're just tv shows and they don't ever make sense XD
omg the power rangers one
My cuz told me that like 8 Barneys have been arrested!
Why did I not sub to you earlier !!!
when i was like 3 i loved tellytubys then on my 10th birthday {my last] i looked it up on youtube when i found it i watched it all then at the end i questiond why i loved it . i have one question why did it end i heard its because one of the guys got arested im not shure if you know plz respawn iv wunderd this for like 5 years i never knew
Wasn't the Asian girl the pink one? 
Jenna when are you going to make a sex tape?
OMG I switched it to 0.5 speed and she sounds like shes drunk IM DIEING XDDDDDD
switch it to 2. it's awesome!!! :)
I wonder what type of dog Kermit is?
Kermie is an Italian Greyhound.
The last episode of tom and jerry taught me that if you get cheated on you should commit suicide
Well my tmnt bros and bitches the reason why they have power is because Donnie duh and probably got the the furniture form a junkyard or broke into an thrifshop :) get it and they probably cleaned the sewer ya know now
pinkie and the brain is awesome, but im pretty sure pinkie's the genious, and the brain's the insane one.
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