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by Philip DeFranco • 957,190 views

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I wasn't like that, when I was little I was just happy to have my brother home for the holidays from the military safe and sound. Anyways back to the whiny brats they are lucky their parents even got them. also if they are spoiled young they will be just as spoiled when they are 25 or until life bitch slaps them into reality.   
How are people that ungrateful!? When I got my iPhone I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a few seconds.
I didn't know my parents spent less on me compared to my friends and many other kids till my teens. But I still loved Christmas because my parents are awesome. 
I always like to get clothes. Especially socks bc I'm always losing them. Lol can never have enough socks.
@Lavidrocks im a kid nd evn wen i was younger i never acted like that then again my parents wud hit me for asking for icecream or threaten me with a knife for gettin a c on a test
I like this and he is awesome. Bad news is that I feel asleep to his video xp but the show is kewl!!!!!
My favorite Xmas gift was bacon Band-aids....awesomeness
Where can I get that Tardis USB hub? My brother would die if I got that for him. :D
christmas? i was out drinking with my mates after eating way too much food with the fams yo IM COOL
I got Season 5 of Dexter from my sister and a bit of money from my Grandma, good enough for me dammit!
I know its a bit late for this but can you get me an angry bird keychain thing, or a plush, i want to give it to my mom because i couldnt get her a keychain today. :)
i worked to get food as a present
I hate kids who complain like that. My brother complained to me that he didn't get an iPhone he got 8 xbox games a new x box and a new tv and I'm like are you fucking kidding me!?!
I agree about the complaints I went through and read as many as I could bear, but they just made me angry.
bitches i got a weightvest for christmas i was happy as hell people r brats
I got Skyrim for life has been ruined in the most awesome way.
Stupid ungrateful people, I got 4 books and a subway card, that's a badass Christmas for me
My g/f got me more gifts than I deserved :-P.
I got a pair of black socks. This was the best Christmas ever.
"Good things do happen, and it's not stupid to hope for them!" - YUP YUP!!!
HAHA, those Christmas assholes are hilarious, laughed for like ten minutes straight.
The idiots in the mall freaking out and beating eachother up over a rumor... Americans are getting fuckin more stupid by the day.
Dude, every year for as long as I remember, I look forward to getting my 2 packs of socks and under shirts for Xmas. I usually feel embarrassed if I get something over $30. O_o
I'm lucky I got socks. D: Though I do love socks, socks are cool.
Oh I immediately love this video because GlaDos introduced it!
Wow, it makes me sick that kids complain about not getting the right super expensive gift when there are kids the same age who cry with joy to get some bread and clean water. What's happened to this generation?!
drake and lil wayne are fake, shit sons of bitches. If you want to listen to hip-hop; listen to biggie or the wu-tang clan. Cos' 4REALS they the shit
I live in Minnesota, Coon Rapids to be precise and I was very disappointed of the people
I'm from Grapevine and the news of that mass murder was just shocking and unbelievable. Can't believe somehting that tragic could happen so close to where I've grown up.
I'm in the navy and earlier this year i went home for a little vacation/relaxation time. while on leave i was in a crazy motorcycle accident and flat-lined for approximately 15 seconds, soo i just was thankful to be with my family, friends and fantastic
I swear to god if and when I have kids, I'm making them pay for anything they want that's over $50.
KARDASHIAN... Should be a Curse word... Like bitch... or maybe the c word.. lol
haha i got socks and pajamas they can eat shit lol i had a pager back then ha ha
I got new jordans, ipad2, and jewelrey and clothes and sweaters and more shit :) I gave a picture of me in my graduation gown
Wow Phil you genuinely touch me sometimes...sooo deep :)
Wow...people are ungrateful. I got one present for Christmas, a pair of pants. They are awesome. I don't even own a (cell) phone, and I don't think I ever need one. People should calm their shit.
PLEASE READ❤Sorry for this btw❤ Hi! I'm Helena & I just started an art channel. I'm a 14 year old Aussie girl and have been drawing anime/manga for about a year! I post quick videos of my speed drawings that will hopefully brighten your day. I will openly take suggestions for future drawings so don't be afraid to suggest some anime/manga characters to draw! I will be posting videos for a long time so you can watch me personally grow and develop into great artist! Thankyou for your time. ❤
I got pjs a axe gift set 80 buks i made out like a bandit Drakes ok so is lil wayne just dumb black kids in bloomington are very stupid
That tardis is the COOLEST THING EVAR!
is that actually ellen mcclain or just a text to speech?
i got sex and Fallout 3 it was awesome
@OtakuDances51 Thats wonderful!!! You cheered me up quite a bit = D
I watched this in my iPad. That I worked for. I laid sod. In August, in Florida. If you have ever spent an August in Florida, you know it sucks, and laying sod is one of the worst things you will ever do. So, yeah,work hard, get stuff, enjoy it.
I gave someone a Green Day American Idiot watch
That santa thing is so messed up. How does someone get that messed up that they want to do that?
Loooool all the people fighting were black.
I'm sixteen. For Christmas I got a pair of REAAALLLY soft pajama bottoms and 60$. I liked my gifts.
i went to japan for the first time <3
I loved all my presents and gave my family members hugs and said thank you
That girl got lucky. Also is probably kinda sad she can't remember anyone else.
Fucking spoiled whores. Make. Me. Want. To Rage... I swear I hate them.
Lol f---ing loved that opening :D Phill now your thinking with portals.
Hey now satin why not keep your shitty opinions to yourself
Although I agree with a lot of the stuff you say, I'm gonna have to disagree on something here. 170k killed and you choose to focus on the one life saved. That's one of the problems I feel many American's have. If she had died, nobody would have even looked twice. Think about that. Consumer culture holds that you should always have "hope," but I don't believe there is such a thing. There most certainly wasn't hope for the 170k. I think this idea of "hope" is something sold to us, not a reality.
I got that exact same tardis for my cuz. she was ecstatic
LOL! xD i saw that twitter. ungrateful bastards.
Uggggg... my neigboors got like 5000 dollars in gifts this year ad COMPLAINED about it. Wow......
i watched a Leonardo DiCaprio movie marathon and then had sushi!!! ^_^
Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating
I got a goat. For some Africans .
Whats up with all these little assholes wanting ipads and iphones and with your fucking toys like normal kids or go outside
those said things look pretty awesome.
Kids today have no appreciation for the hard work people go through in order to get what they have. May father taught me those lessons.. all I wanted to christmas was to be able to see my father or hear his voice one last time...
got nothing but got my mom a new perse and dad 2 24 pack of beer and bro a mw3 and skyrim
I paid for my phone and my computer... I SAVE MY MONEY. afvbdksvbdjva
444 dislikes! WHAT DOSE THIS MEAN!
I got an xbox 360 hard drive because i really needed it. Then I got a stopwatch, monocle and tiny fancy bottle from my sister an screamed with happiness. The hardrive costed 100 something and those awesome three other things totaled $30. I was happier with those three things.
Oh the kids always, (poke poke) get it? Ya I sure hope so!
This Christmas I only got a coat and I'm happy. Spoiled dicks...
I live in California, and my boyfriend lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and on Christmas day he walked through my door and stayed a week with my family. Turns out, him and my parents planned it all behind my back. <3
That story about the girl finding her family and what you said about the world was so sweet and inspiring and awww and omggiloveyou fan girl alksjfldasjldks.
People are douche bags at Christmas. I told my mom I would buy my own presents as long as I got a ride. If they want something, get a job and buy it
i got an ipod touch and my favorite present was a tshirt my aunts boy-friend gave me.
Wow I live in fort worth....didnt even know...
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