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BROOM TRIED TO KILL ME! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Gary Dark Secrets - Part 5

by PewDiePie • 772,567 views

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Game: We searched in section A! It should be in section B! Pewdiepie: Nah, its in A Logic
Lol the game says the lever is NOT in Section A, so of course Section A is where Pewdie goes to look. *facepalm
everytime there is silence you freak me ou when you scream BARRELS
When he was looking for the lever in section A, I was screaming at him going "ITS NOT IN SECTION A!"
Fuck you Pewds you scare shit out of me when you say BARRELS! It scares me more than jumpscares omg. btw i love what you're doin' :D keep on goin
Game: The key isn't in Section A. Pewds: goes to section A I really like Pewdie but that was worst fail eva
R.I.P Torchie June 20 2012 He will be missed D': 💔
Where's the next bit?
Broke up with the boyfriend today so I'm watching Pewdiepie to celebrate/mourn LOL the jumpscares make me feel like an adrenaline addict right now
10:00 EPIC BETRAYAL!!! >:D
Well what do you know...
Pewdsssss!!! Do you even read, bro? facepalm it just said its not in section a...
He could'ny T come with us. R.I.P c:
True bros watched this video 
You always scared me when you scream;  BARRELS
did he not realize the other Torchie? :p
I scream whenever there is a jumpscare :'( Can someone hug me? :3
lol, it was a joke :P
Heeeeeyyy this video was posted on my B-day! :D
there was another torch
1:22 lol, but what he say's
I find it funny they even wrote it must be in section B, or this one but pewds makes it fun :P
they said that they COULDN'T find it in section A pewdie XD
Its not in section A. Question: where does pewds search? Answer: at section A!
Every fucking time you scream "barrels" i have a heart attack
please stop screaming without any reason :((((((((((
its a BERRAL!!! you never know where they are
i didnt sceam or got scared because i am brave i am fearless and a master
Omg I was like yelling at the screen when he was looking for the lever...xD
pewds:lets go in the closet... oh nevermind thank god he is a retard
right at beginning TORCHY WAS CLONED!! D:|
the broom is working with the barrels!
i closed my eyes while watching this, a second after closing my eyes he yelled "BARRELS" and i said, OK....IM NOT SLEEPING AGain
Pewdie:oh hey tinderbox monster noise Pewdie:ok I'm sorry I didn't mean it‼︎
probably the best one I have seen all day.
Where is the broom and the barrel bit? Plz answer thank you :3
Lol i love pewds and all dat but sometimes i wish he would pay more attention lol the note said its not in section A and straight away he goes on to section A Lol please dont reply to this like fuck u bcos im just saying what i think xD
Pews sometimes u are such a idiot
* Barrels Randomly Appear * Pewds: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! BARRELZ * He tries to throw them but he can't * * Pewds Screams in Terror * xD
did anyone catch that it said its NOT going to be in section A yet pewds goes there anyway saying that the note said it was in section a?
he always has a hard time reading everything. He usually just reads half of something and thinks he knows the answers, but fails because he doesn't read the second half of notes. But its pewds, what can you do? Lol he's still awesome!
|  | |  |  | |_|_|_|_|         \__| Bro fist!
Computers always make thumbs bigger... always...
STOP YELLING BARRELS!!!! It scares the fuck out of me!D:
Chair mode activated BOOP
1:23 Pewds Hears the sound of "IT" Again Will he run or go chairmode? XD
I hate the scratchy noise
00:36 was Torchey's brother! Haha
PewDiePie safe the day
The Broom is part of the Barrel Army! XD LoL Mr. Chair and his Pals ripped down a Shelf to help Pewdie find the lever
I hate my self all indonisbpause when I think he's gonna get u its scary
Holds a torch. Uses a flashlight at the same time and then complains it's dark - pure Pewds!
A broom tryed to kill you T-T. WHY WOULD A BROOM TRY TO KILL YOU XD
pewds you says that rooms section A,B,D is not usful but it was :)))
Does anyone here have a same "problem" that when you watch a lot of Pewds' videos you won't be scared anymore. I think that's boring thing but I'm used to his videos allthou they are great and funny I'm not scared anymore :/
I lost any sense of being scared after watching Penguinz0 play Outlast. That guy takes horror games and turns them into comedies. I used to be scared but I find them funny now. When I play Amnesia, I just put a couple of moves on the guy chasing me and laugh at him for being retarded lol. I think they are fun, not scary. I guess after all of the pointless stuff I just wrote that I can tell you I have the same "problem" too. :)
Nice to hear about your "problem" too :) I think that turning horror into comedy has worked on me and that's the main point in this "problem" But anyway, it was nice to hear your story!
Correction, 19 million. ;)
I don't really get this game.. Obviously I'm retarded. But when the guy saw all his friends were dead why didn't he run out of tha mansion ._. Ik, it's a game. Ik. I'm not that bright. But still o.O
the doors to get out of the mansion were either blocked locked or just not there
Is NOT in cellar A hahah lol
Pewds the text clearly said "NOT in Section A"
Omg I coughed at 2:11 and I thought Pewds heard
Correction: 19 million subcribers
Lmao 6 months ago it was 19 million. +Enma Ai I love Pewdies.
Why would TheRealPewDiePie be subscribed to PewDiePie if he was the "real" PewDiePie? He also has 4 videos and joined youtube this year. You sir are a troll and a hoser.
The barrels called the bro pewds D: you can never trust them! -.-
wait pee is inappropriate but 3..2..1 penetration is not. hmmm...
Does anyone know where barrels live
if u pause it at the first part, the pic is all "A haha hehe youre so cute," and pewdie's all lickin his nostril :)
pause 6:03 xD beautiful face pewds
When the untrustable statues went infront of Pewds, they were like "GANGNAM STYLE PEWDS, GANGNAM STYLE!"
look little child if you were a adult you would be a very sad lonely one to watch pewdie. and why put a retarded kid you call your son as your youtube dp did u do it so you could expose his ugly face to the world. and if you do have a job tell me what a tax file number is
I remember a day when I didn't have to work to watch a youtube video. How about some changes youtube? Loading more than 30 seconds at a time? Stop freezing after every time I pause the video? Stuff that should have been figured out on day 1?
Thank chu very much~ \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
Broom! Your Mother was A...... BARREL!!!
oh ya prove it!!! make an original video on this channel by pewds with his face saying that therealpewdiepie is really u then we may believe u .
Pewdie Cent If u know what i mean :D
Maybe she doesn't want them to be calm... if you know what I mean! :-D :-D
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