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Clay: The Best Tool in Your Garage! - /DRIVE CLEAN

by /DRIVE • 145,342 views

Detailing clay was first use in the mid-80's in Japan and not introduced to the US until early 90's. Japanese body shops found that a mixture of various "sticky" resins would remove the over-spray...

I dropped on to your channel a few month back and notice a real difference in how you went about detailing your cars, funny enough it was claying  that i saw, i proceeded to go out the next day and bought a kit containing, a bottle of detailer, a small clay bar, and a cheap microfiber cloth...followed your steps....and bang my car paintwork is like glass after i hit it with a decent polish, and a good washing takes no time and i owe it all to you...many thanks for your great videos and advice. 
After I use the clay bar on the whole car can I polish to remove swirl marks?
Yes. If your swirl marks are deep, you may want to use a compound before the polish. Wheels, wash, clay, compound and/or polish, wax/sealant.
Nano skin cough cough nano skin, will save you time and money especially if you're a professional with time restraints
Your videos truly inspire me to detail and maintain a clean car , thank you! P.S. The music in the videos are great!
How can I gauge when to use a new piece of clay. Any particular method ? 
After kneading so many times, you won't see any clean clay left, this is a good time to grab a new piece of clay.
man, i love your videos, but it made my life a nightmare haha :) it was just driving before, now it has to be clean :P
amazing videos, even better advise, nice to see something other than just repaint! 
How come these clay bars are so freaking expensive? Like a simple 200gram bar costs over 50 dollar, anyone got some tips of good clays for a cheap price? I live in Belgium, Europe...
Because the manufactures, distributors and retailers all make a ton of money on them. My tips to get a good price, buy direct from the distributor if you can - many of them have warehouse shops or online stores, and you can save a bundle by knocking out the retailer. My local distributor has clearance sales on their website to get rid of old product when the manufacturer comes out with new packaging or version of the product, so I keep an eye out for bargains and buy up a pile when they go on special. I've been using Meguires quik clay which is one of the cheaper ones and comes with a pretty decent quick detailer in the box too that works great as a lubricant - unlike many other detailing products where you get what you pay for, they all work the same so as far as I can tell it's totally pointless not buying the cheapest one you can find.
i got petzolds clay on amazon. 100gr for 11 €. it has good reviews and worked fine for me
When you say to "lubricate" what are you lubricating with? Skin or Spit?
He means spit, the quick detailer, skin is the sealent.
um. why show a clay bar that just picked up a bunch of stuff from an unwashed rim and act like its working so good its amazing? would have been better to just wash the wheel real quick and then use it to see what it really picked up. kind of lost me at that point
You can see that they werent...
Yeah I agree with your comment, its a no brainer  I don't see the point in this claying fad, Correct cleaning and polishing as at Aston Martin, Bently or Rolls Royce would use a D.A and good old fashioned elbow grease- just check out the Royals cars over here paintwork like a mirror. My Mars Red GTI looks spectacular. Clay money making scam.
Don't forget metal and plastic too!
Aawesome !!!…. Thanks Larry...
PERFECT VIDEO! i'm going to be doing this to my brand new car soon..
when do you clay? after which step?
+dc5bound After you've washed and rinsed it. If you dont wash the car you will have junk on the paint and claying it will make scratches like Larry showed.
After you wash, rinse and dry your car.
Thomas Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Have to share this again.   Want to detail your car?  Watch these videos from Drive Clean!
Check out ammonyc dot com....I have a few links to products on there
Just stumbled across this through the //Drive channel...really interesting and professionally presented, gr8 vid..liked!
so does clay barring your car really strip the clear coat of your car? people tell me not to do it too much to the paint. I never thought to use it on the windows too! Great tip!
Absolutely love this Drive Clean playlist, really hits home with a car detail perfectionist like me, definitely will be using clay on my truck, it got tree sap all over it this spring and ive been scrubbing at all summer
Should you wait a while before using clay on a new paint job? This dude is smart. Nice show for someone who wants to learn new tips and tricks, like me.
I have Amazon links on my website for what I use...if you are interested. Thx -Larry
If you drop the clay, can you just pick the big bits out and re-knead the clay into a fresh lump? I think that's what Griot's recommends with their clay...
will the clay remove oxidation from headlights
@TylerStump1 It's actually made for us... It's actually owned by ammo. We had to hire someone to make. Super tallemt
amazing stuff.. very nice, but what was the title of the soundtrack at the beginning?
How can I get the clay residue of my car properly, since some spots of my car paint has marks that look like orange peels. Is there any other way than polishing compounds? And is there some product that helps protect your headlights from uv after you have polished them?
Thanks Man!! You are doing a great job teaching me how to clean a car man! u should show pictures or video of before and after, that would be very beneficial. :D
Thanks for the vid very informative. Keep these coming really good.
I use AMMO Skin.....because I make it. I reeeeally put a ton of thought and effort into my sealant. Check it out at ammonyc dot com Thanks for the question
So this is modeling clay? Where do you purchase this? *Just a Vocaloid passing through*
@DinanEX Awesome. Just awesome. Thanks for validating a whole bunch of work. Thank you. I have so many plans for future episodes... I'm excited.
All these are supremely informative and visually beautiful. Well done. I'll watch all these episodes and use the tips on my ride.
+1 for headlight restoration! Mine need this treatment badly :P
I personally like Wolgfang poly clay. It's kind of pricey, but it's 200 gram bar, which will easily split up into at least 3 pieces. It's nice and sturdy feeling, but not too aggressive and still pliable.
@ndinadis AMMO Skin as a sealant. Soooo good. Email me for more info. Thx
sold!!! Wow just watching this show makes me look at cleaning my car in a whole new way
This guy is professional, thank you so much for these videos, I can't stand driving around when my car is dirty. Maybe it's a psychological thing but a clean car to me just drives better. I never knew about this clay stuff this is awesome. Keep up the great work.
drive clean and chris harris on cars are the best
I have a question Larry: for the lubrication on the windows should I use spray wax or Windex or something?
Best advice ever! Thanks man.
@AMMONYCdotcom Talented guy named micah
Most clay bars will remove wax, so I don't think stripping the wax before claying would be necessary. As for dish soap, I use Dawn and I've used Palmolive, same difference really. Dish soap is awesome for wax stripping purposes, lol.
Thanks for the nice comment! Stoked you like it. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to be in front of the camera. Fun, but scary as hell. LOL. Thx again
I'm stoked about this new show. Please do one on paint scratch and headlight scratches! Fucking hipster and their bicycles... the price of driving in NYC.
Thumbs up! I can't give your comment enough, lol.
Larry, Love the series. Anyway, I wanted to hear your opinions on using distilled water as a lubricant when clay baring a vehicle. Is the quick detail er a necessity?
Great video, couldn't get this type of quality programming anywhere. Keep up the good work.
I rarely favourite multiple drive vids in a few weeks, but I've favourited both of these drive clean segs. they show up in my feed and I know I'll learn something new. great advice man keep it up.
Possibly if the paint is seriously contaminated. I recently clayed a co-worker's car and the clay got so gunked up, I had to continuously knead the clay to keep it from getting loaded up. More aggressive clay bars can mar the paint, especially if a lot of pressure is used. It's best to move the clay in quick back and forth motions with light pressure, sometimes no pressure. It all depends on how contaminated the paint is. Just knead the clay to expose a new clean surface as it gets gross.
i love this show one of the best on drive. also why not use the clay bar in circles?
You don't have to throw clay away after it hits the ground, just take a long, thin knife, spray some lube on it, and filet the affected area off.
Whats the best way to store clay? Does a ziploc bag work well enough or is there another method?
Their are actually better porsche restoration shops, not sure why everything can only be the best of the best in the US
@LamboGallardo560 Agreed, but Im not worried about the abrasives in the carnauba. I worried about the "left over" or missed tiny dirt that will be left on the paint after every wash. It happens. Just to be on the safe side I "try" to stay in straight lines because if, by mistake, I scratch the paint.... It's easier to remove straight line scratches than circles. Again it's just a precaution that you can choose to not do...I just like to adobt safe habits
I will vouch for, and stand behind clay bars for the rest of life. Once you use one and actually see the results. You will never understand how awesome these things actually are!
is there a missing step not explained in-between claying and post-claying? Since claying requires some sort of lubricant, don't you need to remove that before sealing off the car or performing some sort of correction?
Iv always wanted to use a clay bar, but I was in unknown territory. Thanks again for all the help
@mrchristian87 Hey! We actually had a musician make it. If u are interested I can give u his info. Pretty cool. I got to design it myself and the musician would play it, then change it, the play it etc... Took awhile. So fun though
I've never clayed glass before. That's a great tip.
Using a claybar too much also rips off your clear coat off
i feel the noise difference comes from the lub... isnt it?
good stuff !! just wondering y ppl wrote an essay for the comments ?
You're not supposed to wax or polish in circles either, it leaves swirl marks.
Thank you! Check out the first video of Drive Clean for the wash tutorial. Thx!
Any websites you recommend for Detailing tools?
He did it again! Another brilliant tutorial, with after video support even. My whole life I've wondered how and why to properly use this product. Thanks again!
Larry when is your rinseless car wash and your car clay coming out??
Thanks again for this episode, amazingly simple and clear explanations!!!
It shouldn't, if your clay is clean and you are using proper lubrication. Light strokes and you should be fine. Thx!
I do vinyl graphic installs on automobiles and clay bars are a god send to avoid bubbling. It gets out so much more than just washing.
after claying it is it necessary to wax it
We need a "nerd" like you on this channel. Most the guys I know can rebuild a carb in their sleep or recite dynamic cam timing spec verbatim. But NONE of us know jack when it comes to keeping a finish on our rods, racers, or daily drivers. I learned a ton just watching the first episode about how to properly wash a vehicle. Keep it up man. You made DRIVE a whole new channel!
I couldn't care less about the look and finish of my beat up car, but this show had me glued to the screen. Great presentation
I'm glad for the opportunity. Detailing is fun on any car, doesnt have to be expensive. My daily driver is a chevy Impala SS with 200k miles. I love it. Its no show stopper, but its worth more to me than what Kelly Blue Book says. (I'm lucky enough to work on and drive some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world, and I'd would take my car over all of them. (well, maybe some of them lol) Nonetheless, cars are "cool" because of what you've DONE with them...not what u COULD do in them.
We always speak about speed, horsepower, supercars...but most of us have only small cars, or family cars, or maybe they're just too young to buy their own first shows like this one are really precious, cause with these simple advices everyone can make a supercar out of his ordinary vehicle, and feel better about it even if there's no prancing horse on's attention to details that makes things special, so thank you very much for showing us your amazing work.
What clay do you use? I've been wanting to do this to a couple of cars but the price of the kits has kept me from buying one. I have plenty of spray wax so I don't need the clay lube and I would be a little upset if the first time I use the $30 kit I drop the clay and have to throw it out.
Sweet! Glad to help. Check out one of my old videos about clay on my website. ammoNYC dot com , go to the bottom of the detailing section and click on the "listening to clay section". You can really hear the difference in the BMW I'm working on. (It was also 96 degrees that day. I was boiling. My face is bright red in this video.
Great segment made even better with a great host, well done /Drive
I wonder how much this guy charges to clean a car lol
no, clay does absolutely no harm to your clear coat if used appropriately. I clean my entire car with clay 2 times a year before applying wax or sealant, the paint is in mint condition after 4 year (car is only hand washed of course).
That episode will air next season. Thanks for the comment! -Larry
Thank you for your addition to the drive network, I wash my car every week, but I've recently started washing it twice a week, because of your the past two videos you hosted. I already know most of the detail works because of my previous job at a detail shop, but youre videos inspire me to take even more care of my car. Thank you
Any certain brand or method? Because I'm just going to grab some Colgate and a old tooth brush if it doesn't matter. Thanks for the tip by the way haha.
I love how the paint feels like glass after cleaning with a clay bar!
after all that don't forget to drive in a vacuum
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