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Boy Survives in Forest For 5 Years

by SourceFed • 514,496 views

Stay updated at: Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: "Ray" the boy who wandered into Berlin last year after allegedly living...

i know you are just joking about the "alien thing" bud u shuldnt say that. i was on a site where people accualy wantet to kill this kid cause people called him an alien maybe he experienced somthing really bad and is traumataised or is just blocking it out and tricking his mind to ignore the fackt that he accualy rememberes it. meaning he dont remember it bud he does. its kinda hard to explain
Calm down give ariana a break all she is is a celebrity taking a picture and really is that a life saver that is SO STUPID to think that's i life saver r u kidding me
Np one mentioned arianna
It sounds like a story that would show up in one of those spammy magazines. This is ridiculous and I don't know why this is even being talked about. The kid is obviously mental and a pathetic liar so forget it, it doesn't matter who he is. 
He killed he's mom and dad
Pete: ANTICHRIST!!! Rico: dude ... seriously? Pete: They said theroize
One of Chuck Norris' lost child...
Omg this reminds me of kylexy! No memory, smart, about 16
He was born in Area 51
He was a hoaxer. He was from the Netherlands, and made a 5 day trek into Germany with a friend, at which point he began the rouse.
Yep! tbh i wasn't sure if that was true, but it is - but now i sorta wonder if his parents were abusive? for why he ran away-
no he was raised by DOGE
It was so obvious!!!
If it is his grandson, that means this kid did indeed murder his parents and will soon fall in love with his niece 
im betting on the wolfs
that is kinda like the movie mama....victoria and lilly's parents both died and they both lived in the woods for 5 years... 
Her voice gives me a headache. 
he look like fred but hes totally set up to make money of a cool story
His parents were openly homosexual and his mother was really just a man who wore women's clothes. They lived in German but they met in Russia where's they were born. Someone dies in the family and they have to return to deal with funeral arrangements. Someone kills the mother and the father finds out its an homophobic bully from his past. Fearing the worst they go into hideing in the wood. After things escalated in beeline the father felt too paranoid to leave the country. He gets a plan. He tells his son if he doesn't return or if he dies to walk north ans take these pills. The pills contain a compound that causes amnesia because the father knows he hasn't been seen in Russia before so she will be safe. He calls a friend at home to erase his prints to farther protect him
He didn't murder his parents they die by car accident and the man I don't now
hes max from were the wild things are
Must be the counsin of fred the youtuber
He's. A kid who smoked shit tons of weed and destroyed some of his brain cells
That woman has a face for television, but a voice for silent movies.
He looks like Michael cera
Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it's a BullShit Artist. 
They figured out who he was. A missing 20 year-old Dutch man, who had just disappeared days before.
What or whoever he is, one thing's for sure, he has CRAZY pit stains in that photo!
Actually... European countries don't keep a track record of everything and everyone. That's why we can kill people and actually get away with it! Can even flee the country, don't need a pass even! So I do wonder why Americans like Europe so much... oh... that's why... o_o
We just want to get out of the us cuz it SUCKS here. Police State
+Jarrod s It's either that or living in the illusion of safety. Europe would be perfect, if only everything said about it was true. Heck, I would write a whole page about my country, Norway, but I am sure the details would be pretty boring. Not enough murder, you see. :\
the last airbender
Lee is gorgeous! = .=
Why do you have to yell at every cut
Dumb Americans think the UK is England.
Smoked alot of weed, got lost in forest, fell down, hit head, lost memories (scars).
It's Dendi's evil twin brother!
i think he's from the future 
That boy is my mom, yes the very first boy to give birth...
Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Very easy to remember,so that's what he might've known.
I think he is a fish that lived in a cave, that is inside a volcano and that particular volcano happened to be in space right above his parents house well then the volcano orbited down to earth at the speed of light and smashed into the forest where his parents happened to live miles away from civilization and killed them both but having his parents own a laptop and computer that didn't get destroyed he figured out how to use them and use the phones camera to record for youtube and and uploaded them next to restraunts that have free wifi and got his money from that. so there you have it where the mystery boy came from
He's living in his made up world he's fucked up in the head.
There was a movie made about him called The Chameleon, I wondered why this story sounded so familiar. 
The source of Ray is Rah or God...
Seen you Lee at six flags last week. Hope you had a blast.
yup, a parent killer!
Berlin?? he's ! Member of an underground cult who has run away because he wants to integrate with regular society.
lol their videos are so funny
The aliens are finally invading lol
This has happend before but in different area of Europe and a long time ago but pretty much the same story
I say that this is probably  just a scam or a set up for the people to actually think....That their "lord and savior" Has returned. His parents died but his father told him to go north (sound familiar) And him not knowing his name or very much about stuff about the world and it's twirks.... yet still knowing a few things here and there. Maybe the actual parents might be very religious...VERY and had a natural birth causing the child to not have any "profile" On file then bringing him up to make this stunt. But that's only a theory o-o
kinda reminds me of the book "Pathfinder" by Orson Scott Card... just saying lol, anyone else agree?
Christ, the blonde could cut steel with that voice of her's.
shouldn't his hair be a lot longer? did he know how to cut his own hair?
Steve minecraft steve I guess
talk about how eminem's old house got burned down!
totally murdered his parents
turns out it was a hoax.
He is a smart kid who can easily adopt to todays society... Don don dooon!
i think hes just an idiot
Well. This is it. We've found Moon Moon, the boy raised by Wolves and sent out of the pack on an "experiment" similar to exile.
THE ALIENS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! yes =D
He murdered his parents and ran away
Ray looks like a drugee
i really just think its a homeless kid who stole a bunch of camping equipment and made this story up. Where the hell is the body of his father if he died? the kid should know where it is if it really happened.
I miss this old intro X3
this person described is similar to me 
except he is older and taller
He killed his father and Mather omg
Of course ray doesn't care who he is...he KNOWS who he is. hehe
why would i subscribe your the worst news group on youtube.....
How did he know which way was north lol
or Jesus 2 electric boogaloo
he's just mentally impaired 
He is the last remnants of the Nazi party
His mom and dad died and he never met anyone but them
+CalLadyQED Just google "forest boy hoax", I get a lot of articles from reputable sources.
cheers Poirot, why don't you take those results back to Bosly?
an autopsy should be performed
No, he just got the camo to work unlike someone *cough cough*
he propably just figured out the chameleon circuit
grey and gray are different spellings of the same word, and both are commonly used throughout the English speaking world. Gray is more common in American English, while Grey is favoured in all other main varieties of English.
The "boy" is actually a 20-year-old man from the Netherlands who went missing just days before he showed up in Berlin. Though he went by "Ray" since emerging out of the woods nine months ago, his real name is Robin van Helsum, and he hails from the town of Hengelo.
He is a doctor and his tent is a tardis.
out of the three choices of lupis sapien, alien, and murderer I say murderer.
I agree with the wolf or murdering the parents theory
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