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Girl - Yeah Right

by snorlaxtreflip • 721,271 views

Girl Skateboard video. Is one of the all-time greatest skate video's. Kostens part is a killer. Enjoy.

favorite video changed my life when i saw it spike jonze kicks ass
opening instrumental is a classic, real heads know. queens representaaaaain.
drowned at a party I think 
Anybody else remember Hot Chocolate? That video was gnar as well.
28:04 how is that pop even of this world
Fuckin' I remember back in the day skatin' with these kids. I used to beat their asses and shit. I'm actually in this video, check out Mike Carroll's and Paul Rodriguez's parts. That's actually me, those are my parts. Same with Koston, that was me. I rip, bruhs.
sniff sniff i smell shit
anyone know the beat at 7 mins, so sick
Rick McCrank was a bad motherfucker
alguien sabe el nobre delas canciones
Back when Jeremy Rogers was cool
Lol i saw the guy throw him the board at 13:40 or around there when the guy was in the pool
prods part was fucking dope
ANDREW PEREZ Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I had never seen a slow mo intro before and when I showed my non skating friends they said it was on strings I got so pissed
what do you mean it is on strings?
this video brings back high school memories i love eric koston!!! he rocks 
This vid was/is revolutionary. This came out 3 months after I originally started skating back in the day, first full length vid I ever saw. 
I'm watching this for the first time and I can't stop saying Yeah Right out loud at the sick parts, this kills 
what kind of shoes was brandon biebel wearing at 7:42
skating is so shit now, full of poser ass faggots that are only doing it for the money
what song is playing when they're throwing the board to eachother?
Fatlip - Today's Your Day 
mf first deck was GIRL in 1996. Epic times! God I wish I was 15 again :)
No kiddin' i feel old watching this shit haha
Is it me or do all New York videos have the best sound tracks!!!
koston I think was always the best Girl skater
What a great tribute to Keenan. He will be missed. Forever.
Who does the invisible board segment music lol I've been searching since this video first came out!!
You are awesome, whats the name of that fantastic track?
Murderers by John Frusciante from the album To Record Only Water For Ten Days  Though Invisible Movement might have been a more appropriate track ;D
I'm sure this aint the original soundtrack.
+ZoobaMaFooProDuction I'm saying the songs they added on the dvd version suck ass :'( 
in that case mah nigga hahah
Never have I seen so many baggy t shirts in a hour.
The edited version.......ughhhh
last song please he is so cool
This video is the reason I started skating
Aaaah, sweet, sweet memories.
Don't care what ANY of you have to say, Paul Rodriguez had the best part. It is what it is, shut the fuck up. All of you. 
0:29:34 best part in the video for its time.. after eric koston of course
this video is so rad
Pika das Galaxias  
so we are a just a few kids from the ghetto of amsterdam.. we actually started learning to skate, and we post videos about it. we started episodes called: Road to pro where we learn tricks in 1 week. Please support us and just leave a like, a sub, and a nice comment. show us some skater community love, it would really give us some more motivation (we are really motivated). Thanks ! btw we are beginners so give us tips please
Best skate video ever! :D
its crazy to watch this video and see how much skating has progressed
That was my first thought. 
Abril Leonyvelez Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
best skating video. <3
this video is amazing! RIP Keenan Milton 1974-2001
my first video in my live  ospresento mi skate
girl had errrbody! my fav vid
hey yo what song is that at 53:20?
18:56 holy shit ....that 50-50 is a beast
They painted a ramp green and erased the color in editing... they used it a lot in this video. That's how they did the whole tricks with no skateboard part.
The second scene was when I first saw it in T.H.U.G 1. Childhood memories.
Justin Eldridge dude I would never have the balls to just snap my finger back into place
P Rod was good, and now he's incredible. He didn't fall off one bit
I hate to say this but if anyone had the original dvd, they'll that it wasn't owen wilson it was koston because it had a little slip of paper on the inside with a picture of owen and koston sat in the back of that van with the exact same clothes and a wig on.
ty my bro! respect to spain! gracias mi hermano! desde españa respeto!
P Rod riding to "Get Down" and "Made you Look" by Nas just made my day
if that skateboard were a girl, it would be an invincible slut
Please someone let me know the song at 6:36?
appolo kids- ghostface killa
Dub Diablo - Disco Headache, the part from this movie starts @ 2:57 in the song.
that crazy little board.
stupid ass video lmfao stupid ass title
Randy Tanaka Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Jamie Doege Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
one of the best skatevideos of all time Girl - Yeah Right
Not available in my country. Boo
skateboarding history right here, kostons ender is what held it down for all skateboarding for a solid 5 years or so.l
I feel like this beats every intro, the part after the slow motion i mean. The montage is fucking so beautiful
Koston's Part.... FUCKING AMAZING
why is their team called girl if there all boys
Watch Nyjah Huston's Rise & Shine and watch Pretty Sweet
@ 12:37 , was that a no comply tre flip? I wanted to see that in slow motion.
poor jeremy rogers, shoulda kept skating instead of tryna be a wigger rapper
anyone know any of the songs on here, a list or name of any would be super appreciated, even if it's just one or two names. Awesome video btw, my favourite
I feel like when you're last name is Anderson and you skate you already have a great style.
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