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Huge 40 Foot Slip N Slide Off a Cliff - Utah State

by IndiePicturesLLC • 868,011 views

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What a buzz kill dude this shit look awesome I'd totally fund this kinda thing
This is on private property,and is posted NO TRESPASSING. area patrolled and fence is being installed.
might have to try this now
Looks awesome! Terrible pop song though.
Wish I had that slide because My family would have a blast with it just like they do at the lake
Where exactly is this?? (:
fuck you and you're fake ass friends and staged bullshit.
Like this comment if you were in this video or you know someone who was :D
I would do it if the water were cleaner... Maybe, but after seeing that guys giant scrape... Maybe not...
WHAT that's at Hyrum dam? no way!
Hey, what's the song in this video?
Karmin - Brokenhearted :)
shame the new age style is bitch hipster style, fuck
1:20 Jeeesus what happened to his leg!
Utah will never be California.
lol I consider that to be a good thing.
Mud Guts and Glory Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Huge 40 Foot Slip N Slide Off a Cliff - Utah State - YouTube #MudObstacle racers in the making. #MGG
D Alexandria Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
this video makes people in the us awesome, you not so much
cool vid... just annoying how you switch clips every second
IMO the song was rather good and i find it fits well to the video, keep doing this mate, good job!
cool, dumping loads of dish soap into the lake, bet the fish love that
I looked again. Thanks for're luckily mistaken! Look at .38 and you'll see the generator/waterpump sending the water up the hose. With constant water, you don't need soap for a fast ride. Horizontal slip n slides, yes, but not with the great incline! The only pollution might be some spilled gas when filling the pump or the know, getting relief. But then again, fish do it!
Ya video was great, poor song selection
This used to be my favorite cliff to jump, every summer we would spend time there almost every day... Now it's ruined bbecause of you. Me and my friends tryed smoking crack cocaine out of boredom and became addicted, Joey got shot trying to steal from a house and Sally OD'ed. Thanks a lot!
On description, "funner" is not a word.
his head barely misses the edge when the video starts!
The only difference is that Devin takes his time to find a song that will match the kind of activity the video is all about !
Where did you get the slip n slide material!!? I'm in Utah!
awesome edit! Really want to do this.
Devilzrox, we've told you a THOUSAND times not to exaggerate...haha! We did actually. And you'll notice that there is no soap in this video...we've learned our lesson. And we do appreciate your concern...we're officially soap-free.
solution to lameness... put ramp at end under plastic.
use the air in your body, blow out from your nose, prevents water from coming in,
How do you get the water up tot he top of the slide
What happens if you go off course or veer off the slide? Looks like fantastic fun nonetheless xD
Damn, Utah seems like a fun place to be in. Can I come by sometime, Utah'ers?
wtf is this? It's like a long commercial for a product that you can't even sell. What's the point?
Haha! I know this comment was meant to offend, but it really is pretty clever. I was laughing when I read it. Thanks for the feedback, we're trying to make our videos better and better over time. What kind of song would you have preferred for the video? We hope you liked the video at least.
it's all fun and games till someone ends up on bestgore.
now the river is full of soap. THANKS
That was fantastic. I'm a filmmaker and I wish I could do that stuff! haha!
looks amazingly fun but still cant touch the 90 foot cliff jump at the wolfgangsee in austria i did.... holla
party poop much. I suppose you wear a helmet in bed, just in case you fall out?
I love your video but can you please tell me which lake is this? Please reply
Epic :)! We have a cliff like that one but way way smaller and i just LOVE hanging out withfriends there at the summer :) Thanks for bringing all these memories mate!
...and you're awesome devilzrox...we love that you're a fun-lover rather than a fun-hater! You make Indie Pictures Proud!
haha sometimes yeah..but in all othercases it's what I said :)
rated G fun here everyone, no bad swears allowed
you can tell these kids are mormon cause there is NO BEER..
Ok heres the thing the water did not erode 3 feet back for one, two there was a slide that happened on the face of that cliff during the horrible weather a couple months ago, I know because I talked to the Park Rangers in charge. I am sorry that it has happened because it was my favorite place to jump from too
all i got to say is stop hating people this is awesome. im quite jealous this would be an awesome experience and would love to join. amazing video keep it up!!
Haha, there are a ton of cool people out there John willing to do stuff like this (including your friends). Feel free to come hang with us for our next party!
Man, just jumping of Big Toe (that's the name of this cliff jump/area) is crazy enough let alone a slip'in-slide off it. Props to the person who thought it up though, its a great idea. Looks like you guys had a great set up going with that hose feeding water into it. Cool to see a viral video with Hyrum Reservoir in it too lol :D
I will never know how people keep the water out of there nose
another reason i want to leave the city 4 a while
unusable, what else should it been used for?
Music is the key... Mute this video and watch it while listening to the "DIRTY HEADS- hipster" and it kicks WAY WaY more ass!!!! 420!
this is what i want my college life to be like.
I thought it would be cool if you had someone slide with a camera in there hand, an underwater one obviously.. but a first person view would have been sweet.. GREAT video! I definitely wanna try this haha
good shit job ripping off vooray. just need a screen printer and some more yolo kids and you've got it #yolo #party rock #swwwaggg #wayfarers #brotank ####
Sunglasses advisory. The whiteness just burn my retinas out.
To get this bubblegum pop song out of my head I had to snort ketamine, light myself on fire, pour mercury into my eyeballs, and scrape my nails against a chalk-board for 63 hours...
Haha it shows how unintelligent you are so maybe you should consider. And its not ignorant, its true.
I cnt wait to do stuff like this wen im 15 16 17 n or 18 im 12 :(
Great idea but you all love yourselves waaaay too much.
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