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Nike SB The Bird Is The Word Tour - Part One - Demo Life

by Mark Adrian Khor • 95,162 views

Nike SB The Bird Is The Word 2010 European Demo Tour Part One - Demo Life Featuring - Paul Rodriguez, Shane Oneill, Brian Anderson, Daryl Angel, Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, Cory Kennedy, Omar...

ishod just killed that shit
yall wanna kick it with a big ass brotha yeaaa 2:40
watch out guys rumor is that cory kennedy left nike for.....OSIRIS!!!!
I think the coolest part about shanes switch tricks is that you can tell its switch cause his regular stance and his switch stance has two different styles and their both buttery ass fuck.
AREA 51... one of hollands best skateparks!
Last Trick Sw Flip ... 2 Min ago Ishod Wair Sw Fs Flip and Hardflip -> ?
nike sb has the cleanest team!
What is the song!! :( Sick video btw :)
I think erik koston's hat is glued of his head xD
how they must have hurt when he falls, but they have seen their smiling like pain, I LOVE NIKE
@fritzskater well think it like this,hardflip you pop regullar you land regullar,switch fs flip you pop switch you land regullar, a switch flip is harder since you pop switch and land switch,if you dont believe me,if you can skate switch try skating something big switch and you'll understand what i mean
Switch 360 Double Flip down stairs, omg
who is the black guy thats killing it?
4:12.... 1 foot noseslide! like a champ!
@mekhoisup did you see how much farther he gapped out on the switch flip and how much higher it was
is this rly called the bird is the word tour because bird is definetly the word on family guy
@tjoohoo his name is Ishod Wair. HEs on real
@0:42 the little grin the guy gives the camera....haha
who is the new boss of nike SB global?
Ive got them Green Nike SBs at 1:30, Best for Skating
@juleskapunq he's not underrated at all. He's on the come up.
switch flip on a huge gap is a way harder than switch fs flip and hard flip, trust me
hey P Rod... please admit u r regular
@adr3y516 Soulseek. Jesus and Mary CHain is an amazing band.
nevermind, i found the name, the song is called "Commercial" by Jesus and the Mary Chain and is on the album 'Munki' but the actual audio of it is EXTREMELY hard to find on the internet, i had to buy it off itunes, which i normally dont do
shane oneils a dick..i mean who does a switch double treyflip?
thumbs up if youve seen street dreams
Fs feeble kickflip was "simply the best!"
janowski's officially taken over the skate world...
the only thing that in different between ishod and theotis is that ishod wears janoskis and theotis wears dunks otherwise it kinda hard to tell in this video
Yo wanna kick it with a big ass brutha? Hahah
nike sb is boss dont just sponsor any random fools, everyone kills it!!!
if Paul Rodriguez is P-Rod my name is Nern Ottero so wouldn't that make me N-Ott
Nederland wedstrijd shirt!! bam!!!
damn i wish they would put P-Rod back in Skate
so they do stretch, no wonder im not pro.
4:12 Switch one-foot noseblunt???
not that all this new technology and stuff is bad, but i kinda miss the skateboarding days even just a few years ago, when skaters werent getting paid as much and tour vans were literally just vans, although i know they all still love it, it felt more genuine back then.
sick, i was there in holland:p
1:57 front feeble flip out was fukin tits!!!
5:37 lance mountain looks like steve carrell.
dude nike has the sickest soundtracks for their videos but so many of their fucking songs are extrememely hard to find. whoever finds this song for me i will fuck you, fuck you hard
Except for Brock, ahah, not saying anything about the south..
does shane o'neill ever not land bolts?
shane does a switch flip and gets the banger....ishod does sw fs flip and dosent even get a slo mo... ???
nugget is a fucking beast :)...GREAT TEAM
For all people searching for the song: watch?v=Zn96e7Fm6ig
Sooo many people were wearing Janoskis. Siiick.
Please tell me that that last kickflip wasn't switch!!!
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