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by Nissan Europe • 455,930 views

Nissan DeltaWing driver Satoshi Motoyama's heart rending attempts fail to re-inject life into the ground breaking Nissan DeltaWing, ending the car's assault on the Le Mans 24 hours and forcing "the...

Won't even lie. Felt absolutely terrible watching this video. :(
He tried is absolute best, even when the job became way outside of his expertise he didn't give up. I like the mechanics doing their best to comfort him when he gets overwhelmed by it all.
Pakaw l Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Séquence émotion.
But now we have completely deviated from the main topic and are basically doing the same thing you did to cjjesse, another answer like that and I guess you'll be happy to know I won't answer back.
You mean like what happened to the Toyota that the Ferrari hit?
fantastic determination to try and get back in the race such a shame and also love the fact that he still has the number 74 of Daijiro Kato on his helmet :D
GROUNDBREAKING!? Yeah, it's certainly breaking the ground 'cause it's not moving.
The Deltawing was there to revolutionize the world of racing. Motoyama's attempts to bring the car back to life are heroic deeds in my books.
Lol oh no anything but that! Please stay awhile and attack more view points i never stated i had.
You think of yourself an awful lot don't you. Enough to put a label on yourself. Stop being so self-absorbed.
Here's a funny thing, I have friend that went to the military. Do you know they basically send the stupid ones in first? Sounds like an extreme presentation. But from the little he told me about the tests and training (since it seems it's a "secret") that's how things work.
he must ride the scooter of shame! hahahaha
Nakajima, you son of a bitch!!!!
i've worked on cars for 15 years...the frustration of these motorsport experts really bums me out, it sucks watching the struggle, he is trying the best he can with this innovating project....super lame this car wasn't more successful....
That's the reason why I love Super GT. Pilots are not only rich and proud, there are alson human, and loves their car... Love Satoshi... Regards from France !
The Toyota took it out on the restart after the safety car trying to overtake an Audi causing the Delta Wing to hit the concrete wall on the outside of the Porsche curves which isn't too far from the pits.
Would giving him tools through the fence be classes as helping?
I give you the medal of awesomeness!
You're still doing that, you're still trying to assume a superior position with nothing to back it up. First, this isn't a political debate, second, you don't know anything about him to make a quick conclusion like "he won't change he's ignorant view" and third, it's not an ignorant view. Many solders are people that could not afford college and/or wanted an easy way out where you work for the military a few years and then live with very good benefits the rest of your life.
Well it's not all fan favorite, I'm not in love with the Chevrolet / Aston Martin Deltawing. That's right, fun fact, Nissan didn't make 1 part of the car. Its built off a tub from the old Aston Martin AMR-One, the body is all fabricated in America, and the engine is an engine from a Chevy Cruz World Touring rebranded a Nissan. You may have heard them COMPARING it to a Juke engine, and although it shares similar elements it was never actually touched by Nissan.
I don't know much about racing or anything can some explain the context of this video?
What did the driver do that was brave or noble? He didnt design the car or build it or save lives preventing it from blowing up and killing people. He didnt show incredible courage either by simply trying to fix it. You have an extremely lame view of what qualifies as a hero. Driving is his job. If one of your tools breaks at work and you try to fix it you arent a hero, you're doing your job.
No need much words to say but Respect to give!
Families that love that person are obviously going to sugar coat this saying how they are protecting the country and giving up their lives for their loved ones. Tell me, what are they protecting them from? do you even know? or are you going to tell me terrorists?
It didnt surprised me...he is japanese... I felt sorry for him.
the delta wing was so boring to watch going around the track...yea its different and unique but it will never be an exciting car to watch
might have been the bodywork crushed into the wheels, I'm no scientist, but he wasn't fixing shit without a torch and a hammer.
what an absolute petrolhead, thats motivation as well as heroic. anyone know what damage caused it to not be able to carry on? at that point of the track he'd have to do nearly a whole lap back to the pits
最後の拍手が良い 良くはないけど良い
I cried, it was so emotional. That scene at 1:30 was beautiful. He knew in his heart that it was the car time. So much passion.
How does a single-seater have any more protection for the driver's legs than the Delta Wing? LMP tubs pass the same crash tests as F1 tubs do.
Hi, yes, its a rule - they can only help in the pits. ^DP
Not only was he humiliated, then the had to ride on the back of the SCOOTER!!!
A soldier dies from a road side bomb the first day out in war and he gets labeled a hero. He didn't do anything but die. Thats the sad truth.
Passion, Heart, Dedication, Nuff Said...
heroic aint the word for this its a little offending thats the title
Should have had a Ford or a Chevy engine in it. They wouldn't have had to take it easy thus getting in the way.
Do the same with your ignorance and we'll see who has the bigger issue. Good day sir
More appropriate in this case would be "watch out for idiots in Toyotas"
Why was they not allowed to tow it back to the pits?
For racers, who love cars and love the art of racing and turning corners, the cars are the beauties and the racing is the joy. So to race for a full 24 hours with high speed cars and enjoying technique for them is wonderful the same as you have unending love for something or will have someday.So what makes it heroic is that the car just got old and since he loves racing he didn't want to give up on it and thus he was crying and it was that constant try that is considered heroic.
he would be remembered through the history of le isn't only the car has a unique design, but the spirit of giving back life to the crashed deltawing.great job satoshi!
The sad part is, most of those thumbs probably think you're serious. lol
and after you've tried everything you could, did everything in your power, what hurts the most is when someone says "you tried your best".
Side note: people who put down random people with allegations of homosexuality themselves, tend to be insecure about their own sexuality, and think about gay sex far more than straight people who are secure in their sexual identity.
Plus I still don't trust the safety. Your really telling me that if is stoped across the Mulsanne and a LMP1 car hits it in the middle front of the right side the driver's fully exposed legs are going to be fine? That I just can't believe.
Only the driver can touch the car or else the team is disqualified.
That's what technical sports are all about. You can't see things like that in Formula 1 or NASCAR anymore... Fighting doesn't means that they knock out each other or they pass each other like they are crazy. Fighting means that they want to race, like this little japanese.
Learn the rules of Le Mans before you talk shit.
The end is humiliating... leave the LeMans in a moped... omg...
Heart of a true racer, well done, Satoshi for your great effort!
その件と、この件とは関係ないのに コピペをしてまで格好悪いよ。
This was heartbreaking. I was really hoping the Delta wing would do great. Sad to see it go out that way..
Oh really? Please, do go on. Tell us more about these incredibly educated and moral views of yours. Fascinating
About what? If you really think this was "heroic" you're fuckin retarded
This is his life. Racing is what he does. This is not heroic as in war hero or a fireman. This car took months of work and testing and it got wrecked. If he was able to get to the pits then they could've fixed it and finished the race. The whole thing about this car is more from less. Nissan wanted to prove it was fast and efficient with a small engine. A podium finish would have proven that. hero(n.)- a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
The driver was racing in the 24H Le Mans 2012 were car manufactures bring their high end race cars to show off their tech and reliability. This driver was in an experimental car, for nissan in garage 56, sadly next year the spot is reserved already so this was the only year to show off how the delta wing would do. His pit crew on the side aren't allowed to help him fix the car, or the whole team gets disqualified. Nothing could be done about the car so he threw in the towel.
Most of the time, active Formula 1 drivers aren't allowed by their teams to participate in the 24h of Le Mans. On a side note: I think Kobayashi is a great driver, but don't forget he can also be quite reckless sometimes.
Absolutely heroic, I can not express myself, I cannot describe this with words, I'm absolutely speechless, A man tries to fix a completly wrecked car for 2 hours. He's most defintely a hero.
ok so is this a rule? why are the other other people on the side of the fence who seem to be his crew and not helping him fix it?
Are you serious?! That was the desperate struggle of a father trying to rehabilitate his near death daughter...He is a brave man to not panic and be by the side of his daughter to the very end, doing everything he can do to make her pain...just a little more bearable. This man deserves a reward!
I spotted the yellow Number '74' on his lid... Respect...
Never said anything about a black heart, and last I checked I'm far from the only person on earth to have ex issues so yeah don't make such a big deal about it. I only mention it because you for some idiotic reason come up with the baseless assumption that I am self absorbed. Sure people can label me, doesn't mean I have to listen to their labels when I'm secure with my own. I'm starting to wonder if you're trying to push some insecurities you have onto me.
Well if you want to refer to the ancient goths rather than the goth subculture, I'm of German descent aka, the goths were my ancestors.
He made a valid point, all you've done is throw your morals around and try to assume a position of superiority when you haven't said anything to prove him wrong since the start.
they guy took him to the nearest bridge to jump off
next video HEROIC ATTEMPTS BY MOTOYAMA TO GET FANS' FAVOURITE #2 plays the vid and start watching MOTOYAMA fixing his clock ._.
crisis in syria inpired by same shit as crisis in egypt and lybia - and it might lead to same results - complete chaos and weak puppet goverment, i'm proud of syrian goverment that fights to keeptheir country from that fate, these fairy tales about "feedom seekers" are only for complete morons like you, it seems
But it's not completely ruined now, is it? This isn't the Mona Lisa we're talking about here. The car can be easily duplicated, as long as you've got cash (and they do). To say it was completely ruined, not only the car had to have blown up, but all the technology and blueprints behind it had to have wiped out. This is not the tragedy you're making it out to be. He couldn't complete the race. Big deal. Better luck next year.
You're truly a fucktard for this one by the way. Knowing you could die and signing up anyways to do a dangerous job to protect your country and the ones you love is much more than "just dying" even if when you get to the war zone you are killed before firing a shot. You look more and more ignorant every time you comment on here. Your view on life absolutely baffles me. You argue the driver is heroic then say a dead soldier didnt do anything but
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