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Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody )

by Emmanuel N Phillip Hudson • 14,317,595 views

DJ Southanbred, Emmanuel Hudson, & Andre Columbus have teamed up to bring you the lowdown on cheating for tests! Just in time for exams!!! Ratchet Girl Anthem - The Single Now Avaliable on iTunes -...

"I got elves, elves, elves, elves, elves....." Anyone hear that?
I'm just surprised that the test only lasted 4 minutes
stfu kid, no one likes you
I used to be the smartest of the class so everyone wanted to speak on me so at one test i just filled in all the wrong answers and i and 2 others got an F. the teacher was like ooh i see what you did there. he knew i did it on purpose so i re do the test after school and i got an A 
+Triston Stickells I spend my time on whatever i want i'm not the one complaining just move on take a hike.
+Spikey Husky hikes are for pussys. but ill leave       hehe
I was always the bitch ass one giving answers and helping my sucker classmates pass.
why is the whole class black?
+Nasim Ali Dude these people don't realize that everything isn't racist. You're an African living in British? Well I'm not sure if you're black, but you're mist likely blacker than any of these black people commenting. Were you born in Britain or moved there?
+jalen mcbride  u lucky usit by kittyana 
At the end he was like if I fail u the reason I'm tellin on everybody in here who was cheatin
Ikr I was like that'd be me if i cheated
Okay: 1 is D 2 is C 3 is A 4 is B 5 is C 6 is D  7 is E 8 is D 9 is A 10 is E 11 is A 12 is B 13 is D 14 is C 15 is B
Lois Williams Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody ):
He is talented and funny. He was always good on wild n out
Oh yeah... Very creative
Looks like Morehouse College
I'm always the one who cheats lmao. And I feel so screwed everytime I make accidentally eyecontact with my teacher, like she knows I'm gonna cheat haha
+Chris Yesterday I said you don't know anything about me, not anything period. It wasn't offensive what you said, just how you said it and I don't like being called dumb fuck or something else. Thanks for the advice btw, but you could've told me this way more nicer than you did.  
+Jamie Newton Toward the end you said anything. With no specifics I am only left to assume that you meant literally anything. The mere fact that I even bothered to tell you how detrimental it could be to your life was fairly nice. Yes, my approach was aggressive, but it was with care.
Contrary to Popular Belief Black Youth can Take Tests and Pass with Flying Colors.
Pan パン Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Doing a test Man....wish I had the answers.... Looks over an see's someone else's paper. Remembers the Cheat Song. (Insert Troll face here XD) Scoots chair over Yo bro. Boy looks over Let me see your test.....
Let me see your test I got f f f f f f f f f f
Am name is jamia Simmons like to sing
I want to cheat on my chance to look at that what I do and that's what I do cuz if you don't cheat on your test do you make a deal I got two days in a row so I got to cheat on my test if I want to so then the people that smart lock chests I just do whatever I want to do this s*** people by haha
This is so totally me and my friends tap your pencil for the question your on and your friend taps one for A 2 for B 3 for C and 4 for D lol I cheat a lot if u can't tell
holy shit that is brilliant!!!!!!
Congrats to these two on their engagement!!!
Lls I always start laughing extra hard when Emanuel say u better hope your answers right cause if I fell and you the reason I'm telling on everybody in here that was cheating Lls that's messed up he taking everybody down😄😄😄
#CollegeKidLifestyle  Lol NOT ! All Test Are Taken On The Computer And They See Your Screen. Won't Work In Florida !
This funny video I died out laughing I'm dead
They not all black there is one white ,and stop being racist
That was too cute! Love it! 
Hahahahahahahahaha I can't stop commenting on this song its attachments with me is so fun I love this song💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💏💑💑💑👪
Referendv govt bye even get by vhf f svng. Bffeg. Gregg. Fhxghrf
dis my sh!t and my new 🎧🎵 jam bruh
"better hope your answers right cuz if i fail and you the reason im tellin on er body in here that was cheating" i will never tire of this.
2.44 isn't that the nigga from the ratchet anthem
Lol it's his video.
why did he put his mouth like that
You can't cheat on a test that will get you a F.they cheated on their test😫😫😫😫😏😏😏. This is Talaysia!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝👰👰
Jashiya Soule Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody )
Did they past the test 😒😒😂😂 lol
Why is it just guys cheating off of girls?
Love this video Emmanuel get my Kik shawanna.johns
I hate that song it made me fail in class re-make that song !>:-(
I was laughing all through this! It was cool, too.
The girl at 2:58 like like the girl form " that's so raven "
This is a funny song I love it💅💅💅💅
Lol he funny and talented like this video 😂😅
The hole class is black
Man I live for these fools videos
He was saying fs duh
They are stupid for didin that video
I wonder if they ever switched and what grade he got
Emmanuel you got some big lips
I just realized that's the dude from wild n out
0:54 is that Alexis from Kim of Queens 
+Braxton Bates  I didn't capitalize the "y" in "your" either, so what's your point? I'm just really confused by what the commenter meant? Is that comment not confusing to you?
This is exactly how i be in class.
Chantia Parker Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
I like this song but i dont like poeple sheten.
Ocean Fallow Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody ):
Why are all the students black????
They're probably at a school located in an overall black dominated city/ area(not a hood or anything, just where many people are black).
Wow Very Creative hahaha
This shit made me weak AF
Its a black school the fuck
Why should there be white people in it
marquese drish Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
who be cheatin on there test
He got on a hello kitty shirt
Feb. 7, 2015,      To:    Emmanuel    N. Phillip  Hudson,        Stop   doing   these   EVIL    crap    Lousy    Idiotic   songs   on   my   Computer.......Go    back   to   Africa   all   of   you    Crap   idiots.....!!!!
This song goooooooooo
So funny because I'm the smartest one in my class and every one wants my answers to and I be like just leave me alone KMSL
I always chett on text
We can tell. "Cheat"
Lmao. Hey guys who has a kik or FB? COMMENT BACK!! I'll kik and add you
I gotta kik zahdatbull
joshua stanley Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Stephan Curry Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
old but still funny
Is it me or they just putting random letters in the paper with no test.
+luis flores they putting random letters on the paper
Kmsl! if i fail it your the reason. lol
Anyone else notice he got a hello kitty sweater on??!?!
Omg lol I totally noticed him wearing a hello kitty sweater XD 😂😂😂
imma tell on errybody in here that was cheating
I love this song who ever made thus up is funny and creative
I be doing the same shit I'm telling I got caught once I was mad
1240 a😅😆😇😉😐🏪
I hate this song make me think of hole bunch of dumb gay cracker I hope guy who made this go to hellvhope you burn to hell I swear to god I wish
English, motherfucker, do you speak it?
What song is that beat from
Notice it says "WHISPER SONG PARODY" fuckn genius!
+Capri Meeks i asked a simple question you dont have to get all rude you have questions when your confused too so stfu
im still ødañia Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I'm going to start cheating by singing this song
Odyssey Allen Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
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