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Metronomy "She Wants" (YouTube Presents)

by Metronomy • 73,703 views

Metronomy perform "She Wants" live for YouTube Presents in California. Click here and subscribe to Metronomy's channel Check out Metronomy's albums: The English Riviera...

Reminds me of the musicvideo on youtube called "Electric Six - "Danger! High Voltage" (Hi Res)". 
A band isn't complete without a Black Bassist 
Jessica Ramos Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Metronomy "She Wants" (YouTube Presents):
Screw the haters.  This song and this band are fucking awesome!!!
Joseph the voice... the best!
Whats up with the light-orbs they wearing? and why do they light up at times?
this band makes music new again in 2014
Great bass player, makes it sound like a slap bass the way he hits those strings with a pick. Except sounds better than slap :)
My favourite song by them, I could listen to this for days
it would be good if he actually sung.
The hours Come The Hours Gonee... Fuckyou Everybody, METRONOMY ITS ALMOST AWESOME COME TO MEXICO...!
started playing bass again because of metronomy.
You said: "if you don't like it, don't comment". So obviously, those who like this and think it's good can comment. Which is bullshit.
Saw them live at their album launch at rough trade and at big chilli need to get myself a ticket for their next gig.
This song SCREAMS 1980's-era New Wave. What's with the plastic bubbles on their chests? Are they making a pathetic, half-hearted attempt at doing the Devo look? Are those freaky looking position markers or something?
For one, listen to the lyrics, you can't judge the song if you don't even understand what it is about and secondly the instrumentals don't need to be complicated to be good. Also who ever it was who made the comment about Gbenga being different, you are clearly racist.
sort sol - let your fingers do the walking (danish band) or Mumford and sons........
Sometimes it's not what you can do, its whom you blow.
Lol and who do you think you are to have the right to say they're awesome? If someone doesn't like something, he has every right to make a comment just like the person who likes it. Get it?
i dont know what he's talkin about and i really dont care but i do love there music they remind me of prince and the revolution.
Sorry, tinkole, but they suck. There's no way to sugar coat it. I'm half convinced that they're really just comedians doing a parody of a bad band.
I really liked them, but now they are blowing it. Their musical skills combines much better with songs like heartbraker, lady radio and a thing for me. They could have evolved a bit more in the funny-ironic style before start the Pop way.
its pretty good but the lead seems nervous a bit...but the music is good
This is to All the haters: if you don't like Metronomy, then don't watch their videos or listen to their songs.
I have never seen nothing like this before... who the f... listen to this stuff .. i´m in deep shock.. do they also make money on it ?
This crowd is so tame, maybe its because they haven't heard the album in the US, but still if there was even a little bit of atmosphere the atmosphere would've improved tenfold. At the moment it looks like the band are a bit embarassed to be playing to people who don't care. Cut the hate, get to their gigs
he isn't matching because he's black? oh, right, god created black people to be slaves, not musicians!
@tinkole33 Uhhh, the 1st amendment???
Generic is an interesting observation, who else do you think they sound like?
I like so much how the bassist enjoy this instrument¡¡¡
Spotlight YouTube Presents: Metronomy Earlier this month, Metronomy brought their seductive brand of electropop to YouTube L.A. for a live performance. Check out the show in full, plus an exclusive interview with the band. Presented by: Presents
It's personal opinions, I hate many bands that people think are awesome, but I also like many stuff that people think suck. I bet it's the same with you, doubt you like every single band ever.
proud to have my roots in many good bands come out from there :)
Bass guitar is cool, but rest is meh.
it's deep chorus - wavers the frequency around the 'played' note
one of my favourite bands, and i'm not hipster. Love you Metronomy. Come to Leicester, UK? ;)
Why are there so much dislikes ? Thoses guys are so great !
what's with all the hate comments? be nice, people of the internet, please! if you don't like it, don't comment. who do you think you are you to have the right to say they're horrible and have no talent?
Live doesn't sound that good, it's too soft
So what if Joseph seems a bit nervous, better than him being an arrogant twat
who mic'd this atrocity? poor metronomy
As much as I like "the look" this song is just plain awful. Almost as bad as the outfits.The limited musical skills are okay for a 6th grade high school start-up band but the choruses, chord progressions, the lyrics, the drumming, in short everything, is really bad...sorry
Unfortunately you're very right about that. I don't usually care though, but this time it really pissed me off for some reason. People can be so mean sometimes.
please... hit me... i´ts a bad dream right? this band is like my english... too bad...
i tend to have people flag my comments for no apparent reason. even if i'm just asking a question - boom ! comment flagged as spam.
@xlhotlx That was one of the dumbest things I've heard in a long time. Exile yourself from humanity and join Tibetan monks so u can reflect on ur place in this world and the level of shit stain someone has to be to make a comment like that and take themselves seriously. I'm not joking man. Ur an exquisite piece of shit.
I hate these kind of bands so much...all that musical talent gone to waste.
These lights are on their chests since Metronomy started in 2006. Look the "Trick or Treatz" music video from their first work. The "plastic bubbles" were there.
Unfortunately it's something you will have to get use to.Some people will simply go out of their way to let others know just how much they dislike something. The thing these people either don't think about or simply don't care about is the fact that other people may like it. Sooner you can let stuff like this go the better off you will be. Especially if your lurking the internet.
Какие уебки понаставили дислайков? А ну уебывайте отсюда!
This Is My Pensive Driving And Workout Music. I Love This Band.
I love this group and this song is awesome!
Obviously people don't know Metronomy have their own style. I think this song is one of the most unique off the new album. Good bass, interesting mix through chorus and verse. Joseph is not nervous it's just the way he sings it - their own style. FUCK DA H8RS
does anyone know what this song is about?
I love love love love the bass in all of their songs.
skills on that fucking bass, for sure.
I like that too! Let's talk about youtube greatness instead of mean people!
why can't you just say 'I don't like them'? okay, that's cool, you don't like them. I don't have a problem with that. But when someone says they don't have talent, it really pisses me off. How would you feel if someone said your favorite band is horrible and shitty? They're not my favorite band but I like them so it makes me sad when people are judging them on the basis of one song only.
Definitely one of my favorite songs by them.
I'm punk and i love Metronony, don't need to be hypster to like intelligent music ... like Notwist, Radiohead, Archive ect ...
They sell the dream !!! You can criticize, but I swear Metronomy cannot make bad sounds. Metronomy, thank you!
Bass sounds out of tune to me... or maybe it's just in a weird place in the mix, I don't know.
awesome video, love the bass player, so much style
go listen to justin bieber and then ask yourself what's wrong with the world
I really like them, and I've seen them playing live, a great live act...however, the sound of these videos does not make justice to the real Metronomy. Ah, I love Miss Prior, she rocks.
i love how youtube does that "(show comment)" thing now, so if you're bored enough you can go around and read conversations in a linear kind of way that actually makes sense. it's right good. also, yeah. carry on.
since I saw this video I am starting to call the shots !!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your input and info regarding the lights on the band members' chests. However, since this one song is so incredibly, excruciatingly painful to hear, I'll pass on subjecting myself to any more of Metronomy's garbage... I mean "music". A gold plated, shiny turd with lights hanging from it... is still a turd.
Deep chorus and bass don't go together very well. Sounds very wavy and muted, unlike the studio recording.
This is horrible. This is just so horrible... You guys are not talented and she is one of the worst drummers I have ever heard in a while
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