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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Walkthrough w/Nova & Sp00n Co-Op Ep.19 - VICTORY FINALLY

by UberHaxorNova • 198,016 views

Please be sure to leave some support guys :) This is how it all started.... Sp00n: Fan...

That Dildo launcher looks fun.
Why didn't they take the chainsaw :/
Who would win in a fight between randy and piggsy from manhunt...? they are basically the same character, except randy talks...
I think Pigsy.  Randy is still a human, and still thinks alot about things. ( Not broadly, I assume, but still, human and he thinks. ) Pigsy is completely cut off from society, no emotions, just pure anger and bloodshed. He no longer is a human, he is a brute.
And that's the story of how the zombie got diabetes XD
i used to be an journalist like you but then i took a dildo to the knee
A dildo cannon are you serious
ginger powder use ur ketchup of death on him
one sorry dam i'm failing today D:
17:41 The subtitle said chuck when frank was talking to stacey.
Did anyone realize that the music from the elevator video was playing at 15:35?
5:49 the only horror coming from that picture was the guys but crack
"this isnt realistic he wouldnt have this much breath" abd the fact that he can survive multiple slices from a katan is :L
i had soo much fun with the dildo laucher XD
i wonder is any has played this game just to, at this moment, give danni a dildo
at around 1:40 did randy say cock blocker ? lol
he used to be a journalist like you but then he took a dildo to the face.
OHHHH I GET THE PUN NOW!!!! HIS NAME IS RANDY LIKE HORNY!! xD Capcom you sneaky bastards.
nova should be named SUper dildoman XD
i used to be a troll like you until go the fuck off the internet
how does the dildos keep hitting sp00n i think those dildos are heat seaking
original text is IN the ass not TO the ass or knee
It's concerning that nova is chasing after danni with a dildo in his hand
Nova The Luchachef Main wepon: Dildocannon
who the hell expects dead rising to be realistic? C'mon
Channel Classic Dildo launcher
omg im raging so bad they can't even kill him and the pain killer
tip for this just keep taking pictures and dont kill him
come on dude that was funny! can't you take a joke?!?!
if you skip the last one and dont know whats coming this is ust crazy random
*video starts buffering.... presses up arrow key.... starts playing snake..
I wasnt going to say this cuz I'm not gay but sometimes dildos are amazing
its weird that the dildos r wet wen they come out of the launcher... 0_o
i guess you could say "puts on glasses" this games of the wall with dillys yeaaa
*Sp00n hits Randy with Lead Pipe* Nova: What did that do?! Sp00n: I hit him! Give me credit! Randy: You ruin everything!
Those zombies would have killed Sp00n and Nova, but they all took a dildo to the chest.
According to the wiki it says the Super Massager(AKA the dildo launcher) may have been inspired by you two UberHaxorNava and Sp00nerism.
that fat bastard deserved to die a virgin
Oprah shit "You get a dildo! YOU get a dildo! EVER BODY GETS A DILDO!!!!!!!!"
Who else wanted sp00n or James to get the mask
Like that is the first time Sp00n has taken a rubber dong to the head.
Well, that is just weird xD You act now like a 6 year old fat raging nerd. I am 14 years old, bitch.
imagine the fun spongebob would have with the dildo launcher
please, don't try and restart the "i used to _____ but then i took a _____ to the ____" stuff again
I used to kick dead risings ass... but then I took a chainsaw to the ovaries...
Did I say that I think Finland is the greatest country in the world? NO. I said that it was chosen as it of many other countries. As I said, it is my opinion, I think that ROBLOX is great, it's free, if you don't buy membership. Me neither.
"I'm gonna try to make it do tricks" XD nova ur the only one who would try to teach dildos tricks :P
if they had that much trouble with randy there never going to pass sgt boykin
xD all the parts with the dildo launcher made me cry and fall onto the ground especially the part when you hit sp00n in the head
if i see one more stupid verizon commercial i will boycott them forever
So....What's keeping the Psychos from coming back as zombies...especially the bitten ones such as Randy and that CURE protester guy
oh a rly hard boss has low hp lets pick up a flower and die XD
U should have finished him off with the dildo
only idiots play roblox like my brother who uploads that crap on ym channle
anyone else here randy call them cockblocks
Usually nova is the go getter of shit but now he is the badass. :D
I'm gonna go get the food real fast. *picks up potted plant*
Then don't reply anymore dickshit. Besides, Finland was chosen as the best country in the world, and ROBLOX is a great game - in my opinion -. If you don't want to argue, don't reply anymore. End.
i used to play dead rising 2 but i took a dildo to the ass
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