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Skyrim - My Character & PC Mods

by Chris Smoove • 435,501 views

Showing off my character in my 1st video. I've mostly been doing the side quests as I leveled up my enchanting, alchemy, and smithing. I'm a one handed heavy armored warrior with a few mage skills....

U trippin chris u gotta realease those skyrim videos thumb this up or sumn so he can see that we wabna watch more
yes we are gettin somewhere
Dang, I'd been waiting years for another Skyrim video. That's some cheese.
Cpme onnn cuhhh, you gotta let those skyrim videos fly! That surprise splash made me laugh!! Loool
Smoove more skyrim pls
Seeing you play skyrim really makes your "lets play" funnier and much more entertaining HaHaaaa!
The character actually look like smoove LOL
I have 180 hours on skyrim and did basically everything playing nonstop like a year ago and I wanna play through it again but when I was playing it nonstop I was so immersed it was so amazingly fun and I don't know if I can have that much fun ever again /:
get your sneak to a 100 man and get your heavy armor to 100 to
If only he would've done a series of this, would've been epic
Bring this back smoove.
why smoove never listens to us -_____-
Smoove upload skyrim videos!!!
Dude U Should Make More Of These
Come on cuh. Let these videos fly.
Dang, I'd been waiting years for another Skyrim video. That's some cheese.
Well done, it's extremely rare a youtuber makes me laugh!
Lmfao that fade tho! No line up lol
@Chris Smoove This video of you playing Skyrim was absolutely hilarious! Wish you would have made this into a whole series. Your commentary is awesome and hilarious! 
+Chris Smoove you should make more of these vids
I was a Dark Elf with my Enchanting, Smithing, Archery, and Sneaking at lvl 100. I married that chick in the Werewolf clan who gives you quests. Too bad i was lvl 58 and my PS3 crapped out... 
Chris Smoove playing skyrim Is this a fake a video?
Wut?? Smoove plays skyrim?? Why not let more skyrim fly!
You should make some more videos of Skyrim! 
What Mod Is He Using For The Hotkeys!! Anyone know?? Please Respond thx
The cloth his wife is wearing is the Nocturnal Dress Mod.
Shane Battier Hairline -  LUL
Does anybody know it ?
more skyrim plz. thank you vary much kind sure
From where do you get the armor ??
And Elder Scrolls online Play dat 
Make MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at 8:55 100 in Alchemy awesome ...make some Pot...(s)  pots lol
Where did you get the clothes for you're wife
You should make more videos of skyrim
...what are they gonna do with that
that's lebrons hairline ..
can you do a lets play
+Chris Smoove You should play elder scrolls online smoove!
Anyonw know what mod this is for the wife
Please more of these vids, i really enjoyed this one!
Why are you talking like a nigger hood rat?
Normal for dumb trash like you maybe. I hear the declination of society in every shit-slang syllable. Disgusting. 
+sheltomlee I suppose that you believe that you sound intelligent? 
I'm a one-handed light armor warrior with a few Mage skills I personally think light armor is better deathbrand armor it 690. Armor rating with good enchantments
please !! make a let play of this (even though its old just uses some mods)
Moreeeeeeeeee pleaseeeee smoooooooveee
1st few seconds I was laughing!
Why would you not do more.
Chris smoove playing skyrim?! Is this a fake videoa.
Smoove move on skyrim, smoover move would be fallout series :o
lol I thought you sound like John Cena on auto tunes
Smoove if you have the footage why not let it fly?
Close combat is the same.... maybe you should stop playing on baby mode and up your difficulty you bad boy!
Gilfre, specialize in archery, light armor, smithing, and enchanting
You need to get back to this game Smoove!
I'm not saying it isn't hard at times, but pretty much the only way to beat a stronger enemy in close combat is to get stronger and muscle my way through.
i wish he made a series for this but you gotta relize he would have to do like 100 episodes
smoove.. .. damn it why no more skyrim
You should not have married Sylvia
When you get the time and when there's no other games you should get back to this
Chris smoove playing skyrim... Is this a fake video??
yeah cause a level 81 high elf really has enough game to get a lady older than him
"Your toes are very valuble" lmao!!!!
PLease make some more Skyrim videos
I married Aela the Huntress and I'm a Bosmer archer/Thief.. Best char class out there
Only 1 Skyrim vid? This is the game you should be doing more of during those slow gaming months when there's nothing but wack shit coming out.
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