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The neck stabs from E3 2012

by The Verge • 4,161 views

We saw a disturbing trend at E3 this year — while there was a noticeable lack of new hardware, there was an overt presence of people getting stabbed in the neck. Full episodes and other segments of...

Now we know the real reason Bioshock Infinite was delayed.
War is like art and sport and sometimes science. And it's better virtual than real...
Christ the industry needs to grow the hell up.
Those clips are vulgar! To illustrate: I once had this odd person in my drama class at school. When we where acting he would constantly get prop knifes and intimidate other students with them shouting quotes from COD. He also used to get baseball bats and hit students with them. After many warnings he finally got expelled for crossing the line! He got that stupid prop knife and cut a girls throat in my class with it again copying a move from some mindless violent game. Now you could say "That's
When i read Neckstab i thought there would be a tf2 spy in there. Oh well.
Murder simulators. Our society is really messed up.
That was a perfect choice of music.
Is there one of these for the bows and arrows of E3?
why society wants this type of games, you wonder... something is fucked up
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