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Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1

by Jimmy Kimmel Live • 14,348,353 views

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I feel sorry for the kid when Jimmy said you pee in swimming pools, you can tell he was embarrassed. 
+mcmada109 Yeah his little face was making me sad, but at least they tried to make him feel better and told them that they do it too. It was still a little messed up! 
Lol "Sometimes I stand to the side and pee in the pool" :P
Poor little kid.  I hope they told him it was a joke.  After the 8+8 thing, I think he got confused.  And is it me or did the Truth Fairy's laugh at the end weirdly delayed lol.  Makes me laugh a bit due to him laughing so randomly.
sure they did , I believe they took permission to televise it too  ! 
I might be shooting in the dark on this one, but that test seems rigged...
+DinkleBerg ! That sounds like a completely separate topic if you ask me...hahaha jk
did you even watch the beginning of the video??
am i the only who thinks jimmy is so cute?
No, No you are not :)
Sarah Silvermen likes the Jimmy's Jimmy so...
Im not hatin or making fun of the kid but at around 2:10 i think he was bout to cry of the swimming pool question so jimmy tried to do something quick
Yeah, i know. Poor kid. 😔
He's so cute! When he grows up he's gonna be a chick magnet wow!
so no one has ever noticed that jimmy kimmel looks like channing tatum? 
Anyone ever notice Jimmy Kimmel looks like Jimmy Kimmel. Amazing.
😂😂😂😂😂 ive never laughed harder omg
Am I the only one who thinking that this kid looks like andrew garfield? 😁
What did the kid say lol?
No he said "fuck and stuff"
I think he said "go fuck yourself"
blake is gonna be a fuccboi someday
When they asked that kid about peeing in the swimming pool, I think it finally dawned on him that being in a room w/ 2 men - one in a pink tu-tu - was just tu-tu weird and he needed to lie his way outta there. LOL!
Ah this damn american censorship... Isn't there the freedom of speech and thoughts in the US!? I mean you guys can buy weapons with 16 in some states and you can play videogames which are illegal in most countries because of violence... But words like "Fuck" are too bad!? Same with nudity. 
Your A dick, But at least it was funny.
This kid was confused and unsure after the 8+8 question. Before that he was on board, then the pee question. .. hes gonna get so much shit for that @ school :( its annoying they rigged it like that.
I love this video! Obviously the parents gave permission for this to be used in the show so there was no harm done.. And of course they told him it was a joke and I'm sure they told him he wasn't in trouble or anything.. I think this is very cute and very funny!
Kids are so awesome! I do feel bad for the "pee" question but he was such a sport. I think this is my favorite detective scene from Jim so far.
I think this is going a little to far with kids. It kinda just embarrassed the kid just so this show can make jimmy and adults laugh. Pretty sad to be honest.
Fuck and stuff 😂😂👏
This is soo mean, but it makes me laugh so hard, poor kid.
If I were on that show I would argue with him
Lol that would e funny if they ask them if they watch porn
Leave those kids alone, Jimmy!
I was 4 in the first grade. Lol he's 7 ?
You might have been 4 in another country but in the U.S., not one state accepts you when your 3, the only way possible would be if you were 4 in kindergarten and in that same year, you proved to be smart enough to skip the remaining year of kindergarten.
I was 5 when I started the first grade.
The funniest thing about this, is that the cretins who watch this think it's funny.  What a primitive jerk this guy and his minion is...eewww. And the parents who let their kids on this show are horrid.
Blake is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
lmao so funny to be mean to kids
This must be traumatizing for the kid, to feel like he has no privacy even in his personal thoughts.
Shut the fuck up with that bullshit you blab about
brenda fragoso Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
What's his favourite bad word ?
What was the bad word the kid said :o i heard fuck, that all i heard
lol..he said "fuck and stuff"
I think he said "pussy and stuff" because Jimmy is not going to laugh so much about the word fuck. It's like the most common swear word there is. I think he said something more vulgar and inappropriate to make him react that way. Then after he said "that's my favorite too", so it makes more sense.
6 + 6 = 14? True or false Its related to 9 + 10 vine
That little kid looks like a mini-Andrew Garfield :3
I can not stop watching these videos they are so funny
Giloo Benny Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1:
OMG. Just to see Jimmy's reaction when the kid swears. LMAO!!!!
The machine isn't even on
It's fake you dunce
Did you see the clown that his from gay people at Walmart because I did.
that was pretty funny but yeah i feel sorry for that kid i mean he was embarressed and jimmy was lying
Can we just appreciate the fact, that even though Blake was put on the spot, and felt embarrassed, he destroyed them both with one response? 
He hates puppies you monster
The kids facial jesters and replies are priceless!!
i feel like going in this show LOL
Lol guermo or whatever his name is his laugh at the end was so hilariously fake
I was laughing so hard non stop i could nearly breath this is the best one i have seen lol!!  
Lol. Can't stop laughing
I've watched it several times to see the boy's expression. Lol
Ask the truth fairy how to make a lie detector, please.
that's kidda jacked up that he hates puppies
Everyone doesn't like school
Jimmy:What's your name Kid:My name Jeff
Is Jimmy some type of perv or pedo? I think there should be an investigation.
Hahahaha! that's the child mind control machine
Isaiah Cornett Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
LOL i wana sighn my little bros and sisters up for this
that laugh at the end tho 
I'm 11 and I still pee in pools
I know that boy he went to my school
my family laugh all through the video
What ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
im not even white lol
Jimmy, Ive never peed in the pool. Once I tried to but chickend out.
I've never peed in the swimming pool.
haha thanks bro,that's so funny.
+YAMOTA SPI  i thinks he says "fucking stuff"
I'm pretty sure 8+8 is 16
Joseph Cho Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Jason Bourne Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
ALERT: people,....please.. do the world a favor and keep an eye out for people who dont manage to spell right when they write something in the comment section..
this man looks like Tom Hanks
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