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Doctors Make Epic Cancer Fail

by SourceFed • 344,461 views

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I would kick that doctors a$$
It's on my bucket list to own a giant wheel of cheese
+Dylan Knowles his debt is definitely not his own fault. there's no way that he could have reasonably assumed getting himself and his family in debt given the diagnosis. he would have died, and his life insurance would have covered the debt. now you can argue about whether or not the hospital should be held responsible financially (i would say yes), but you certainly can't blame the patient for his misfortune, he did nothing wrong.
Getting a girlfriend is on top of mine
I rewatched this House episode yesterday...
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Rent a national park and run around naked in it for a day or 2.(You all Secretly want to do this.) Break some bones to see what it feels like. Get a tattoo. Test out a prototype transporter beam. Give blood. Take blood. Give organs. Make a best selling book on how it feels to die.
you obviously don't work in the medical world. It is extremely hard to diagnose people some times, either way, and misdiagnosis does happen. My dad had a extremely aggressive kind of bladder cancer and we didn't sell our house, we had more tests done and sought the appropriate treatment/actions. People need to stop blaming their debt on other people and start making sound financial decisions for themselves.
People make mistakes... don't judge them... the guy was the one who decided to spend all of his money, and tried to use his life insurance to pay for everything he wants.
Some of these comments really disappoint me. This is why a vast majority of people end up with huge debts or go bankrupt. They plan out their life like they know how its all going to unravel, but its rare for people to think about the unexpected things. You can't perfectly plan for things if their not the present, whether its dying or getting the life insurance you planned for, you just can't say for sure. And putting all your trust into one doctors diagnostic is just ignorance.
if it's in USA, then yeah. he can and will sue, and he will probably win. If i was gonna die, id spent my money.
One thing on my bucket list: meet and somethingsomething Lee Newton.
bucket list: find out if lee would kiss me for a klondike bar. that's it.
I'm actually going to say that the man is a little bit in the fault as well; we don't know the full details. If he had stayed for f/up tests the doctors could have/would have made the correct diagnosis. I'm certain those doctors genuinely thought the dude had cancer; that being said, if it was an obvious mistake then there would be a problem...
Would the FCC have an issue with Lee showing her box?
I've flown a plane :) sry Elliott :D
Yeah, I would sue that doctor. The audacity! Now I could spend more time with my family and my friends and not have to worry about dying and all.
I wouldn't mind getting on Lee's box
Yet he thought he was dying. So in the end its the doctors fault mostly.
i knew it , i knew lee was standing in a box all this time!!!
i never wrote a bucket list. seriously if dr told me i was gonnna die in certian amount of time id laugh in there face.1. no one can predict death 2. i've already out lived what was execpted
Assassinate Justin bieber, get a medal of honer from the president, become a world hero, get thanked graciously by salena Gomez, get a million dollar reward, and get a free ticket into superheaven... Yep... That would be pretty freaking baus...
wow!!!!! hope he sued those fuckers for all the money he lost!!!!!!
it's all his fault, He's one fucking selfish dude, If i was gonna die and have 80,000 on me, i'll give those money to my family, to those i love, like parents, kids, wife or charity and only spend a portion of it for myself, if he would've done that, he wouldn't be in such bad shape right now. All he think is himself so now he got to pay that debt by himself, It's a fair game.
I'd say keep living like that. I think it would be cool to know u were going to die and live like it for a while and then not die. might give me a new perspective on a lot of things.
Well he has all those memories and the satisfaction of knowing his bucket list is complete. In a way he's getting a second chance.
Bucket list: Meet Lee Newton Play world of warcraft with the new mists of pandaria expansion Die
That's completely the guy's fault. The doctor never told him to run off and spend all that money. The man made a choice to do that. A bad one.
The drs mistake is called malpractice
there is nothing wrong with what this guy did, money is no good when your dead and anyone who says otherwise is just inheritance grabbers
apparently being misdiagnosed was on that guys bucket list
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i wouldn't sue cause my wife and kids would need the money and it is his fault cause he didn't have to waist it all
My gosh Lee, you are small. Also, for my bucketlist, currently I am growing out my hair so that I can donate it.
is it just me who like seeing Lee off her box?
I think he has a right to sue. The doctor got his illness wrong and honestly I think anyone in that situation who could take out a big-ass loan would do it if they found out they had months to live. I know I would.
shit that story came from new zealand it was in the papers here (i'm in new zealand)
just give him his money bak... our govt spends trillions a year. 80,000 is nothing to them...
#3.Kiss lee newton... Bucket list
He still has a wife. My father was in the same position. He set my mother up for life. She was able to quit work and enjoy her grand kids.
meting lee newton is on my bucket list :)
I believe there is already a natural cure for cancer, which would involve plants/fruits. A Juice-based diet in conjunction with detoxification methods can cure cancer.
bucket list: epic date with Lee...looks like i'm gonna have to live forever, because i don't have a magic carpet, 2 unicorns, other assorted things that would make and epic and romantic evening (it's really hard to find the perfect Yuki)...and i'm just not good enough.
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........I wish is was an android
Who spends $30,000 on a ten day vacation? Cripes, that's impressive.
That doctor is an idiot! What a mistake to make? He could of had this guy going through unnecessary procedures to "treat his cancer" that would of instead been hurting him.
he should have checked at least with three different doctors.
Quick Bucket list...... Starting a business, menage a trois, walk on the moon, adventure through the jungle, build a my home in a cave, and see all my kids grown and happy.
It's not reasonable to expect doctors to be infallible, medicine is way too complex and we're still discovering how the body works. The doc may have done everything right, so let's not assume he was an idiot. But even if he was doctoring drunk or something, what happened to personal responsibility? Spending all his money was Frank's decision, not the doctor's. Maybe get a second opinion before you blow your life savings?
Gee, maybe because I WASNT SURE I HAD CANCER! Or maybe because I could BENEFIT OTHERS WITH IT. Maybe LEAVE SOME FOR MY BURIAL/CREMATION. Yeah, I can use caps lock too, buddy. diving 2.bunji jumping 3.becoming batman 4.being on sourcefed 5.exploding my French teachers head 6.not get told I have cancer 7.meeting bear grills 8.getting Altair's suit 9.becoming a professional skateboarder 10.getting the world record of the stupidest bucket list in the world
*reads all and sees 10* HEY! Where'd my screen go!?!
Yeah, you've got two-four months left to live. And you would've sat at home doing nothing ? It's pretty normal to do more than one diagnostic for things like this. I would just sue for that reason...
What's on my bucket list? Oh I was just thinking about getting into the science of immortality.
well i would have completed so maybe shoot myself
* 1st - This man, just like everyone else on the planet, should have gotten A SECOND OPINION/test!!! Sorry, but... if I am told I have only a very short time to live, I would MAKE SURE the diagnosis was, indeed correct. * 2nd - No one FORCED this man to sell everything he owned, in hopes of his spouse collecting life insurance. * 3rd - People, tests and even doctors (some look to their Dr.'s as GOD's) MAKE MISTAKES. Just like the one this man made, spending EVERYTHING! Again... HIS CHOICE
Am I the only one reminded of Scrubs? Yes? Okay...
Lee Newton you have most beautiful eyes, I feel like I will pass out of their beauty. (checked)
Irresponsible Frank, why wait for the end to live your life!!! Look at this way at least you don't have cancer. So what your broke you made some very dumb decisions to get you into that situation. At least your alive. Some people are not that fortunate. Doctors make mistakes some times, some times they cost lives. I'd chalk this one up in the win column. Frank enjoy life man, any day your alive is a great day!!!
Kick Chuck Norris's but. Go kick him in the butt then I die :)
I agree with you except I'd change Japan to western Europe. Number 3 is an important one for me though.
i may not be an android...but i could pretend to be
Bucket List: 1) Write a Best Selling Novel 2) Take a vacation in Japan 3) Meet Emma Watson :)
Its a mistake. There is just nothing else to define it
Bucket list? I don't need no stinkin' bucket list! It's clone harvested & lab grown organs and cyborg enhancements & replacements for me! Immortality baby! And not that fake religious immortality crap. REAL immortality, via science, not unsubstantiated myths. Death is nothing but an unfortunately necessary disease that evolution made a requirement for species to be able to adapt to an ever changing environment. That doesn't apply anymore to a properly technologically advanced society. Period.
OMG steve urkel from family matters....miss that show.
I would SAVE as much money as possible for my loved ones!! Not SPEND
I'd sue for 1 million. Just for the hell of it.
Sooooo its the doctors fault he blew away all his money? No fools. HE SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY HE"S ALIVE
I would sue.. He spent all his money and know he is shit broke and healthy.. what a waste of a bucket list.. and what kind of doctor gets that wrong the doctor should get sued just to teach him a lesson, Don't fuck up that badly you IDIOT>.<
He was going to leave his wife with a massive debt ASSUMING the debt what be cancelled? What a selfish fucking prick. He deserves what he got. He should be glad to be alive and enjoy the time he spent wasting his money because it ain't over yet.
Kinda doubt that dude - Even Chemo couldn't kill that bastard called cancer.
One of the reasons going to the doctor is so expensive is bc of shit like this. They have to charge too much to cover huge malpractice insurance and legal fees. Take yourself out of the weird normal American practice, and simplify. You are sick, a man who knows more about it than you tries to help you and made a mistake. Thank him. If he deliberately lied to you and got you to spend your savings somewhere that benefited him, that would be "sue-worthy". This is just a mistake.
My bucket list: Own a pet Godzilla Fuck Rainbow Dash Snipe the leader of the Iraqis army leader Die
If the same thing happened to me I would rob the doctor who diagnosed me falsely.
GET A SECOND OPINION. If a mechanic tells me my car is going to die, then i go see another mechanic before i decide to junk it.
cancer fails happen. why would you put yourself in that much debt before you die anyway. yeah, its fkd up being told your going to die soon, and then not die, but you dont just go all out like that. fk retard
Bucket List: 1. Take Lee out to dinner. 2. 3.
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