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Hannibal (orca - wintersleep)

by morganlefay666 • 43,606 views

"I'll be a killer whale, when I grow up, I'll be a vulture I'll be an animal, A carnivore, I'll be a monster Clenching my jagged jaws Over the captured I'll be a killer whale when I grow up I'll be...

Greg Tracey Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I think the song was about someone who felt as though they were trying to live up to everyone's expectations and now feels as though they are the "monster" because they were trying so hard but they became self-destruction, an animal that has destroyed so much, clenching to nothing but their own sense of purpose: to try and fail.
Great song, fantastic rif and lyrics!!!
Saw these guys in Halifax, they are very good.
This video was always very moving for me and recently I decided to make a Dexter version, its called "Dexter - Wintersleep music video" if you want to check it out :)
i think its so awesome when he goes all raspy voice on us at 2:26 eh, IL BE A MONSTER! rar
Really impressive video :) I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I don't know why I like this song so much... But the video is great with it.
i heard this song on the radio when i was 13 , took me 5 years to find out the name and artist of it
yes great job but do u guys understand wat the meaning to this song really is .? well i think it means something wasent right in his life and wants to take it out like a disaster like a killer whale even no they dont usaully att people... or that he was just singing about whales which would be kinda lame (no offense) or that hes just wants to get all his feelings out (anger) and putting itvery descriptively in this song dont ya think??? wow that was deep
Wintersleep is the shit! i've been listening to them for the past 2 years or so and i will never get sick of this song or their music!
I think the song has to do with someone who was bullied alot in there life or had something really awful happened to them and they decided that when they get older there going to be basically a big monster destroying those who hurt him or destroying people so he is never hurt again like what might of happened. something along the lines of that .
hannibal is a brilliant character i mean he is kind of like holden caufield anyone can relate to him i dont mean his cannibalism i mean his heartache and such
i looove this song, nothing fits the song better than this video. mad props to whoever made it
nevermind this is that vid watch?v=1lvc1t9AD5I&feature=related sounded similar to me until i heard it again
The best mtb movie ever!!=O my favorite is matt hunter and steve peat! =D
it really is have seen it already
well ive watched this video for a while now and figure ill comment on it finally. good vid, goes good with a great song, nice clips used, blended together nicely. i enjoyed it.
love hannibal. this is beautiful
honestly this is a touchin vid his beauty was deffinitly captured but its a good vid tooo some ppl its disturbing. well done i like this one
i remember buying this album and the one after it at the north end rec centre, good times haha
i've never seen hannibal, just stumbled upon this while searching wintersleep videos but you done a really good job on the video!
is this the band that covered "666 number of the beast" in "Spun" that tweeker movie?
thank you im glad . took awhile <3
thank you , im glad you enjoyed . its abit disturbing but beautiful too what i was going for : )
Very good song and great video.
well done, song is great and video compliments it very nicely. dark yet touching
Got hammered with theese guys in calgary,Their A little Different For A Bunch Of Boys In A Band, But Their Music Is Amazing
check out seasons its awsome!!!
@brutallyhonest123 - 666 from Spun is by Zwan, the Smashing Pumpkins guy's band :)
wicked cool song, and vid. Keep up the good work.
One of the most powerful songs of all time. And also one of my favorite <3
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