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Yogscast - Left 4 Dead 2 - Helm's Deep Part 2 - The Wall of Fire

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,510,558 views

The boys are put in charge of the defence of Helm's Deep. Can they hold out against the invaders? I think you can guess the answer :) ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook:...

the 247 people dont like fire...
I wish this map had a versus mode!
the good ol' days where Um_Bongo was still there
Bill is lying dead next to one of the ladders at the bottom of the wall
Anyone hear the Lord of the rings theme tune in the background???
I forget, who plays Um_Bongo?
+Ágúst Valdemarsson i looked around sips and sjin play her maybe others do
Martyn Littlewood or Inthelittlewood, check out the Yogscast wiki.
A new star wars is coming out..
I swear .Helms deep was a world at war battle
These guys are awsome i comment on alot there videos :P
Yeah that's what I meant, but I don't think Duncan was meant to say that
WOW are you really throwing a hissy fit because someone asked a question?
you need a ent badly but love all your vids
the other survivors were left 4 dead 1 characters, bill, zoey, Louis, and francis
6:30 picked up explosive ammo hes using a grenade launcher
Lol lol lol lol lol lol loAHHHHHHHHH
is that music in the game or edited in... ?
Acually this survival is scripted differently so that you WILL get a rescue, but you need to survive all 4 rounds; Wall, Courtyard, Inner Wall, Keep. Keep up a rock steady few minutes for each one and you win.
you have to hold out for 20 mins until bill... urm gandalf arrives with soldiers oh wait rohirrim and massacre the zombies godammit uruk-hai.
And about Sjin most likely being Um_bongo, Um_bongo hasn't been seen since around the time Sjin started doing Youtube full time if I recall correctly.
Just imagine, Simon (Gimli) and Lewis (Aragorn) Just leaped onto the causeway, then a boomer comes up and kills them. :(
This dramatic music is making me cry
No Um_Bongo is down and he wants us to take him with us
I was just screaming "THROW THE BOOMER BILE!!" the whole way through lol
ever heard of fucking crouching?
whats that song called in the background at 1:28
Only on Mondays. Tuesdays Simon takes over, and Lewis then plays Simon and Sips plays Lewis. It is complicated yes, but works for them.
There quite well in sync....but there just not good enough p.s. I did 15 mins
This is awesome, but it doesn't really capture the magnitude of the battle at Helm's Deep.
Actually in the books instead of the Rohirrim,Huorns came with Gandalf,which are like semi-ents,ents that are going tree-like,or vice versa..
lol i just said i'm a yognaut. :p
go on honeydew u rule better then every 1 but Duncan hes the best!!
WOW realy you asking that its on both but there playing it on PC can you not tell when it ses C to heal :/
the grenade lanucher is actullay a china lake
I was before watching the first part and it ended, so i clicked where it said "helms deep part (2/2) and was watching about 5/6 minutes until i noticed it wasnt a yogscast's video...
Bill is at the bottom of a ladder. BILL IS DEAD WHY
Awesome guys but try to do BETTER
Bill....The best damn Gandalf Middle Earth has ever known
I like how haldir's lament started playing when lewis was dying.. :D
03:53 um, FYI, those NPCs provide support fire (in my experience I generally see more infected going up that path than against the ladders and they all get mowed down by the NPCs), like in The Passing. They've taken out tanks for me more than once in not much time playing, and just staying by them- going no farther left than the leftmost machine gun- I've found to be a very effective strategy, even after the wall breaks. Sadly they despawn when you're allowed to retreat.
i like how all the zombies all run threw the fire
The zombies are dancing on them! :-)
I'm raging at my computer for Lewis to pick up the chainsaw
you guys are really good at left 4 dead and you know how to kill the tanks easily
The Orthanc you mean. It was founded during Isildur's rule, king of Gondor, so the Uruk-Hai are technically soldiers of Gondor. That's why these 4 are having trouble.
Congrats, you just reply to a 2 month old comment. *slow clapping*
Finley Watson jussi saying lalna is Duncan but on other games its Livvidecoffe
why would u put explosive ammo in a grnad lancher when it will bolw up already
u should have two on each side of the tower and one crouches
I was reminded of this video when playing with some friends on this map recently. What a great map.
Bullet size. There is a difference between Machine guns rounds, Assault Rifles, Smgs, and Sniper Rifles. I personally prefer 50 cal. Barrett Anti Tank sniper rifle though.
With Gandalf leading the charge blinding the pike-bearing Uruk-Hai!
Um-Bongo is never in there minecraft vids
This should've been in 1080p :/
Star Wars Battlefront the game for next gen.
*reads desc* yes, i know the answer The answer is: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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