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Uncharted 3 Ch. 1 - Another Fight?

by Chris Smoove • 280,489 views

This is Chapter 1 - Another Round Should I do a full lets play of this game? Click here to watch Chapter 2. Click here to watch Chapter 3....

I feel like they should make a ps4 version of uncharted 3
but uncharted 4 is coming out in a few months for ps4
+Chris Smoove how come you did beat this game its awesome
Don't know if I should watch these since I've never played the first or second Uncharted. 
why did he abandon this?
Can't fucking wait for UC4
Did anyone notice the condoms in the backround in the bathroom fight? It said its durable! ;)
"He kicked me in the booty, that's not fair!"
Hey Smoove you've got the best games in the world right here. Maybe you should play also Assassin Creed or GTA 5 in the future... :)))
drinking Jack Daniels like a boss
if you do have a let's play, EXPECT SPIDERS.
You should continue playing this game!!!
I already watched a walkthrough of Uncharted 3, but now I have to watch the Smoove version of it.
The guy with the hoddie tryavon marrtiin
how come i woop this big white guy's ass at 7:15 in almost every chapter, and he always comes back for more? i tried shooting him in the head by like chapter 14 because i started feeling bad for him so he wouldn't come back
chris smoove seems to remind me of the fresh prince
4:42 Oh! He kicked me in the booty lol
Smoove.... first time watcher... +on the commentary... I'm still laughing
its a long story but overall, i recommend getting this series. it is very great
@orivera1970 true, u should get a ps3, cuz it rocks :D
Should I pick up that toilet paper? xD 7:17 LOL
7:26 DURA-CONDOM... really Uncarted 3?
This reminds me of Transporter 3 Frank Martin sparring big protagonist of the dialogue. That you are smart? Not! I'm a big one XD
first time i see c-smoove playing uncharted 3
O she is kinky, what would she do with that toy. Lmao
6:25 this aint assassin's creed babyyy!
I'm watching this in 2013 babyyyyy!
9:07 Smoove why isn't she in the kitchen?
I finnished playing this 3 times i came here to hear smooves comentary
smoove there was a treasure by the front door on the side of that game box
press square to grab the drink =)
I wish this game was for 360 this is the best game exclusively for PS3!
there is also treasure behind the bar on the shelf
Smoove you made a noob move. You skipped a comment that is worth hearing.
He must of kicked 58 peoples asses right?
7:16 you should pick up tht toilet paper
any kinda seriousness and sternness is immediately vanquished when smoove speaks
Just need something to watch. Hahaa
That ''Splash'' was the most legit Splash you have ever made!
Hey guys, i really Likes assassins creed 3. would this Game be cool for me too? Or do i have to buy Part 1 and 2 ?
Haha the big guy splashed the toilett.
Nice drapes! Nice pool cues! Nice lamp! Nice poker table! Nice chips! STFU!
This guy kinda sounds like Desmond
today i traded a game and i got uncharted 3 this game is amazing
@MarkoPolo530 update to my comment: i waited 2 hours in line to buy a ps3 because of Chris Smoove. Heavy Rain is awesome!!!
That was the most perfectly timed SP-sp-sp-splaaashh. I have ever heard lmfao
You think you cool with that hoodie? Lemme throw you out the window too... HA HA HA
smoove should play assassins creed
his head had to go take a crap =0
I have this game...awesomeeee! Thanks to you, I will be doing videos on this soon. ;)
How many thing drake from uncharted 3 and lara croft from tomb raider 2013 go together they are soo alike they should be couples am i right? :-)
he should do superstar mode , that would be splash
hahahahaaha Smoove "can i pick up that toilet paper!" HAHA! That's A NEW MOOVE LOL
aww it didnt let me counter lmfao
6 ; 17 hey threw a white guy to the window and the hoody guy too!
I think u should do a whole lets play
Well since you said that I guess I have to say: I am watching this in 1914.
Are u gonna make more of this?
Looks weird watching in 2013 after seeing games like the last of us.
at 3:05 he says bill, but aren't those pounds? (or as they are referred to in the UK as notes)
Chris smoove i love all ur vids there amazing. From whating all ur videos i have got into youtube if u wanna subscribe to my channel or whatch my vids that would be very nice,there not good but im a while they will be so my channel name is sound19492
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