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Bottle Bomb - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 3,050,240 views

Gav and Dan show you a very fast way to get all of the water out of your bottle. Follow Gav on Twitter -!/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter -!/DanielGruchy...

I love the music you use for your slow mo moments
You should do this again, but in gasoline not water. @slowmoguys
Brilliant and wicked idea. (haha, it sounds like it I know, but I'm not british.) I just love those words
I don't think you tagged gav and dan correctly but +The Slow Mo Guys  should highly consider this suggestion. :)
you should do this but with napalm X D
Napalm isn't an explosive though
I still think that slow pro does a better job at slow motion
These guys are like the mythbusters...
this works because black powder has fuel and oxidizer in it. That's why guns work under water.
+teddy johnson Although not a bi propellant, gunpowder (mostly nitrocellulose afaik) contains its own oxygen in the nitro groups. It works the same way as black powder just more powerful and without solid particles seen as smoke.
+ECN thank you for that, but also the propellant is inside the bullet so it wouldn't matter and it would fire underwater anyway
Do one with a flash grenade
Where'd you get the bangers !? Thought they were illegal I'm the uk ??
So one with a flash grenade
Nuclear explosion on ant-ville 
1:35 Looks like a shark jaw
On 1:43 there was a black man on the tree
its a fucking bird not a tree plus they are plants not trees.
This video makes me really thirsty... hahahaha
one of the guys look like shaggy form Scooby do
this is how the universe was formed...divine and mysteriously in slow mo
1:30 it looks like something invisible blew up un d middle
I think you need to redo it accept put the lid on the bottle
What about a football on fire!
were u get the bangers from? are they allowed in the uk?
+BlazingZombie007 Pretty sure they don't use little bangers in the army though.
DUUUDE it's like the Death Star explosion (same shape-ish?)...
can u guys plz do a dry ice rocket?
Wow no wonder u have 4,566,493
Dudes do this with a coke bottle
what did they light at the start
What is that track that plays on the end frame?
+Heaton Junior It doesn't sound like that even when slowed down.
Yes, petrol would be far more impressive. Do it Dan
test to shoot with a airrifle on a bottle that you have filled with 8 bar air
Give a banger to Dan and tell him to eat it. MuHAHAHAHA xD
Jordan Sklar Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
well, I didn't knew that waterproof firecrackers existed.
What would happen if you put one of these in your arsehole and lit it?
It would explode and you would die (or survive without a lower torso).
That sounds like a video. Do it.
Do a similar thing where you put aluminium foil balls in a bottle, pour Mr. Muscle (or other high pH substance) on it and close the bottle.
+That One Guy Named Jesus I know right. me and my friends made 3 of those and set them off at the eavning. 5 minutes later the place was swarmed by police officers. My friend who lives 3 km away from where we blew them up said he heard 3 gunshots or something. Yeah... That was the last time we did that
I blew one up in a tunnel and it was on the news XD
you guys should do the toilet cleaner bomb and let me know if you dont know how to make
Actually pretty surprising that Gavin started the intro while a plane was overhead, not a big deal, but he seems like a perfectionist about stuff like that.
I blinked, I missed it
dan the man finally has a new lab coat yay
use "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner and Aluminum foil and put it in a 2 liter bottle and close lid. WORKS WAY BETTER
shotgun to head slowmo pleas
You guys should put the sounds up for purchase! I heard some really good stuff in there that can be used for sound effects.
Try and throw a grenade in a pool
I've been meening to say this but gavin is smarter than people give him credit for
Use the lid opener orrrr just do that ....
Where do you get bangers?
I need to do this to the toilets at school lol
The bottle survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was so good              good job!
This is a wonderful guide to the very fast reactions of explosions !
1:57 it's a fire bottle now
R.I.P little bottle.
That's a smart water bottle...busted
the best guys in labcoats and shorts
1:25 The Death Star explosion?
do this with  a bottle full of petrol :D
Can you try putting the powder of sparklers in a bottle and lighting it? I have done it looks great but I think even better in slow motion.
You guys should shoot a clear bottle of hot water filled up to the rim, it explodes the whole thing
That's weird, but anyways, can you please answer me, I would flipppp out lol but where do you guys get all those bangers
1. take a coke bottle cover it in glue and role it in BB's (or nails). 2. pour some warm water into the bottle until there is about 4 inches of space left 3. put a few 1in chunks of dry ice in the bottle 4. cap it throw it RUN
So, this just proves that sticking a piece of dynamite or some similar explosive into water will not help you.
True enough. Just ask a submarine crew about what depth charges can do.
You should make a video of putting warm water and dry ice in a bottle and screwing the top on to make it explode
1:43 the water looks like a shark :D
Did you use a Black Cat to explode the bottle?
the big blast was like a............................ SUPERNOVA!?! RiGhT?
banger, gasoline, and a lot more distance.
I think it's the best channel on YouTube
i'm just say'n it...WOW!
do the ipad vs exlodeins
Extreme bottle opener
Hey um I really love your YouTube channel I think it's the best channel on YouTube :)
That second one was AWESOME!!!!! 😱😱😱🎆🎆
I'm the one who sees a shark in the water at 1:36 ?
now that you mention it....
Not stoned enough.
It's strange how light is so fast, and you can see the light at like 2500 fps :/
You're seeing the reaction that creates the explosion, which happens at slower than the speed of light.  As soon as light is created you're seeing it.  
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I actually cheered when the second explosion happened...
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