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Ja Rule Responds To Prodigy's Claims About Being Set Up

by djvlad • 233,528 views - Ja Rule says Cadillac Tah did NOT set up Irv & Himself

What a lot of haters. Ja is a good dude that made and still makes great music. 50 basically copied ja's style then copied the same shit he did like singing on the hook. He never would've lost the beef if eminem d12 busta and dmx weren't involved. 50 and ja are very similar with the difference that 50 basically used ja to blow up and ja came up on his own. Ja is an innovator and the blueprint for niggas like drake and others that are so successful now and any real hip hop lover should respect that regardless of what other people think.
Ja, don't get caught for talking shit
50 smashed Ja as if he was a fly.
ja rule was good before but prodigy and ja rule are very similar 50 with help of Eminem beat 50 career wise but in the street ja beat 50 but most of 50 cent beef were not good except with nas,the game,jadakiss because they are good artists
dumbass over here... 50 cent was out hustling at age 12, he actaully shot a guy at his high school for tryin to rob hi, he been shot cause of problems with a drug kingpin, whoo kid told 50cent smacked up niggas... ja rule was just a fake thug faggot
FUCK JA RULE, ONCE BITCH NIGGA ALWAYS A BITCH NIGGA...AND FUCK YO BOOK...a little late on watching this but oh well
Vlad's audio always seems fucked up during the interviews =/
Nobody cares about your life Ja.  Don't waste your money writing no book
Fuck Ja fool You R&B singing motherfucker, You should respect the INFAMOUS Mobb deep, I guarantee if Ja staryed shit eith Mobb deep a whole world of hip hop juggernauts will stomp his tiny arse back to when R&B was cool.
I kinda feel bad for Ja RUle, I feel like everyone kind of piled on him. But then I think back to the way he was behaving back then, attacking Eminem's daughter, threatening to kill people, screaming on the radio about how he's the new 2pac. Feel like he deserves it
Prodigy is like the male version of superhead!!!!!!!
Even ten years later I'm still laughing at how quickly ja rules career got ended by Eminem lol
+Oliver Ålund LMAO!!! Hell NO!! That's not what happened at all. Ja and his crew chased 50 on two different occasions, 50 is the one who snuffed not JA. 
Sarah Hendrix change your profile pic.your body make's me feel sick.Black Girl
Even ten years later I'm still laughing at how quickly ja rules career got ended by Eminem lol
u follow trends by WHO listens to the person. its sad af. it's even sadder that this dude is actually a legend (& i dont even like his music) & i can admit it. quit hating cuz da nigga did what he had to do to be successful
I hope ja adds all the homo shit about him self in his book rat looking fagit.
Yeah 50 Cent was never a thug. Guess when even his own enemies from the hood admit he was a killer is all just a farce. go fuck yourself
You're a fucking idiot. To be real this aint even rap history. This is street history. But you aint around that shit, Fuck you man. Fucking idiot
A lot of the comments are unnecessarily disrespectful and jus plain unnecessary. It can't be stressed enough that the internet, especially message boards, have become a playground for the cowards, immature & insecure. Anyone can hurl indiscriminate threats and insults about like they're nothing but what purpose are you serving?
Nah, it took 8 rappers in their prime to beat ja. You faggot ass white boy
nice way to AVOID the question HAhahahaha yeah of course I caught that LOL oh well...RIP Ja Rules career the second 50 came onto the scene
it was 2pac he stole from he just has the same type of voice as dmx
50 didn't do shit to jarule or murda inc all the real hip hop heads know what really happened to them. 50 ain't shit either when was the last time he made good music. I don't give a fuck what nobody says that blood in my eye album good and he destroyed 50 on there but unfortunately people slept on it and it still went gold. That r.u.l.e. dropped after that was even better and unfortunately people slept on that.
LOL, i see your typing that with a 3rd grade education lol..
I think ja rule and 40 glock get the most thumbs down in their videos
what? i dont understand why on earth ur telling me ANYTHING about G unit or Bang Em Smurf. this is a Jarule and Prodigy video. i can care less about 50 or Bang Em Smurf.
50 did not murder Ja's career. Ja got backballed from the industry. Ja couldn't even book a show any more because the promoters did not want to anger 50 cent because he was the hottest rapper, at the time. It was all business, no one wanted to lose business opportunities with 50 Cent. If what your saying is true, 50 would have easily ended Ross's career (particularly because of the CEO thing). However, since their beef in 2008, Ross is a bigger rapper than 50. The industry did not shut Ross out.
Oh also, dude's diamond without a double lp 'cause he's white jackass. You obviously know jack shit about demographics and sales. Jay, Nas, Common, all have better overall musical catalogs than Eminem; none of them are diamond. Plenty of other rappers have better overall hip hop catalogs than Eminem: KRS, Mos Def, Scarface, Ice Cube, and Tupac have better catalogs than Eminem for example and yet only Tupac has reached diamond status with an album and it was a double lp at that.
@leoisjustchillin037 lol u a fool
I see my words got under ur skin. relax kid. did u read P's book? i can tell u didnt. no he talks about all EYE WITNESS accounts of his life. isnt THAT what an autobiography is? EXACTLY!!! hahaha u hating on LEGENDS and co signing Murda Inc and Ja Rule makes u look sooo pussy! im glad 50 DEMLISHED ur heros career. shit, i actually thought Ja died at one point HAHAhahaha
Ja RULE you faded out in what 02 or so with your girly songs, stfu and go away already you wack ass funny clown. Ja Rule is some shyt.
my man, ja rule was always trash. pick any song/album. justin beiber could have ended his career. furthermore, 50 cent challenged jadakiss and got embarassed. one of the many songs is called "checkmate" by jadakiss. listen to the lyrics. and 50 cent is not a thug. he entertains. theres a big difference.
WTF did you just say? Make sense. Ja Rule still sucks and 50 ENDED him get over it.
yeah nice try 50 fan.. dont know who was in miami cause ja is in rome ny jail u dump ****!!! get yout facts right girl.
what the nigga Ness say? I saw u outside of Justins beggin for scraps/ sittin like a bitch witcha leg in ya lap... lmao
now u change the subject. go play w ur toys little kid. n im not talkin about ur 12 inch hot pink dildo 50 cent edition either faggot
No I never liked his bullshit music! I liked Clap Back and the New York song, other than that I hated his sing along bullshit. I can't stand to hear a dude singing girly songs when he can't sing worth a crap. LOL at LEGEND? Not quite a legend man, come on. He did what he did and girls loved it, his music was too corny for me to get into sorry . BTW Prodigy is a legend and Mobb Deep, Rule sucks.
its just the net not life so get over it or leave the net
this interview was made last year idiot..U are so dump do even know who Ja is? get your facts right girl.. and really why i am even talking to a girl who lives in youtube trying to get attention.. i feel sorry for myself right now.. im lolife too lmao
Hes grown up thats whats up (hes not on that bullshit no more) I Respect That
Just like PAC he held a image but at the end of the day. He said he became a fool with money. A young in with money and wasn't use to it. He regretted somethings and he was getting tired of being in the spotlight. He was starting to realize something. But all you ever hear on him was the negative side. What about the side of him that wanted to change, because change is reality!
WHAAAATTT??? his VERY 1ST album was the shit. that was the VERY first thing i checked out but ok
damn jah are you still got 50 on your mind....look at his shirt ....jah if you had good beats and took it back to vinni vichi days you could come back
when ja fool comes out of jail people are saying his is going to get robbed for his 40 dollars jeff is a coward I remember when scotter punch him in the face when jeff went to john adams high school rest in peace kevin! dirty nigga...
Theres a thing called the fucking reply button.
every body talkn smack , but ja is back !....even though em smokd him like crack....
lol... Not telling everybody elses tales!! Nice little indirect to 50 Cent! hahaha Ja Rule is funny!
anal beads replaced wit the pacifier butt pluggin sentimental sissy ass niqqas like u needa stik 2 the maxipads bruh
Make a tune and come back Alredi u pussy ill make a tune wid u get at me ja rule I'm nutty white boy from uk London an what I bring is some truth talk an some rely crazy shit make us both money what u saying u skinny ass nigga get at me !!!!
Ja Rule is gonna write an auto biography and call it Mockaveli: I wanna be 2pacinati
fuck allll yalll 50 faggots. yall some hoes, yall know damn well what really happened to murder inc, and oh yeah ja went gold with the clap back album and he dropped r.u.l.e. and had hits on that album as well and he took a hiatus because of the distribution situation at def jam bitches, yall need to learn how this shady ass rap business work , def jam fucked up murder inc
Yeah cus you would know the stories right? Come on man. You being a little bitch. Just because I know hip-hop history and rap background doesn't mean I'm a dickrider. I aint even a big fan of 50 anymore. You stupid mane
This is typing not talking. You idiot. You aint nothin
Yeah he did go harder on that first album, not a classic to me but he had some songs on there! I could not stand him much after that though to say the least (Those songs where he was singing were horrible). I was never a big fan but he had some songs.
ja rule got boo'd off stage in miami recently lol
You're entitled to your opinion regardless of how retarded it is. Jay Z top 3 lyricist? LOL! I don't have Eminem top 3 in mic skills. Call me a hater, I don't really give a fuck. He's never been better than Andre 3k, Canibus, Treach, Busta, Redman, INS, Pun, and a bunch of other motherfuckers. Not gonna respond on anymore Eminem related comments here. You stans can go rub your dicks against one another and praise, extol, whatever in regards to Eminem someplace else. We don't wanna see it here.
no stories of him shooting, just getting shot. ur on his corny ass dik dikrydin faggot go lube ur anus bitch
Ja is a monkey cunt. Grow two feet. Lose the mustache. Grow a pair.
i aint change the subject at all. You must have your boyfriends cum clogging your eyes. Stupid ass can't read his keyboard.
lol i didnt knw jarule was still in existance
50 took that nigga for a bus ride and that nigga can't get it back he was weak anyway so 50 did him a favor.
lol and rick ross the studio gangster wannabe gets thumbs dwn as well
you watched my videos?? BAHAHahahahaha damn I got under ur skin so bad and now im affecting ur actions and thoughts!! WOW!! least ur man enuff to admit ur a troll Hahahahah NEXT!!
And for the record you can say what you like about the man but YOU are talking about him so like it or love it, that makes you enough of a "fan".
Ja look like Ren from Ren & Stimpy Show
lol that nigga had no rep clown ass nigga all he did was sell drugs
true because murder inc had shady connects and the industry blackballed them
this was a couple years ago, and you are white why are you even looking at these videos? dont you have to go sew a sweater or something LOLOL why are crackers allowed to listen to rap music and have thoughts on it. Its always funny to see a white guy with a backwords hat trying to talk about hip hop
he actually had alot of white fans in the D , until he played that race card.... but hell , he still got love...
Fuck the Ja Rule haterz go suck 50's dick!! oh wait your probably hating him now aswell because he's no longer talkin about shooting people up, people need to grow up a lill bit
I always ask why people hate on certain rappers...yall niggas like some hoes takin this rap shit to the heart
HOLLA HOLLA...ITS MURDAAA!.....pysche! lol I never been a Ja Rule fan either...but that "Murderers" album was nice
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