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AVATAR - Colors of the Wind [HD] ~ Neytiri

by JaguarJedi22 • 30,424 views

AVATAR, in the spirit of Pocahontas. Neytiri shows Jake Sully the beauty of her world in "Colors of the Wind". Watch in HD! Edited by JaguarJedi Adobe Premiere 4 NOTES: We all knew we'd see about...

All I really can say is that this was beautiful and incredible, you did a fantastic job.. I normally write big comments about the little details and incredible things you did to make it so much better but all I can say is that you did a great job, I watch this a lot.
This is absolutely stunning. I'm so thrilled and proud that you did this. This song speaks to the heart of the meaning and pure beauty and significance of this movie. everything matched beautifully to what the song was saying (in fact parts that I thought would be good you used ;) ) But truly you should be proud of yourself for doing this ^-^
The song is from Pocahontas and it is based off of true events. (I mean Pocahontas is based off of true real life events).
i never thought how much like pochohantas this movie is! its awesome!! great job on the video! its amazing!
This is super fabulous! Great job! :D
Such fantastic high standard editing. I was captivated and couldn't turn it off.
whoa, great job altogether. you chose the perfect scenes for a lot of parts. also, i appreciated that you focused on syncing the body language and expression with what she was saying rather than being nitpicky about the movement of the lips themselves. yeah, there were a lot of transitions, and it was very fast-paced visually... but i think you pulled it off pretty well... and i don't usually like the super-fast paced videos. you have a lot of talent when it comes to editing :)
I just love this video. Brings tears to my eyes <3
Amazing... absolutely gorgeous, it fits so perfectly with Jake and Neytiri
this song/video gave me major chills..... I love it!
Love it!!!!!! Love song! Love editing! Love how the end of the video 3:11 was so like the real Pocahontas scene! Love HD! Love Neytiri! (Even though I haven't seen the movie Avatar! Nah, nah, na-nah! That's how good your vids are...)
WHen see says "We are connected in circle in hoops that never ends". you shoyuld put a making the bond scene and then the Dragon thing's eyes (I forgot the name of it) and then the circle of people around Jake.
nawww...¨ mankind is an error of nature witch will lead to its own destruction... :(
"for whether we are white or copper skinned!"......I'm pretty sure that color is blue, violet we can let slide, but copper? This is a great video and I always thought 'Avatar' was like a cross between reverse-alien-invasion/futuristic-pocahontas/human-greed. If you think about it, it's the opposite of current alien invasion movies cause we're invading, the whole civilized falls in love with 'savage', and typical humans are greedy and evil. Has everything! Great take on the song and movie! :)
James Cameron copied Pocahontas.
Your video made me cry rofl. This is so beautiful! Very nice job, thank you so much for sharing!
I don't understand why people say iAvatar is exactly like Pocahontas when it is very similar to the film Dances with Wolves.
haha i guess it was inevitable that someone would make a video with Avatar and Colors of the Wind ^^; if viewers didn't get the Native American vs. White Man reference that's just sad. the video is amazing, enjoyed it very much :)
Amazing editing! I actually just did a video like this too and after uploading decided to check out the other vids, I like yours the most! We even used some of the same clips - great minds think alike! What editing software did you use?
It was so great that I got goosebumps. XD Nice job!
OMG wow! Ya know....I was considering attempting this idea myself, but honestly, I don't see how I could do any better than what you've done right here. Hell, I don't see how ANYONE could do better lol. When one first thinks about the idea of there being an Avatar vid to this song, I think the tendency is to go, "wouldn't that be cheesy as hell?" LOL and I guess it is kinda cheesy, but what you've done is something very moving and brilliantly made. Kudos to you! Putting in my faves :)
Absolutely beautiful! Well edited and I love your use and variation of clips. Well done!
I wonder if this song will be in the re-release of this movie.
Definitely an extremely well done tie in video to the song. As other's have said the fading effects are marvelously done and suit the song much better than sharper cuts would have. The entire piece just seems to keep gaining momentum as the song itself does. Definite thumbs up to you :)
This is actually the best fanvid for avatar i have ever seen! You chose the scenes perfectly along with the lyrics. SO AMAZING
Thank you, this video needed to be made. :D
I will echo what many have already said,... AVATAR perfectly matches with the sentiments of the song "Colors of the Wind". You have done a fabulous job, well done.
I've always thought Avatar was just a retooling of Pocahontas and you really showed that off. I nearly cried it was so gorgeous :)
I think what you put together worked so well and totally echoed to the original color of the wind montage... AWESOME
I knew there was absolutely NO way that someone hadn't done this , lulz .
@JaguarJedi22 I agree, I don't like when there's long's kind of annoying. You told the story well with all the clips! Good job!
Unfortunately, humans are not ALL CONNECTED to Pandora, as they are in Poc. =(
@munmik67 Indeed and 1973's French/Czech cult animated Sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet, Heavy Metal (movie), Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to Castle in The Sky
OMG I loved it. When i watched this film I couldn't beleive how close to pocahontas it was and hearing this song with it is PERFECT. It's like the two were made for each other. Even the lyrics practically fit
I don't really appreciate the repetition of scenes merely for lipsynching purposes, and sometimes the rapid switching of scenes like in "have you ever the wolf cry to the blue corn moon" isn't appealing at all. I know you were trying to just tell the story of the song, but what you could have done instead was take the general sentiment of each stanza/line and pick the appropriate scenes. There is such a thing as too much footage, you know :) But other than that, great video!
Very kewl! It works very well! Great editing!
Beautifully done ! Lovely editing !! 5 ***** /S
this is awesome!! you choose a beautiful song!! great!!
You have an awesome way of choosing pictures that match the spirit of the song, especially when it comes to passages of the song where a special kind of imagery is required (wolf = Toruk, wind = Ikran). Also, I don't know if you're aware of this but you are making heavy use of the mickey-mousing technique in the sequences from 1:47 to 2:02 and it totally works and gives the video another spark of pure awesomeness. However, Selinja is right, your cuts are too hasty! all in all great job though!
That part when Jake falls on those giant leaves would be great for the beginning.
EPIC... So epic! Beautiful piece and I was anticipating someone would do this! Kudos and love you you!
@Tabbimura I also would love to see Parker Selfridge singing "Mine Mine Mine" with his golf club instead of a sword.
@Baltofan95 First of all: Pocahontas fall in love in James Smith instantly, while Neytiri wanted to kill Jake at the first occason. Second-Pocahontas saved John Smith from being killed by her tribe, Neytiri left Jake's body for death when she finds out about his RDA plot. Third an the last Pocahontas betrayed her own people by marrying an enemy and abandon her religion by beign baptised in christianity, while Neytiri beat the living hell out of Sky people.
Aaaand you'll never hear the dragon cry to the blue corn mooon, for whether we are white, or aqua-skiiiiiiiinned................. XD
I LOVE this video. It was done very well. I think the switching of scenes is fine. Longer dragged out scenes make the video a bit boring.... The changing went well with the beat of the song, and the clips you chose where nicely chosen.
1:12 is perfect I immediately thought of the bear scene with the mom and her cubs, this is so beautiful and matches so well with each other.
wots with plastering your name all over it spoilt
Oh my goodness. This is such a great video! I love how all of the scenes are organized so well with the lyrics of the song. Very creative and absolutely wonderful to watch. Thank you so much for posting this beautiful video! And I do agree with Selinja with the quickening pace of changing scenes. Some do fit the pace but others seem to be too quick. Overall though I really did enjoy watching your video. :) Love Avatar and love the song.
I think the reason I love this movie so much, is cuz it's based off of Pocahontas! Great vid! Beautifully done!
As a child. listening to this song, all I could think was "the singer has a good voice". Now, as an adult, I listen and think "this song has so much TRUTH to it... and the singer has a good voice"! Lol
I really love your careful selection of scenes and the soft fading effects, that must have been a whole lot of work! However, I honestly don't appreciate the very fast pace of the pictures. I think it would make video much more awesome if you focussed on fewer scenes and gave them more time to unfold instead of bringing the equivalent for every word spoken. But that's just my opinion :)
@TheWs235 Or Quaritch singing "Savages" in his exoskeleton.
Wow that was amazing! So touching and magical! Plus it looked fantastic in HD!~ Gorgeous editing! :D LIKES!
I was gonna make pretty much the same video using pretty much the exact same scenes for each line of the song as you used. glad I checked to see if it hasn't already been done before. good job!
oh you didn't just go there!!! LOL
Perfect ! just perfectly perfect !!!
Wow!! I love how you've timed each clip with the lyrics. Fantastic job.
@cutejessieboo321 Have you ever heard Palulukan cry to the Blue Giant. Or ask the mighty Ikran why he grins!?
I love this, I am fairly certain the writers of Avatar got the idea for most of it from Pocahontas, it is SO SIMILAR, the characters and such, like how the government wants the sediment or what not from the trees and in Pocahontas the whitemen want gold (:
OMG! This song so fits! Its amazing! :)
Great vid! as always coming from you ;) Avatar is SO pocahontas
@adeliago It's such a true message though! And one that so many people are still having trouble comprehending. It's such an amazing feeling to let yourself feel the interconnection with the natural world!
whoaaa world class editing here!! i think everyone noticed the links between the story of pocahontas and avatar, but thanks to you we can have the amazing clips of avatar to the beautiful film song. this was done masterfully, really complex and but not overdone either. Really professional. I enjoyed it immensely :)
Mwah, I'm crying. Just perfect.
Wow! =D I hadn't seen this yet! Excellent work! You never cease to amaze!
Wow that was so beautiful!! That song fit perfectly, wonderful editing, and I think this is the best video I have seen from you yet!! WONDERFUL!
Very beautiful. After watching the movie, I could actually picture Neytiri singing this song.
AWESOME!!! It's obvious you worked extremely hard on this, I think it's superb. Is there possibly a download link? :3 As for the fast/slow cuts, I think I somewhat agree with the particular section of "have you ever heard the wolf cry" being a /little/ too fast for me personally. I definitely prefer fast cuts over long clips, but for that bit I kept wanting to have a second or so more to look at the scenes you were crosscutting between. Love the overall effect you were going for though.
@TheWs235 I would love it!! "Have you ever heard Palulukan cry to the Blue Giant. Or ask the Ikran why he grins?"
@Selinja Thanks for the feedback! For me personally, I dislike it when there's long scenes in videos and plus faced with the overwhelming amount of Avatar footage, I wanted to tell the story/song showing as much as possible especially as the song builds. I didn't really think twice about focusing on fewer scenes LOL But I take your advice into consideration when making future videos from now on! :)
This is really awesome!! Great job!
When I watched Avatar I had this song going through my head. You did an amazing job with it;)
the perfection of this just goes to show the similarities between the two movies
Neytir!!!! would i give to be a cute blue kitty :3
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