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I felt sorry for the girl. She knew everyone was laughing at her on account of her ignorance and was clearly embarrassed about it.
+Konoyaro Bakayaro "What if the only thing I decided to know is that I know nothing at all?" It's a popular sentence that one. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn -- it just means that there is too much to learn to consider yourself to be knowledgeable about anything. :)
White women are dumb, black people are dumb, mexicans are dumb
i feel offended now my girlfriend is not very bright but shes not dumb.
English is my second language, but, Rural = farmers, country side... a persone who enjoys the nature, fields etc... Urban= city life style, crowded places, busy streets... noises, lots of restaurantes, buidings... I don't understand the difficulty in understanding those two words!!!!!! ( sorry about my rusty English writing)
Urban that means he is not good in sex about 2months so the doctor he was helping her with this problem
its a funny video, but why insult her by calling her stupid twice in the title? just say she didn't know and its funny - people so negative these days
I wish those '60's fashions were here today. I love her hair, and the men's suits were much more classy!!!
+Jessie Jones that is nigga swag, there are different kinds of swag, 
I'm only 21 and I completely agree with you!. Many people my age I feel would disagree.
I feel so bad for her, they were laughing of her like if she was an albine ape.
+AJ Phoenix What's wrong with you? I'm just seventeen!
+Dani I'm seventeen as well!
The person who named the title of this video is obviously the stupid one. 1. She's not IN T.V. she's on. 2. "She don't" is awful command of the English language. smh.
+Nicole Evans When the fuck did I mention responsibility? You're so obviously bluffing it's hysterical.
yeah yeah ....they expect non native speaker to speak correct English. smart
Goddamn she hot dumb too They make the best hoes
I can't remember where I saw her, but give me sec find online again.
STOP CALLING HER STUPID THAT'S OFFENSIVE, its just a simple mistake, i also don't even know what those 2 words really meen. 
omg STOP with the blonde stereotype jokes, those are offensive and rude. I am going to disable comments soon. Stupid men.
+Amber Russel I think that's a good idea. And yes, we men are definitely stupid. Especially since half the 'men' in this comment section are likely 12 year olds.
why the fuck was this my first favourite video (س ° ͜ ʖ °س)
+sᴡɪɢɢɪᴛʏsᴡᴏᴏᴛ guess we all have the same taste, also they are moved to the top of the list for you
I don't understand this video...
Lets just say all americas are stupid
+LGM 316 LMAO and you're calling american's stupid. You clearly know nothing about politics and military. We go into any country we want to, we bitch around europe and canada, we are literally everywhere on the planet, we have military bases on every continent except Antarctica, we have warships on every ocean, we are the richest country on the planet and we have more billionaires on our land than any other country, we are the center of the worlds economy and can place sanctions on any country, we broke away from Britain and came back to save you in WWII. Not to mention that you dumbass's pay taxes to some old hag and her family for no fucking reason and you have a large number of your people fleeing the country to join ISIS. And you call american's stupid... Like i said, if we are stupid and we control the planet, that makes you pretty damn stupid. Your credibility just flew out the fucking window. And not even to mention the hypocrisy in your statements is absolutely ludicrous.
She can be smart in different ways, asshole.
And I didnt just say hair .. ? Dont focus on that one example. You got my point.
+Sven Kristiansen Even in fashion, it isn't particularly complex. It is essentially art and art for the majority is not difficult. The most expensive painting was a picture of two people playing cards and a 13 year old could have painted it. Art is about who you know and what your art applies to. Fashion especially isn't complex. And in fashion, you hear about urban styles. So no i wouldn't consider her remotely intelligent. But, like everybody, she does have the potentially to be very smart.
Stupid Blonde in TV, She is Very Stupid, She Don't First off, you can't be 'IN' TV, you are 'ON' TV.  Secondly, commas are not used to end sentences, periods are.  And, lastly, "She Don't...," what?  What the hell is She not doing?  You didn't end the sentence, so what is she doing?  She may be a dumb blonde ON television, but YOU are an idiot ON YouTube.
She is not stupid.  She is ignorant.  Big difference.  Stupid is a choice. 
Guys they are almost the same thing. Just google it.
Yes, I remember her!!
Obviously she's not bright, but I thought she was very professional in making the best of a bad situation: 'He gave me sumpin!' seemed to meet with audience approval.
+oldiesgeek1 Yay, Jonathan Routh! There are CC videos on YouTube, in case you didn't know that. I don't think that every transmission is here, though..
+Plato Played with Play-doh I just find her demeanour endearing. 
 That man is utterly asshole!;D  Yeah! I'm a blonde and kiss my brain and shut the fuck up! P. s Thank you!:))  
I feel sorry gor her. There was no need for the presenter to go on embarrassing her. Cruel.
Yeah she dumb but you can see why he married her.
Long ago in these type of TV programs contestants were payed to make comments like this in order to boost the ratings of the program. This woman would be just over 70 years old at present . She was likely paid about $75 or $100 at that time to make this comment on this game show .  
You know absolutely nothing about the history of American television and the original "The Newlywed Game", which wasn't scripted at all and you're clearly just making this shit up. This was real, and if you don't believe it, that's your problem. You're mixing up the fraud that was discovered in a couple of very sophisticated quizz shows of the 1950''s, where contestants were actually given the very difficult answers, ( not paid to make "comments") enabling them to win a great deal of money. That had absolutely NOTHING to do with The Dating Game, which premiered in 1966. There was never any such thing as "$75 or $100 at that time to make this comment on this game show" or any other game show. Those scandals were in the 1950's and involved shows like "Twenty One" and the "$64,000 Question". By 1960, the United States Congress outlawed the fixing of TV quizz shows. The Newlywed Game in the1960's and early 70's was NEVER faked in any way. That's precisely why it was so damn funny! If you can't understand how ordinary people, when put on the spot with provocative questions like these, asked and followed up  by a very experienced host who's trying to get at the human comedy, can sometimes give hilarious answers that are drop dead funny, you really don't know much about human behavior.
No race is dumb, all are humans.  We all can do the same thing if you just put our mind to it.  Only thing dumb is people not race.
Sure, she lacks basic knowledge but this was unnecessary degrading.
bottle blonde and most likely just playing the dumb card.
English is my first language and I don't get the joke either...Are there other meanings for "rural" and "urban"?
0:39 "He went to a doctor!" BOOM, PUNCH-LINE.1 0:55 "He gave me something!" BOOM, PUNCH-LINE.2 Works as the Darling is complete unfazed, genuine and honest as hell. Why was she not selected for the Apollo program? Bless her and husband, kids, relatives. :)
I hate it when people make Blonde Jokes, I get pissed. IF YOUR BLONDE IT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR DUMB!!! I'm blonde and I get pissed when people say that SHIT!
+Jack Hedman if you're blonde it doesn't mean you're dumb. Sorry, I just couldn't resist because of your comment. But you shouldn't be offended by blonde jokes, they are more to do with blonde girls rather than blonde guys. 
lmao he lost his shit
I like stupid girls like this - They're so easy to lay
+Neil Mcintosh Because you're an expert in "laying" girls aren't you? #rollseyes
+Collins LFC Hey come on man I'm fucking with you! lol
avril lavigne's mum? 
Back then gals were sweet and innocent.
I'd say, looking at her face, she's neither urban nor rural. I'd say martian.
I feel so bad for her, wow.  ( ^ _ ^ )
instead of lughing they could've told her what rural and urban means, that's so sad how society hasnt changed at all I feel very sad for the ones who laugh. This just proves something, you made a girl feel really bad about herself. This video is anything but hilarious.
shes not stupid, thats just how americans are
She's hot...very hot and if she was trying to be funny, this was brilliant.  She was not, and her husband doesn't care.  I'd like to see her today.
Dude you can't even write a fucking tittle for the video correctly, so who is also stupid here?
Look at that girls eyes...she was probably high as a kite...accompanied with her lack of word knowledge, she makes the perfect target for a stereotype 'dumb blonde'...poor her.
I wonder which American university she graduated from
Back then when races weren't as mixed, and white people looked purer...
Did you see the insert of her husband....I'm bettin' this ain't his first wife!!! And he certainly didn't marry her for her brain...
You all wish you were blonde , but your just NOT and that's, that.
I think she's sweet...
Yet the person who posted this video titled it wrong. Isn't it ON tv? It is very easy to humiliate people based on their altitude. An intelligent person does not bully, a smart person teaches with patience :) 
It's from late 60s or early 70s it's the newlywed game show
You didn't have to include the word "blonde"...
Aside from the bleach blond,This is funny,albeit still stupid.USA is still The Baddest Nation On The Planet,Bar None!
Dumb ass fucking blonde, they only thing they good at is to suck cock in hardcore porn now that's the thing that they are best at in the world
Thats because they portray themselves like that. Most of the guys here in North America and actually pretty much worldwide see them as whores. What do you expect when most of them love gettn naked n having cocks in all their holes on / off camera. Get real you twat.
She's a "Rural Girl"..The Doctors lives out there.
There's a blonde American girl in one of the hardest classes that I have taken who is no.1 in the class and supergenius. Don't have to be blonde to be dumb
i think the guy who made the title is a bit more stupid than she is
+emily bryne You are right , but I don't know how is happened to be more blonde women ....stupid !  
omg she is so embarrassed. the host could have told her the difference, but they chose to make a fool out of her.. and laugh at him seeing a doctor.. wtf these people are idiots..
This is probably not real.  She clearly was timing this for laughs. 
Stupid Title in Video, It is Very Stupid, It Don't
I'm freaking sick of the stupid freaking blonde stereo type jokes!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤👿👿👿👿👿👿 🔫🔫🔪🔪💣💣❗️❗️❗️❗️
She " don't " well, thats actually stupid mate... 
I'm Srry but she must been embarrassed and haha when she said he gave me something I'm just dying
"I don't know" is one of the smartest things to say. Not to know for real would be the problem.
It would be funny if this woman went on to become the mother of Miss Teen South Carolina.
Your next Republican vice-presidential nominee!
Shame, she looked terribly embarrassed.
lemme guess she can't even
the way people dress back then now look at yourself now
It's not called 'stupid blonde' it's called 'dumb american'
It is called humour and is probably scripted and designed so that unintelligent people would think it is real. 
Honestly i think this is scripted.
There should be more women like her.
i cant understand the hosts accent =/
ass holes! its more better teach then to abuse. i see you cunt!
I don't get how a person can be urban or rural? What?
If you know what urban and rural means you should be able to decypher that.
Omg cameron diaz is like...
I don't think being blonde has anything to do with this kind of stupidity. You can tell from her accent, she's a country bumpkin who simply lacks education. 
Clearly people are confusing someone being stupid wih someone being ignorant. It's like they are persistantly dumb to wante her to be "stupid". Wishful thinking at its best. Those people confuse intentionally those non-mutually exclusive meanings to seem more of "smartasses", bring out their mental problems and their insecurities.
Gosh! She's poor as a door knob can be.
I dont know what it means either, Am I stupid? :(
+Collins LFC Actually... Yeah.. absolutely.... you don't even know what an essay is, nor is your English that of anyone with a decent education. You're now MUTED, because you're clearly behaving like an immature troll, so you can actually...yeah.......go answer your ignorant little self.  Buh bye
She did say she didn't know what it means. The host is basically being a mysoginistic asshole by dragging it on. Sure it's funny but her face do tell you that she feels as ridiculus as she sounds. There is no way she doesn't make the difference between being in barn versus being downtown.
When you're stressed nothing makes sense
No one cares. Not seeing the misogyny in this anyway
what kind of teachers did these people have?   they should be ashamed of themselves...
She looks shiny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Duh shes a plastic human barbie 
she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid
Fake. It's so obvious this is scripted. It's done for ratings people! Don't believe everything you see on a corny gameshow. It's tv. It's not real.
No, not this early in TV. The fakes were easy to spot in the 70s and earlier.  This show was real with some really wild answers.  There are many blooper reels available on this show.  When the show returned 30 years later, they had some scripted scenes, but I can tell you that this was not scripted.
+James L And what you thought she was being serious when she said he went to a doctor.  It was clearly scripted and probably by very intelligent writers. I would not be surprised if she her self was a writer or stand up comedian.  She had brilliant timing and you could clearly tell she was timing this. 
You guys are fucking stupid. She was probably more intelligent than all of you combined.  She was an actress by the name  Carol Wayne who appeared regularly on "The Tonight show" with Johnny Carson. She usually played  dumb on the show, but in real life she was highly intelligent, and if, in this clip, she had succeeded in making you believe that she was dumb, then she is definitely smarter than you.
And besides..this video looks like it was taken in like 1980
Yes, The Newlywed Game was filmed in Late 60s to 70s.  I'd say this one was early to mid 70s due to color film and hair/clothing styles.
TV presenter is a prick humiliating her on live tv like that fuck him
She is so sweet....sweet and cute.
I don't believe she's stupid just uninformed on the subject 😂
not all blondes are stupid ok? just the ones with blue eyes! jkjk
Stop calling blondes stupid you racist jerk.
blonde is not a race you imbecile
+ghostrider437 I loved your  reply.   Obviously, Allen hill is blonde ;)
I speak urdu am from pakistan but have known the meaning of these two words since I was in 3rd grade so how In the hell Is that possible??? confused
+Vixez R. Blondes are sexy though ;)
What wait. He gave you something? So hubby went urban and doc went anal? Lol.  Good thing she's good looking. Poor baby. 
What does that even mean? being urban or rural?  A guy is Urban maybe if he is a gangsta or cool or a player...?   A Rural if he is a Redneck, Appalachian or Cowboy...?  What does that even mean!?!
I know, right? Someone can't really be "rural" or "urban"... it's more of a matter of where they live.  Blond jokes are pretty offensive to most people, because, literally, blondes have as much chance of "being smart" as other people do. First they judge by race... and now by hair color??
She defines every stereotype we call " Dumb blonde " 
I suspect she is not as stupid as we think and that she may be an actress and this is all a setup.
Heck she is blond to the roots and they run deep.
Yes, no one is more blonde than her.
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