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Little Miss Shuffle | Cassie's 1 year Shuffling |

by Cassie Shuffles • 1,580,542 views

pretty poor quality vid but you get the idea :) Thanks for watching!

Only good thing in this video is that fine ass.
+c.b blocked + muted. bye. 
dirty minded little sket
Go eat something, it's so horrible to watch you, im afraid you just break in the middle.
your opinion? she looks healthy !omg for people like u , this world is a shit v.v 
Someone's jealous...
Nothing makes it okay to have a minute-long intro.
i get the same crap off of people like +Alina Einhellig  since i started working out, change your goddamn view girl! shes downright perfect!
+Alina Einhellig you should care about your own shit girl
Tbh that's jumpstyle not shuffling , but really good xx
hipsters dont know theyre hipsters
Potatos don't know they are potato's +Johnny Boy
Intro is 45 seconds too long. And honestly your shuffle looks too much like hopping around and skipping. I admit theres parts of your "shuffle" where you actually DO shuffle. But the rest of it it just long/ wide leg movements and hops. I gotta say, its pretty half assed. And the "sorry about the back view" part was just you trying to sell your ass to a camera. I was watching your feet and im disappointed that this video has so many views when theres people who actually shuffle. Looks like you lost the fundamentals of shuffling in the year (give or take). Good effort i guess. Just wish you did more shuffling and less prancing. But the same happened to shuffling that happened to jumpstyle: people lost the fundamentals and started coming up with their own shit that didnt fit the genre of dance (yes, shuffling and jumpstyle are 'dance').
hey, calm down. why can't people just give constructive critics instead of hating? 1. it's not like as if u created shuffle, so if her style is different to urs, be okay with it. 2. she's doing it for 1 year. (!) 3. why are u judging her back part? i mean u don't even know her..
So if you shuffle you get abs right??
idc how she shuffle or how the dance is :D she got the perfect body from that i guess so let her dance what she want or make it better ^^
no need to sorry the back view
One criticism when you do the v walk your leg isnt straight when you kick back and front make sure it is straight because it helps when you do the swing kick turn if thats not straight you will lose balance and fall.
too me shuffling looks too much like jerky movement , 
lecker Schenkel!!! want to bury my face beetween those legs!
So shuffeln non druggis die nicht aus der Szene kommen ... Note 6-
why do u have to be half naked?
Did she... did she apologise for the "back view"? O.o
She has a rlly nice body
Omg I love your shoes..
your video editing could be heaps and heaps better. Buuuuut. your shuffling is top notch. If you recorded with the actual song you played, it would be even better, because you know the songs and you dance to THOSE particular songs. Not a beat in general. Dancers go from beat to melody, to whatever it's called with dubstep. etc.
That's not shuffling u look like u have jelly legs
Shut the fuq up.. she have beautiful legs and a beautiful body :)
this video has been sped up to make it look like she is better than she is 
Cassie that was freaking hot. Awesome body.
she makes out that shes like the BEST at cutting shapes but ive seen better and i can tell shes sped this up just saying
Okay for one, you are clearly jealous. So what if she is not the best no one is but she is still amazing, You say you have seen better? Upload a video of what she can do, then we will see who can do better, pathetic.
+JW Mercy  thank u! i'll leave this video because of the fucking haters. can't stand reading just one more comment.
the video is like 60% text and 40% shuffling
Shit video. Shit music. Shit dancing. That ain't shuffeling. Drown yourself in the pool
Your comment screams jealously to me...
i agree on everything apart from the drowning part that shit kray
You sped up the video. Nice try.
wtf I watched this amazed and pumped like this had me wanting to go practice my shuffling, and then I go look at the comments and there's so much hate. goddamn annoyance is what y'all's hate iiizz YOURE GREAT keep shuffling never stop the energy! <3<3<3
yea, idk wtf a lot of people are talking about, this actually pretty fcking good
so if you are sorry for your back view, why dont you just cut it out? 
she is awesome!!!! This is not what I'd have expected after a year of doing this........she is much better than I expected,,,and NO, she is not scrawny, but very pretty and healthy weight!
Very energetic shufflin not to mention the absolutely gorgeous body doing it. 😜
good job =) i like it 
the name of the song plox? :> pendulum but what name?
no need to be sorry for the backview
Where is the HARDSTYLE, nice music tho but NOT for shuffle...
thats really good dont ever stop because they are calling u there just jelous xx
yeah leave out the back view, you've got some cellulite :)
P e r f e c t Body!!!!
why there's no longer that " back view " ? if u guys know what i mean
Those fresh ass Nike's she got on gonna be creased af! Dx lol
worst music choice ever, whats pendulum got to do with shuffling
yo props on throwing in the moon walk I thought I was the only one who did that
best thing here - the nikes
But that's not shuffling back in my day it just flowed well that looks like your trying way way to hard and I bet it's sounds like thump thump thump 👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂😂
'Back in my day' you look like you're 10
I am actually surprised with how many negative comments there are. I wish there was less words, but I loved the video. You are a great shuffler and you are fit and beautiful. Keep on doing what you're doing girl!
Could anyone say me, what that are for shoes? Please :D
am i the only one who was waiting for her to fall in the pool?
Shuffling is so fucking gay
Anyone know the name of the shoes or know where i can buy them over the internet
Don't apologise for the rear view, you have amazing legs! Awesome vid!
Did someone tell her to eat something? Haha u r an idiot if u think that. Um she's in shape not skinny. That happens when you do stuff and aren't a lazy fuck.
I cant waster my time to listing shit rock
Amazing :)! I like your moves and your shoes:D
The titles in took a minute, and all for ..................
Grate video little miss shuffle cassie 👍😊
so many haters haha, you make me miss shuffling, imma go practice lol
Wow thats amazing u should be proud and all u nasty people that comment dissrespectful messages u r gel of her xx
would be cool if you guys check my shuffle compilation out!
Love that you're from Perth!!! :')
Wow what an amazing dance!! Might try it myself!! Any tutorials?if so plz comment back!
just search shuffle tutorial. than you will find a lot. but there are many different styles of shuffeling for different types of music (deephouse shuffle etc.). you need to figure out what you like most or even better create your own style
ich möcht genau diese schuhe :o wo find ich die??? brauch dringend hilfe >.< such schon die ganze zeit aber find leider nie genau die..  
hab schon etliche seiten durchsucht und selbst schon versucht sie genauso auf internetseiten zu erstellen.. aber nee.. auch keine chance.. is doof :/ die sind einfach voll geil
Die kannst du in bielefeld kaufen :)
lol all the video  I was thinking how sexy she was :D
sorry, you're all over the place
she falls in the pool lol
"Ziiipp" welp I'm done here.
U should incorporate some of the charleston in there
Damn, im addicted to this video, she is cool :)))
i wanna dance with u
How good are you man cassidy wish I could do that I inspire you x
For a moment I thought u were going to fall in the swimming pool.. like damn girl you're fly around... but good job.
If you try to Shuffle , pls step to the beat
Cassie can dance I can dance to i live in the south Vally
Get some tighter pants that will help u shuffle better:)
Pedobear... Pedo... Bear... Bear... :C
"Sorry about that back view O.o"  :3
Why you just said sry for backfew :D  I like it... you got nice body :3 Looks pretty :D
The backview. Backview. Back View
^^ yeah That back few
Fuckin Hipster shuffle -.-
God damn. You're awesome. Haters gonna hate.
That what i love, beautiful girl and shuffle :D
soory about the back view ? my pleasure
Dude she wouldn't be wearing those shorts if she didn't want to flaunt her stuff
I'm english... I shuffle
nice are you on drugs ?
Boucing cat :D You are great! :D
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