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Let's Play Dead Island (Episode 7) w/ FaceCam "HE GOT TAKEN"

by LiKeBuTTeRLetsPlays • 3,505 views

Come join the journey around the Island of Banoi as Yamimash, Advocate, and LiKeBuTTeR do everything they can to survive the Zombie outbreak. This is going to be a long, hilarious, exciting series!...

if u want a fourth guy or just want to play Dead Island im in for it all the time:)
yoooooooo look at 1:30 the knife is str8 at 1 point then bents out of nowere cccrrrraaazzzyyyy anywho nice vid drew
I love the fact that you have not found the lighthouse yet and that's were you have to bring her and that you having fun even though you don't know what you are doing at
I can't watch these let's play by drew anymore. He's so fucking dumb when it comes to this game. It just pisses me off.
i LOVE how landan and yami are just fuckin around and drews bein serious
@TooLargeForYou He's not dumb he's slow and he's learning
That's what i want to do to your face Drew 2 :19
likebutter do u no how to make electrical weapons
dude wtf it been 2 weeks since u played amnesia abduction u said it was delayed 4 only a few days
i have one thins to saw... Nyan!!!1
'Would you let me mash on your mash' LOL
your definitely not gonna finish this lets play
If anyone is down for a new playthrough add me The Gnashty One
Yami and Landen are the best always playing around goofing off while Drew is all serious trying to do the missions.
So I take it whenever you play a game thats new to you your just instantely jesus at it?
So clueless when it comes to this game :'(
Am i the only one who really enjoys these episodes?... :/
You used fury its a speicel attack where it can kill a certain number of zombies based on your speed of kill and upgrade of the meter to the left of your health bar and your gain power for it by killing zombies and each character has there own type of fury killing stil
im gonna mash ur mash all nite long
any chance of Advocate of Yami footage... i think they are having all the fun!
at 5:51 you used your rage mode, it is done when you hold the B button, every character has their own unique rage mode attacks, thumps up so drew can see this
Hey drew are you going to do a gears 3 one?
All ( forgot to put this at end of other comment)
I enjoy them but it's hard to since he hasn't posted since he made this one
I love that you're the only one taking it seriously and the other two are goofing off
Drew - uhh Yami your a horny bastard.. lMFAOO
Yami is a great story teller xD
lol drew needs to screw around some more and enjoy the game not completing it first
Drew, the let's plays with Yami and Advocate, was a great idea. Keep doing them. :P
honestly this could be a much more enjoyable let's play if you actually knew how most of the game mechanics worked....I don't know maybe read the manual and check the skill trees or something to efficiently upgrade your character and learn how the different weapons and damage work because this is gonna take forever to complete
yamimash and landan are idiots.. they always leave drew behind when hes doing all the work
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