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Red Bull Romaniacs 2011 - Day 3

by Red Bull Romaniacs - Official Youtube Channel • 406,118 views

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 2011 - Day 3 Sibiu, Romania

i've been doing enduro's since i was 13. i can't wait to do an extreme enduro.
@alexini5 you know the best extreme Enduro racers start with trial riding like Jarvis;Blasziuak,Pfeiffer,Lettenbichler.these are some of the best Trial riders and now some of the best extreme Enduro racers!
Reppin Husaberg!! I want one of them bikes!
i missed steve saunders on extreme enduro,this guy wins several Trial championships like Jarvis,Lampkin,Lettenbichler and Blasziuak (difficult name) .
I couldn't put my self but most of all my bike through that Lol Good on any 1 who finishes this
cheers to some of the toughest men in the world
super cross guys got nothin on these guys. like if you agree!
Great thing is. These guys are more athletic than a lot of pro "sport" athletes. And they have the skills to ride a cycle.
They aren't showing the times? Like by how much time is Jarvis ahead of Birch?
kur. nie chce ogladac co oni pierdola co jedze chce ogladac jak lataja ... po tereniee
Whats making these guys choose the two strokes? I have one just wondering?
@mattchappy it supports your back from the emence shock off the rideing
Does David Knight no races like this or Erzberg? Still nice to see this champs
lots of talking little riding
i'v been watching these alot lately and in my opinion i think the husaberg looks like a better bike than the ktm, it looks to track alot better
Trial guys are the best extreme Enduro Racers!
@tmk5522 totally understand. Dont rip on the Honda's! These euro bikes are just Ready to go right out of the box I Cant afford one but I do acknowledge their quality and performance.
What a great race -- what great videos. The riders look like good guys. The country is beautiful and tough. Wonderful! (Guess my old Greeves wouldn't last long here, huh?)
She's getting a reading from the transponder for official timing. Looks like you're the dumb bitch for not knowing what was really going on!
it looks easy enough but i know its foolish to think that, i bet its way gnarlier in person
At 4:05 the girl uses a device to mark the arrival time not a microphone
Any People know this music ?( 2min20)
@ka4172 extreme enduro guys are the best extreme enduro racers ...! don't you think?
Give him a BEER! Thats right bcoz trial riding is a very good for learn technics - look at blazusiak garham
@tree18is they r more reliable and lighter notice how there is not one Honda:)
Who know the song at 2:13 min ?
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