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Chest Exercises: Bench Press

by Passion4Profession • 1,664,411 views

Bench Press is probably the best chest exercise ever. In case you train in gym or have personal bench - bench press should be the base exercise for your chest workout. The other feature of that...

this should be taken down, it is wrong
If you wanna tear the shit out of your shoulders follow this !
That guy has a really strong core. Very rigid!
?, its a computer simulation that shows every possible way to mess yrself up the person that done this should hang himself
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Interesting CGI of Bench Press.
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You take the bench press all the way down and you aren't a manlet with a barrel chest, you are going to destroy your rotator cuff and sternum cartilage. Lift like this guy is you want to screw up your body. I can bench press a LOTTTTTTTTTT! I should probably make a video to educate all you computer nerd, pencil neck weaklings.
I bring it down to my nipple area I don't touch my chest just 90 degree and shouldn't your elbows be kinda clost to your body
@NaYtEiZpRo arching the back isn't bad, it is actually considered proper form. I encourage you to check out some professional powerlifters such as ed coan or scott mendleson and view their form. These men are benching several hundred pound bench presses and arch the back and tuck the elbows to alleviate direct force on the shoulder joint, preventing injury.
the bar should come down and touch your chest near the nipples, not so close to your neck as seen here.
U CAN bench like that but u must use low weights.. otherwise snapcity
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Mdsteroids stfu steroids are for pussies bitch
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@SmexyPC Yes i did my bad lol i always forget that when i am calculating my max
@Sluggs1211 i'm glad i can get so much anyone else who reads this, i'm done discussing this. Everyone has different ways of everything and thats all there is to it..keep on keepn on..
ofc but i dont care about weightlifting im a bodybuilder
@PJ4pt2L Aight man, for starters many people who come down to thier chests actually do a straight up 90 degree angle..cause thier big or have a big chest...aside from that its dangerous to touch your chest, you could break your sternum doing this...I've read and heard that a fist above your chest is as far as you need to go. As far as the pressing all the way back up, i agree your not supposed to to this...
@Zadrofan watch?v=c6I0z_d4xqY rofl . i hope u get it now
Am i wrong,or this guys is lowering the base too close to the neck .I beleave its going toomuch for the sholders if you do it the way they show it,the way i do it is slitly forword to the chest
@ElRancholo2 Not kidding at all but if you can make a video explaining proper form for a bench press or any other good chest exercises please do.
I'm 15 years old, is it okay for me to start doing the bench press? I'm not using weights that are too heavy
life is up..on the horizontal bench
I'm sooo sure this guy can Bench 295 pounds...
If you want to injure yourself follow this video rofl ! bar should land on upper chest not close t youre neck :)
@thyrael41 watch scooby's videos then. he is safer
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Follow this video and you'll eventually wreck your shoulders.
275 bench for 1000 reps. New record.
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@ChaoticConform what you are describing is more of a floor press, in fact that's exactly what it is, sans floor. A bench press you do in fact touch your chest. (Insert random troll insult here)
idiot. arc your back to get more strength.
sstevan hawking knows his shit
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"if you have back problams put your legs on the bench" if you have shoulder problams, or even if u dont - DONT DO IT LIKE HE SHOWS
Ok listen up. There're 2 types of bench press, the powerlifter press and the traditional bench press. For power you arch your back, keep your arms closer to your sides so use more triceps, plant feet firmly into the ground and push from your heels, and touch your chest. The bb bench press is what this guy shows except you dont need to go below parallel, and the bar is lowered to your nipple
@ElRancholo2 The only reason you can bench press a LOOTTTTTTTTTTT is probably because you go down 3 inches before you push it back up. I've seen so many idiots at the gym load up a crapload of weights, and proceeds to barely go down only 3 inches at most. If you try having the bar touch your chest, you probably couldn't do 1/4 of the weight you normally do.
WIth the shown movement all the fuckin pressure is on the shoulders, good luck with that lol
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Wat the hell was wrong with it's voice
I thought keeping the bar that high on the chest is bad for the shoulders. No?
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@yakuzasama01 Yes, that's the general consensus and it's where I bring the bar on my chest. Some guys drop it a bit lower, but if you're looking to build your pecs and go for more of a "bodybuilding" press vs a powerlifting strategy, I think that's a bit too low for good pec development.
completly wrong ... just look at the degree of his arms ... fail ... all who dislike know how to workout ! ^^
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this is wrong method and follow by shoulder injury, the bar should be under the nipple,
most retarded form ive ever seen...
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This is complete crap and should be taken off of youtube or someone should sue them. I used to do bench press like they describe in this video because some jackass "certified trainer" said it "targets the chest better". That stupid advice from that bastard caused me ten years, yes ten years a whole decade, of shoulder pain and problems. I know do bench press like this video shows you should not do and have no more shoulder pain. Don't listen to this video!!!!!!
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Do chest press close the gap between pecs
You actually would want to lower the bar to right below your pecs and on top of your rib cage, it's better for your shoulders.
@thyrael41 These forms are correct, and are just as dangerous as doing any other workout. Meaning that theyre easy as long as you know what you're doing..
MRLshitbrix : U are exactly right dude
I can literally bench press hundreds of pounds. I should make a video to teach all the internet weeklings how to get buffed and strong like me.
this video is wrong you are supposed to keep your arms tucked in more towards you body instead of a T shapeor else you could tear a muscle or injur your shoulder
No, I don´t want to lose or burn belly fat, I wanna do fucking Bench Presses
@Sluggs1211 you forgot the bar which is 45lbs lol
Wow incredibly bad for you shoulders...this video should be banned
@ChaoticConform Everyone like his (<--) post so new lifters won't get hurt.
Fuck this is explained so BAD, dont do this guys!
@ElRancholo2 :)) stfu/The weight must be lowered until ity touches ur chest(the more ROM the more fibers will the body use).u must be one of those idiots at the gym that put a zillion plates and olny lower the bard 4 inches:)),actally the lower half of the movement is the heaviest for the chest and lots of BB don't lock out and go all the way up.And being a huge benchpresser doesnt impress anyone,lots of ppl are .Why would anyone hate u?if ur that big why dont u have a pic ?TROLLLL
So are you supposed to just go down so your arms are at 90 degrees?
I think this video shows the right way of doing bench press and there is a comparison between right and wrong at 0:36.
@ChaoticConform just trying to help, you are decreasing your range of motion and hurting yourself in the long run
@allecoqqq WRONG! YOu have to keep it like in this video, as the muscles stretch at their maximum. Really, whom I should listen to: youtube users, or athelets that have shown me how?(just like in this video)
You are fucking up your shoulders from 0:22 to 1:01
you are gonna fuck your shoulders doing this !! dont do it !! watch this to explain !!
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This is wrong you can hurt your shoulders like that. And that's going below 90 degrees.
@ausericantake I go to these videos to get a good laugh, seeing novices, such as yourself, comment on the bench press, and express hate and frustration at those of us who are naturally buffed!
such bad advice, legs up, touch the chest, have arms at a 90 degree angle with the lats? awful, i pray for those who take this advice
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If u know how to do the exercise then why the f*** are u looking it up? Stop trolling idiots
Well, now i am confused.. This video tells completely the opposite.. watch?v=c6I0z_d4xqY and it has more likes and less dislikes than yours..
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