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The Orginal MOAB by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 337,769 views

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That or he doesn't understand that video quality deteriorates over time, like faxing a report, then faxing it over and over again.
go fuck yourself you faggot tool people like you is what is wrong with the world just stay hiding behind your keyboard and away from society
im pretty good with blowing up cars too once in black ops there was like five guys taking cover behind one car and all i did was through a grenade and got a multiy kill.
Woah, nuke called in at last 10 seconds? 1 more second and it wouldnt have went through
Whiteboy let the haters be haters because they prob can't get 1 kill maybe 2 let alone get a moab
There is a city on Utah called MOAB
some idiot said gilbert was whiteboys cat
Thats right fuck those haters.
wonder when he will find he spelt original wrong..
he isnt "sucking whiteboys dick" he is defending him
White Boy - the spelled original wrong.
Incorrect, Gilbert is Whiteboy's god-brother, whom died at the age of 23 do to a fatal and painful hit & run. RIP Gilbert.
... fuck you, dont be a troll. ESPECIALLY to the dead, it doesnt matter if you dont care about the people who that death affected, NEVER ever say that shit again!
Dude haters are my motivation.... But if u want dont let it get to u
If you say 10 year old you're obviously can't say 14 year old cause that's what you are
when i watch Whiteboy7thst i am really happy and i dont know why
Freakin attack zombies that kill every one on the bad team! Yah
Well obviously you've never tried another dick! Try some other youtubers, and you will see just how tasty their videos are.
hey whiteboy forget about the people who think the gibert thingis fake all th believers r here for u.
wow making fun of a dead guy your nice. i hope your mom dies in a hole
Reading the comments is like going through spam mail a bunch of ads and stuff.
If you look at the timer, then you would see that it does away when the nuke timer appears, he could have called it in at 1 second and it would go through
na because i got game late nd i still play it every now nd then
Haha, you sound like your 8 years old. I dare you to "fuck me up" faggot.
I'm like Chris Smoove's commentaries better but that's just me
You go and fall in a hole you worthless piece of shit!
he gotr injured the first day, pronounced dead the next..
Actually confetti would be amazing.
I'm just saying, but somehow I think MW2's graphics looks much better than MW3's. I noticed that during blood damage. In MW2, it looks realistic, MW3, looks like 2-D dirt. Now I'm looking at this whole Afghan map and it looks a lot better than what you see in MW3.
I have a hard tine getting a harrier in mw2.... Noobtuber fags
troll moms and do mad moms to!!!
I try to get dogs twice. Thats a lot of fun...
shut the fuck up i dont give a fuck if you dont like whiteboy but that is a fucking horibal thing to say/ i dont say this a lot buch fucking burn in hell you dick head
That's a horrible way to troll, you dumbass. I troll on Super Mario videos and stuff, but I don't go to the extent of making fun of someone's death. This is'nt trolling, this is pure sadism. You are not worthy of being human.
original is spelled wrong in the title
Atleast he has one..... JEALOUSY bad habit baaad habit!!!
ARe You kiDdiNg mE?? Do yoU eVen ReaLiZe WhaT youRe SayInG??
All these kids posting stuff about their channel..GTFO
Wow he reported this a year ago good job whiteboy
Lmao "im not a sniper" then gets a jumping headshot ....Whiteboy your confuseing
this video was put up on my birthday :')
Nobody noticed he spelt original wrong...
stfu, if you title over a thousand videos you are bound to misspell one of them
lol orginal whiteboy isnt it original
wow that's fucking low, even for a faggot like yourself
you campin fag them are your buddies your killing fag
Goats this guy is the best he is awsome and hes a pro
Death is no laughing matter. How would you like it in hell if we all laughed when you died? Not cool man
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