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Minecraft Mod Showcases - Better Dungeons Mod!

by CavemanFilms • 289,511 views

NO MORE COMMENTS ABOUT THE LEVER. This video is a SHOWCASE. I'm not TRYING to 100% explore the dungeons. So I really DON'T CARE about the lever. Quit bringing it up. Dl the mod here:...

Am I the only one that gets loss in mine shafts
5:00 NO keep thine mind within the gutters its more fun that way
Wesley Chow Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Popularmmos didint show all mobs u fool -.- kids
ive seen this mod in hexxit. 
Congrats on 500,000 subscribers cave
awww... they removed the feature where the bowless skeletons sounded like pigs!
What are people commenting about that lever?! If you hits want to know do it your self and stop complaining about caveman
What are gold nuggets I call em butter nuggets
I found the castle in tog box
Umm...He is on creative mode. Mobs are not hostile unless attacked in creative mode.
That first place you check looks like a flying fort i have seen in YogBox
I have a request. If you could have a potion of night vision when you are in dark places
mojang, take notice of this and EVOLVE!
What lever... Screw the lever!
this is being used in the yogbox mod
"It's like a condom for you legs." WTF?
the was a lever on the side of the tower were the boss was
u just spammed stop spamming (back to my conment) caveman nice vid
THIS IS HIS CHANNEL NOT SKyDoesMinecraft Get a life!
Did you say creeper shit or creeper ship
butter sword he hase a butter get a butter sword like hem not dimind
Hahaha that's what's she said your funny
whats that one mod were you start ouot with 3 hearts
Lol I did not even see da lever through out the vid
i think u missed the lever.. go back and video yourself. flipping the lever. i won't be satisfied till you do. flip the dam lever!!
Caveman is one of my fav youtubers
it wasn't even that nice XD he didn't spell it correctly
Nice cave another good one but those are from the yogbox
I think its trying to communicate with us..........
the irony is the guy that commented on your fail top comment attempt got top comment
Leave him alone he doesn't have to flip the lever
im gonna do the lever with the mod even know you didnt do it i dont blame you
the stronghold spawned on top of the mineshaft
it is just yogbox.... if u put millenaire mod to it u got yogbox......
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