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Manny Santiago 9-10-11 Tattoo Story - AlliSports Under The Gun

by AlliSports • 20,378 views

Subscribe for new videos: Manny Santiago breaks down the meaning behind his 9-10-11 tattoo. It was a race against the clock to get...

This is what you call commitment. He got a fucking tatoo, something that's permanent and he will have for the rest of his life just for a video part. Im not saying that a video part isnt important, but he got a tatoo on his arm(a spot where everybody can see). This man is one of the true skaters and has gone down as one of the best in my book. All of you people saying ''who cares'' why did you come here faggot. Manny is better than any of you.
dude keep filming in standard quality it looks soo much better its true skateboarding
had to pause this video and watch 9-10-11 in a new tab :D
the part is amazing, he's the master of handrails
All the people saying "who cares?" or "don't give a fuck" and shit like that why do you watch it? Troll ass niggas
so true. fuck haters. they gone watch the video and hate on him...type of sense does that make
i watched this video this morning and then ended up talkin to him at the louisville skatepark today. not even knowing this was the guy
nice man i wanna see the video!
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