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Jennifer Lopez Surprises Casper Smart With Pricey Birthday Present

by Hollyscoop • 223,059 views

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Haters , a woman can spend money on her love one if she wants , you guys are haters.
She is beautiful, talented and rich.  Why not pamper her man?  If he doesn't have money, but she likes him anyway, why not enjoy him?  She probably won't marry him but, if she does and she buys her own ring, that is their decision to make and they will live with whatever consequences that brings. They know what they are doing.  
they look cute but he is definitely to young
buy her own engagement
0:30 he looks a bit like brad pitt.....
jlo is not britney she is better so dont talk about her stupid
urgh, just when I thought there was a celebrity that I liked, used to actually like Jenifer....this is just gross, just like the rest of the egomaniac stars
hahah! lol! of coz she will buy her own engagement ring! what do u think!!!...
What happened to "LOVE DON'T COST A THING!!!" <-- Her words...not mine.
you know what they say about small fingers .. small dick my ♥ ..She use to eat back ones how she can change tastes now? ppppfffff pooorrrr you bitch
la que es puta siepre sera puta hasta la tumba jajjjajjajajajajaajajajjajaajaj chip puta jajjjaaj
that guy just 25years old thats a gold digger jenny watch out
Are you fucking serious just a (truck). Seriously if i was dateing jlo i woulda deffintly got more from her then just a (truck). Stupid dumb basterd. And it was his b-day wow whatta BITCH!
Poor Jennifer, paying for love as any old lonely lady...
its not about money its about love and the gift she pple make me sick!
jajaja... si si, tienes razón ! pero la unica diferencia aqui es que esta mujer es JLO ...ok?? no una cuarentona comun y corriente y esta podrida en millones, este chico esta encantado con conocerse y también con las camaras ! ya me gustaría verlo con una cuarentona que trabajara en un supermercado, o no fuese famosa como esta mujer ?? siempre hay otras mas guapas que esta y mas jovenes. Eso de que luce mejor que cualquier chica de la edad de Casper? con el dinero que tiene quien no luce asi?
Casper smart have that look of a weasel. sorry my opinion.
The presenter is fucking annoying
wait did she said he's 25?
"OMG" you're a f***ing retard. I still find it hard to believe how dumb people really are. You think he would be a professional choreographer, dancer and actor without a vehicle? Never mind all the accounts of his speeding tickets that proves he has a bike too. Shut the f*ck up, mind your business and try not to look as stupid as you really are.
yeah, in the bronx hood Jlo we call that ur supporting him
its called lovin n ccaring fo someone
A Dodge Ram? Nigga please! J is worth 150 plus million. She could have gone and gotten her Napoleon a Land Rover. Cheap bitch!
ufff la cago con el comentario del anillo al final, q gente tan envidiosa y podrida, esas cosas no se dicen, es pa partirle la cara de un galletazo por estupida.
jlo es tremendo mujeron, es innegablemente inteligente, una mujer linda, q luce mejor q cualquier chica de la edad de su novio, por que la gente no puede aceptar q un jovencito como el qiera estar c ella? tengo amigos de 20y-tantos q prefieren las cuarentonas.. entonces, ahi esta la cosa, la gente con sus comentarios venenosos tienen mentes toxicas.
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