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2012 American Le Mans Monterey at Laguna Seca - /TRACKSIDE

by /DRIVE • 27,515 views

What is it like to stand trackside at a major motorsports event? Well, now you know with TRACKSIDE. No story, no opinion, just raw energy and excitement. This is what it's like to hear, feel, and...

Anyone else think that leman cars are a little too regulated? Same with f1 cars. for fucks sakes some of the most brilliant racing ever seen on this planet was in the 60's at leman and in formula 1 when there were fewer driver and car regulations. now its just a mess of rules i cant make sense of
Great shots at the Corkscrew. Thanks.
this is how racing should be broadcast
as work of rhetoric this necessarily has an element of human voice (just not in the verbal sense)
JF at the opening "...Good". Understatement, at it's best. Great video! What you couldn't get into the flag stand at Start/Finish? That's the best seat in the house, except, the corkscrew.
Nice work. Capturing some of that racing circuit atmosphere that you just don't get on any frantic TV race-coverage. Some lovely camera shots, not to mention the unadulterated sound of some glorious racing engines. Good stuff.
Driving through the "Corkscrew" is on my bucket list !
This is a beautiful and interesting video. So much so it strangely it also reminds me how painfully bored I would be as a spectator at 99% of circuits with 99% of cars without all these views and editing. I know people who can sit at one corner the whole race and love it. So not for me. Also strange I have no problem sitting out in the woods all day waiting for rally cars. The brain enjoys what it enjoys I guess. Glad to view some of the magic other people see @ tracks through this vid.
Disclaimer at the beginning is a bit... misleading/unnecessary... "no human voices whatsoever", you HAVE to (and it does) have the human voices of the guys actually working in order for it to be the real experience. Great video!
I had a great time driving down to this race in my 914 with my dad.
Genius!!! The idea for the video is brilliant!!! Thanks guys
Man around 7:35 the slow mo at the cork screw...people who haven't driven it in real life don't believe that you're basically driving off of a cliff but you can clearly see now that the front wheels are off the ground for a split second...that turn is so much fun in real life, what an excellent video :)
how can I put this a s a screensaver?
@ vitto. thats because, you've never driven it.
Great camera work, great editing and great sound! Without the distortion it's awesome to watch. Thanks again!
you make wanna be there but unfortunatelyI am in Saudi Arabia I wish we could have somthing this amazing here
hey everybody, turn the mother fucking volume up bitches whooo!!!!!!!!
now i have to play forza/GTA and drive my daliy driver like a bad ass! thanks!
all your shots are shit. either too far away or too zoomed at nothing.
That guy is a greedy toad - he doesn't realize you guys could bring a lot of new fans. Endurance racing like LM, GAm and rally is much cooler and a truer sport and better breeder for new mainstream product engineering technologies IMHO anyway.
I love the shots focused on a corner. You get to see each drivers turn-in point and line through the apex. You don't get that with the shifty broadcast cams!
Guys, does anyone know what happened to Risi Compretzioni Racing? Will they be running this year at all in ALMS?
Great stuff. I was there last weekend and your work captures things well. Nice to have since I wasn't taking any video of the race. Plus I couldn't have gotten that close.
There will not because F1 and Indy Car do not allow video of the race cars on the race track to be taken.
Yeah, Mount Panorama's esses > Laguna Seca's corkscrew anytime.
Good stuff J.F. Hope you guys can make it to Road America later this summer for some content.
Corkscrew shots at 8:00 incredible! Excellent work!
What happend to that blue and white Porsche in the final corner at 13:43?
Yea? Thanks. I'll find out who you thumbs-uppers are, I swear!
I hope to god they do a trackside video for Le Mans, especially with shots down the middle of Mulsanne straight. Unfortunately i only noticed alms races so far that have been done :/
Beautiful video. Makes me feel like I'm right there at Laguna Seca even though I'm 3000+ miles away
Perfect video to have running in the corner of my screen while working, just need 7.5 more hours of it
Will there ever be a trackside for the 25 hours of Thunderhill?
Superb stuff!!! Amazing! Work of art!
I would say that the one thing a video never captures is the true noise level! I'm a WEC fan and travel to the European races and when I watch the other races on TV it's just not the same, so load when your there it's brilliant!!! Would love to get to alms at Laguna though :) great video
And with that, I'm off to bed. What a wonderful way to be lulled towards dreamland. There's a sort of monotony in the repetitiveness of it, yet the petrolhead cannot fail to be moved by these sights, sounds and (if present in person) smells. If my dreams are full of thundering V8s and wailing flat-sixes, I'll know who to blame! Goodnight all, sleep well =)
Its good to see my home track again. Its been far too long since i've gone down to see a race. Love these TRACKSIDE episodes
I was at Laguna this weekend and Drive did an awesome job getting all the great vantage points that even with climbing thru steep trails and the brush couldn't have gotten what these guys captured! This is a favorite video and will be viewed many many more times by me :D Well done!
Nice video, guess Leo was too busy following nascar to do a story this monday. How bout we replace Leo with Alain de Cadenet.
This eased the pain a little of not making it for the second time in eight years. Laguna is not only my favorite track, it is my favorite place in the world. Beautiful.
pure car p0rn! thx drive :) Love the slanted camera angle at the corkscrew, looks really good.
@ 8:56 best shot of this video hands down
Best racing porn of the week, without question. Keep up the great work and be sure to capture those things that make each track unique!
This channel is seriously one of the best things to have happened to YouTube
Me too!! Hopefully will be doing it in my Mustang next year!!
I dont know if it's "normal" to love cars as I do, but damnit that was awesomely fuckin good
hope u do trackside at the nurburgring and lemans 24hrs cos that would be awesome. thumbs up if agree.
Love what you guys do. I'm glad you're not controlled by tv execs.
dafug is trackside? this wasnt in drive central....
Love it! I'd wanted to get down to Monterey for this race but couldn't take the time off work, your footage provides at least a taste of what I missed! Keep up the great work.
What a desolate place..........This is why I never participate as a mere spectator, rather as a driver, pit crew, corner worker........anything but Joe the spectator.
And then the C6 ZR1 teams roll by and it sounds like all hell has broken loose, and mixed in with the sound of those engines is Jeremy Clarkson yelling "out of my way puny mortals!!"
The only thing missing on this amazing video is a camera on board of any of those cars in a full lap!
We've wanted J.F.'s Porsche Classic video for 3 weeks now and we haven't gotten it. Your claims are false!
No video can do justice to how LOUD these cars are in person (and this is a great video). I was at the 6 hours of monterey. My first motor race ever! :) I SAW LEO THERE. It was awesome....btw, as the corvettes are passing by, you can feel it in your chest. It's astonishing
Laguna seca it's starting to get boring..the corkscrew is so overrated.
they said no human voice would be in this video! lies! 1:08
if theyre using canons then its cause theyre not true 1080p
0 Dislikes, that's what I'm talkin' about!
Wow 0 dislikes as of right now. Let's keep it that way!
I swear if I see one more Stella commercial.....
Cool production ,it cost alot to film.
nice video.. buy why do you guys still stick with 720p instead of 1080?
I clicked the like button but for this vid you should provide a love button.
Sorry! Hoping I was 99% absorbed in something and / or didn't hear you. HI? Too late?
i only come to drive to hear leo speak
Fantastic. One great thing to add would be panning shots that follow cars.
Wow, you guys hit another home run. Keep up the good work! Thanks.
I can dig it but not every week
love it. I can almost smell the oil and feel the breeze of the cars racing by. Look forward to more tracks (and road racing series - Grand-Am) Keep it without narration!
This is truly the best 21 minutes I have Ever spent on the internet. Ever...
While it's a very nice video, don't kid yourself that this is anywhere near as nice as actually being there. You need to eat the food, soak the sun, and feel the sound.
I just happen to have attended my first race this past Saturday at NJMP (PCA and Conti Tire Challenge + GA qualifiers for Rolex) and was pretty much blown away by the experience. If any of you viewers have only seen this stuff on the web I strongly encourage you to get out and see a race. So JF, we are waiting for tangent vector to step it up and make your first documentary to rival "On any Sunday" for the modern racing age. If you do, we'll be first in line buying tickets.
Love the track side videos. There great for the people like me who can't afford or have the time to go to all these great events.
Laguna Seca is the best track in the world
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