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House At The End Of The Street Trailer

by Indie & Foreign Films • 3,882,951 views

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Oh well. Sure scary. A child chasing you with a knife. Maybe if she has some super powers sure. But in real life --BITCH SLAP THAT MOTHERFUCKER TILL SHE CRAWLS BACK TO CHILD SERVICES.
This trailer makes no sense, I don't get the movie
It's not supposed to make sense. You're supposed to get interested and watch it.
Well then it failed. I'm not interested because I don't understand the movie.
the movie is a lot better than this fucking trailer
She's a little girl... Just bat her up and be done with it.
Why would that girl kill her parents that's not right by the way Jennifer lorence was really cool in this movie 😊
She didnt kill them... the little girl died in the swing accident and because the parents were so distressed over it they forced their son to dress up as a girl to fill in the loss. They made him the way he is and he went crazy over it. So he killed them.
this movie not a horror i watch this movie today it just murrder mistry kinda movie
I love this movie if you watch it be aware of the plot twists
what happened with prim
+Ionut Iconaru I think she's just joking...
It ain't horror, more like a psychological thriller. Besides with Max Theiriot starring as the 'villian' i can't really get scared, too sweet and innocent looking.
lol even the movie cover and the title gives it away
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The other night my bf was naming movies on Netflix and he named this one, I thought it was another movie so I told him to put it. I realized it wasn't the movie I thought it was but since it had Jennifer Lawrence I didn't mind. This movie has a huge huge plot twist!! Very unexpected ending
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This movie was not what I expected. Darn twists!
loveddddd this movie sooooo much
The Fappening forever! :))
The fappening: August 31st, 2014 Nevar forget
Aw neatly this movie isn't scary it a Psychological thriller
um tbh wasnt that scary? o_O
I watched it yesterday with my friends they kept on screaming and then I was sat there like 😒 ummm this is scary ? LOL
Its not scary at all x
this film is more like a thriller and it kept me entertained. 
What a load of shit worst film ever..
The last twist was good............. But not enough to love the first half of this movie.......... It was boring as hell......... I don't know why a good actress like Jennifer Lawrence do this kind of movies.............
this movie blew me away. i like how it fcks with your head
The trailer made it seem like the movie was going to be rated R.
Black version : Crib At The End Of Da Block. Playing at a Magic Johnson theater near you.
Trailer of House At The End of the Street
Watch the movie. It is really good
This movie was garbage, the only good thing was Jeniffer Lawrence's hotness. And this trailer gives the whole movie away too.. 
only good thing of the movie was JENNIFER LAWRENCE BOOBS.
This movie was really, really good. I rate it a 9/10. It had some really good twists, acting was fantastic and it did have some good, jumpy parts. A job well done.
nice movie ,, nice twist,,, nice boobs JLaw
This is a cool film.  It's a remake, but it's well done.
Oh btw The butler did it :p
if  this  a torture movie  i can't watch it 
I didn't watch the trailer first and thought the movie was pretty good. The writing was clever. I first chose to watch this because the lead male actor is from Bates Hotel, but J. Lawrence made it that much better. Trailer sort of ruins it, but I've seen worst trailers.
The plot twist at the end was pretty obvious. 
Jennifer Lawrence though <3
her eye and cheek bone is beautiful
great movie. and by great I mean great ass and boob shots. 11/10 would watch again.
Trust me. If J-Law isn't in the movie, even fewer people are gonna watch it. I got bored in the first 6 mins and turned off the TV. The dialogue and story were terrible and predictable. 
ok so I have one question , if kerean died when she was a child then who's that girl who killed her parents that night ? I don't understand 
+Luke Emerson you got it wrong they made a random girl their "daughter" to cover up that Ryan killed his sister so he didn't go to jail. The girl in the basement was mentally retarded and she went crazy by the parents keep saying her name was Ryan sisters name so she killed them. That's why he hides her in his basement so he never gets caught killing his sister. That's why she wants to escape to tell people that she's not really his sister and he killed his real sister.
It was the boy. At the end remember how the mom gave him a cake and called him Carrie Anne and slapped him when he said "that's not my name" his punishment for her dying was that he had to pretend to be his sister
Watched the movie because of Jennifer Lawrence and later found my pants missing and having to explain myself to my Senior Lance Corporals.
just about to watch this!
lotem t Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Jennifer Lawrence did such an amazing job portraying Alisa. I just finished watching the movie
tailors are always a little bit scarier than the actual movie. because all the terrific scenes are shown altogether. but so what! the last thing is the movie was able to pale my face. and I had saw it only for Jeni. because she is one of my fav actress. how could I miss her movie(?)
I don't care if people said this movie is boring, bad, or whatever. I am gonna watch this movie, to watch Jennifer. And perhaps that's my only reason :)
Here's a better reason...i'm sure this film had an awesome song on the soundtrack...SEAGULL by SATURDAY it....and BREATHE by JASMINE LAMPORT...will no doubt be placed soon enough...both mellow songs..if you like awesome mellow music...enjoy!!!
I watch this movie because my favorite genre of movie is horror and the really important thing I've watched it, it's because JENNIFER LAWRENCE is my IDOL <3
actually...this is a pretty good and intense psychological thriller, with a suspenseful ending. The trailer is like "it's a goddamn horror-movie!!!" - but it's definetely not. It's better :)
omg Jennifer Lawrence:)
I do not give a fuck how bad this film is... J-LAW!!!
Boring movie, the main character was horny as soon as she met the wacko man lol. Jennifer Lawrence crap actress, do not see the hype.
Well, the movie is terrible and not scary at all. But I mean who cares?? It's Jennifer Lawrence! !! ♥
This film was a waste of time!! Only good thing about it was JLawrence :DD:
I loved this movie, I thought the end was thought provoking :) I'm so glad I didn't watch this trailer before the movie though, it literally gives everything away!
This movie is amazing.
The only good thing about this movie was Jeniffer Lawrence's performance. The rest was just awful.
Just read thr book. It was great!
This trailer just makes the first hour of the movie pointless lol may as well only watch the end. Jennifer thoughhhhh only good part of the movie
I didnt mind this movie at all, it was ok by my standards ( didnt even watch it for Jennifer, watched it because it looked good). Not as highly renowned like the Hunger Games, but decent enough if you're not one to be so critical.
for some reason this reminds me of " The Girl Next Door " that shits scary!
this movie wasnt that scary it all abot the sister -.- but i like it the boyfriend was crazy
you man whore. society these days only care abou fartman
this is one of my absolute favourite horror movies. it was so good, and i just loved/hated the ending, IT'S SO TWISTED
I have seen this movie and I am 12 it isn't very scary! I like this movie! :-)
Same here. Even my 7 year old sister saw it and wasn't scared
This movie was by far, one of the worst films I have ever. seen. EVER!
Alyssa dies. Your welcome.
+Daniel Selk Why don't you shove a dick up your mouth
Her neighbor kidnaps girls to replace his sister
Such a great movie Jennifer did Amazing as Always!
It wasn't scary… just super suspenseful.
that moment when the trailer is just the main, important parts of the movie, making it close pointless to even watch the full movie.
Oh mah Gawd Max Theriot <3 
That's a scene from insidious 2 you bumbass
It's a good movie.. I like the end :) 
This trailer - SPOILER ALERT!! Although it does not give the entire movie away it does give alot. Movie was good with am unusual twist
The only thing I remember from this trailer is the cleavage at 0:54
Kind of gives away the fucking movie entirely in this trailer. Also it kind of sucked. 
This looks boring. Not scary! -_-
Is this a sequel to the last house on the left?
you guys are ignoring how good of a movie this was and just focus on if it was scary or not
This psycho horror movie is much scarier than those fckin zombie movies
this movie was really good but its definitely not a horror movie. Theres really noting scary about it the trailer makes it look scary but its really not.
Maximillion is so adorable. He has like a vampire look. Too bad Jennifer's character couldn't help him :((((
If there's no wet tank top scene with JLaw, I'm dropping this movie.
is this movie really scary? I want to watch it but I don't like extremely scary movies
i love this movie <3 and jen is perfect :**
I really like Jennifer Lawrence but this movie is so boring 
I love Jennifer Lawrence
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