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Pressure on Blackberry, no RT tablets from HP, more on the Nexus 7- 90 Seconds on The Verge

by The Verge • 8,200 views

RIM board under pressure to partner with Microsoft, HP is taking an ARM-less approach to Windows 8, and Nexus rocks. This is 90 seconds on The Verge Stories: RIM board under pressure to split...

In summary, BB and Nokia are in the same boat, Microsoft pissed off OEMs with Surface, and Google is awesome :P
just focus on the news people, not on how they dress...
I KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO SAY TELEPATHY. You know, by telepathy. Or watching the video twice.
Dress anyway you want, please. Animal masks are optimal.
Wow, I had hope in blackberry. Now to choose galaxy sIII or the Iphone5? Someone please help me make a decision. I need other opinions..
finally, 8 people working at a desk
Robertson's dress is nice. She seems like she's about go on a fancy date.
Hands behind back is a great way to stand. Much more professional than fumbling or pocket hands. Also, to the people commenting on what they are wearing/look like day in and day out, ease off. What has our materialistic culture come to?
I see vergecasters in the back :)
@humancar2n she is. They haven't been hiding her, since she writes a lot of articles for The Verge.
OMG where have you been hiding this girl. She's incredible!
She looks like Velma from Scooby-Doo.......
let the telepathic spectrum grab begin!
In other news, MobileMe dies tomorrow :(
why was there a car in the RIM press conf?
@thedextriarchy Adi on The Verge, you could've played Hit Girl in Kick Ass or Boltie in Super, and I'd've been very happy with those films. Adi, cool voice by the way. x
Nice job Verge! forget about these dumb comments ppl post!
There just aren't that many Metro apps, yet, to warrant a Windows RT tablet. I'm going for a intel-based Windows 8 tablet.
I love that they're getting lots of people involved in doing these '90 Seconds on The Verge' videos.
Love this new 90 second series!!
It's good to know the interesting tech rumours of the day. Since I already know the hard news through Reuters. Good work!
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