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Minecraft Raiding Comeback Destruction!!!

by avengeuiwill • 46,873 views

raid tips: pvp show: Twitter-...

I miss 1.2.5 it was better for pvp servers the old times :(
-_- I was just trying to light up someones day Jeez calm down......
hey guys and avenge i play on this very cool and epic server if you want the ip well here you go! its factions pvp and raiding! theres shop drop partys all the time. just join the server if you get the point... avenge do shift and click on your amour its an instant put on.
@NINJAWARRIORBo i had both so i thought it was global shop
OMFG HE DESERVES A MEDAL, he didnt spell anything wrong! :O
i know hibbie13 that bitch killed me :$ from droidsboy
Congrats ReWiiNDZ you tp spammed avenge the most today! Your prize! Hell you douch
avenge can u plz get the faithful texturepack
people need to stop bugging you avenge it annoys me to lol i hav 1 question though wats mc raides ip:
Yes very successful.some noob tp'd to you with 50 DIA :3 it's reset now and I'm the richest :p -hibbe
Its not that easy when you dont learn english grammar in school, we mostly read books and watched movies the past year, so my grammar is not as good as it has been
lol brah just cuz i wana spell things correctly doesnt mean im a geek
In your vid Apps3452 was me!!!!!!!!! I would like to join your team! I will not betray :D -Apps3452
you should get your best armour with your friend sand accept loads of tp's from people untill you all die
@CodZombies356 Cool story bro now leave
Dude at 3:32 MLGXNASTY is like unsub to avenge he all ignores us. I'll Nvr unsub Im a big fan
So many people promoting themselves.
scince you were being killed, you should have /tpaccept from fans so they kill they guy killing you :D
jim sounds like hes 10 i swear
What ever happened to jim he is not in your videos anymore
server ip
Want an awesome server to play on? join No lag Raiding factions Shops mcmmo
I love how he says 'Don't kill me; I'm peaceful,' right after he kills someone.
i wonder if u realise how much money this guy can make a week just doing utube video's...
Dude ur not worth my time syndicate and whiteboy7thstreet are better then u
can u plz get a new server host the server is really laggy
The raid videos are always the same! Your in a base taking stuff killing people etc. It kinda gets boring. :/
dude go fuck up if u odnt wnna watch then get the fuck off his channel ass hole
Fucking look in the description fucking little lazy-ass prick.
Vocabulary or whatever the word is, like i said i didnt learn how to type words correctly the past year. No need to be such a douche bag about it, not everyone has English as their first language, English is my second language.
u should do some mcpvp hungergamed
hahhaha did any one see the comment 15..34 FUCK AVENGE HE IGNORES ALL OF US UNSUB ........ ist just the same as FAKE AND GAY lololololololololololololol
dude plizz stahp saying plizz every third word plizz maybe u might get unbanned if u plizz stahp plizz'ing every fucking where plizz.
Geezus Avenge :DDD you own at PVP do you ever loose?
@EpicPeopleHere Learn how to spell "grammar" first.
aven can u help me in a server cause i somethimes get raided add me on skype to team with me faction
dude 1 quest u play but there isnt this spawn soo :D where u play
you are veny nice man i wish i cn be you find and skype with :D
Whats the plugin for /sell and /buy command?
Learn grammar kid. I'm a sub of avenge but he is getting worse at raiding!
douchebag threating to un sub for no answer
your supposed to get raided sometimes... and he doesn't have Skype
I like your channel pls anser me do you read this?
lol 69 likes get it...... God I have a dirty mind.....
3:42 look at what mlgnasty wrote and don't do what it says
avengeuiwill is a cunt, he doesnt upload him failing at raiding..
Great raid/pvp channel everyone should check out
I like how you can actually see his inventory. THANK JESUS
Why would you want a epic money server with raiders
is this server still up and are you guys still playing in it?
Can i probaly join in your vids im realy bored and my chanle sucks please i play minecraft but i ahev no minc on skype i cant afford it
hey im 15 and when i get back from football i like playing minecraft so if any of u guys wanna play a factoin server my skype is pitbullxsmurfs
i was in this video '''13MRMAGIC'''
armour isn't spelled wrong, it matters where you live. Armor can be spelled both ways.
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