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First Look: Microsoft Surface Tablet Touch Cover

by Eric Mejias • 521,672 views

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Nice product - but Pro version coming out next year which can act like a laptop and run existing software/connect to more devices.
So you're saying anything that has the requirements to be a computer is a tablet. That's like listing an iPod touch as a tablet. iPad mini should be listed somewhere in between the tablet and small multimedia device, ie: ipod touch.
Malware - you can get it if you jailbreak your Iphone, and you have to be extra dumb to get malware on your device Apps- depend on developer, there are lot of apps that work better with android e.g Dropbox, Google drive, SkyDrive - and you can even create documents on google drive where you can't do that on iOS. Updates- you can root your device and simply install latestest version of android or just buy nexus device
Oh, there was an interesting article I just read. It was a survey of s/w developers in which platform THEIR prefer to go after, and here are the % of developers surveyed in terms of what they want to develop. 87% was iOS iPhone, 85% iOS iPad, 76% Android phones, 66% Android tablets, 33% Windows 8 tablets, 21% Windows 7 phones, then it went down to below 20% for Kindle Fire, and both Blackberry phones/tablets were under 10%. So that's what the developers are focusing on.
Here the fundamental difference between the Apple approach and Microsoft. Apple designs their OS to be simple, easy to use, they add functionality where it makes sense and they implement to be simple. Microsoft likes to throw everything in and since one GUI doesn't work, they'll have to redesign it. Apple wants battery life a high priority by not adding resource hogging features. I think Apple's winning in the corporate/education which is key. If Windows 8 fails, MS is in deep shit.
The worst part is every task you named me was simple and to the point task. Checking records and showing presentations are not taxing, but what about content creation? Photoshop, Video Editing, btw( have you actually TRIED using the spreadsheet apps on an iphone or droid device?) Laughable. Yet, let's keep it simple what about simple task such as printing? Hope you have your laptop around, because printer support is far and wide buddy.
There are synthesizers that you can attach an iPad to use to control and modify the sounds and do all kinds of cool stuff. It's a shame people don't have exposure to all of the different industries and various job tasks that people have and what kinds of custom apps or specialty equipment they use.
Bullshit. Try running quake or call of duty on that thing homey and you'll be disappointed.
and this was shot in 2012? what camera is this!!
Why does it seem like the guy holding the device is doing magic tricks with it?
you ARE an apple fanboy, ipad mini is a mini tablet, the surface is a full sized tablet, ofcourse the mini is cheaper lol, now compare the prices to the ipad 4, stop being scared of fair comparisons lol how does a MOBILE OS, do things better than a FULL desktop windows OS that runs PROGRAMS, not APPS? And you say you are not a fanboy? XD ok then a kia soul costs less than a formula one car and with the kia soul it has way more horsepower and drives better!
I had breakfast with someone that going to be working for a local hospital that has well over 10,000 nurses, doctors, admin and they pretty much have everyone that carries around an iPad to track patients, gather patient information, doctors use them to look at x-rays, disbursement of medicine, all kinds of stuff. This is not the only hospital starting to use iPads, it's just one local to where i live and she indicated that the staff that she's talked to loves them and for many replace PCs.
But iPad Mini is a 7-inch screen tablet. :/ Don't think it could replace a 10-inch tablet like this.
"So you're saying anything that has the requirements to be a computer is a tablet. That's like listing an iPod touch as a tablet." I know what a computer is and it's definition. Read my comment and determine its context. I'm not stupid, you just couldn't understand what the point of my comment was. Dropping it here.
It isn't terrible - it's genius - it's for people who don't want to type much but also want a keyboard and not a screen to type on. the beauty is if you DO want a full keyboard you can just clip it on.
Just to let you know, every time I visit the local Apple store, i see at least one or more WIndows users switching. I know some of the people work at my local Apple Store and some have told me that they've been noticing more people switching when WIndows 8 came out. Obviously, I don't know the extent on a worldwide basis, but there are a lot of switchers and their biggest reasons are they are sick of Microsoft and they hate WIn 8. Also, many of those people bought an iPad and/or iPhone first.
Well everyone has to type a paper up at some point... Yeah notes can suffice but still... Regardless I don't think there is much confusion as you think.. If you take the total number of sales of the Ipad.. the roughly span out to about 6-8 States of America..Extremely light task with word Docs and emails...using it like a larger cell phone. I think quite a few understand the limits of tablets more than you think.
Apple prices their products to reflect being able to make a reasonable amount of profit so they can avoid being put in a situation that IBM, Compaq faced, and that Dell and HP are facing. It's called not making a decent profit. Apple is CONSISTENT. They are highly MORE focused on what they do. They are simply NOT interested in putting out products that don't have any reasonable profit margin. Their least expensive OS X computer is $600, that's reasonable price range for them.
I know people can be sheep. Yeah, there are more Windows and Android sheep to a certain extent, but there is about 12% of the current Windows users that are planning on leaving Windows for OS X, and even more that are going to be buying iPads instead of those Surface tablets. Either way, Apple continues to grow year by year in the number of units they ship. I am interested to see if Apple will announce a HDTV next year. I would rather buy an Apple product than a Sony, Samsung, LG or others.
The RT compares more towards the iPad 2 in terms of screen resolution and processor power. If they jump to a higher screen resolution they are going to have to use a more powerful processor and what is out there might drain the battery too much. They have to wait until the next gen processors come out, Apple uses a far better processor on the A6X which gives the power w/o battery drain. Over time, more higher res apps will show up to take advantage of the A6X.
It's within the last 3 years and not all hospitals have iPads, but it's a growing trend. I don't know what you know and don't know, but based on your comments, I can only assume you don't. Since you think tablets are only used for basic use. Some things can be predicted, that's why there are people that spend their days trying to predict future events, it's just a matter of how accurate they are. What do stock analysts do? They predict future prices of stocks.
Yo dude, they are coming out with the Pro version that CAN in fact handle Call of Duty.
are all the comments just a huge war between those two guys down there?
So Sir... since You think I am a kid... Did you name ONE of those things that couldn't be directly used by the iphone also? The problem with you "KIDS" or "FANATICAL ADULTS" is that you have placed the Ipad into a category that's ultimately no different from it's counterpart. What you've done is based your entire argument off ASSUMPTIONS of what apple will do. Well tell you what.. How about Apple create me an ENTIRE database of cars for my shop.
did you noticed that im talking about USB port? You can plug in your USB, mouse etc.
If you have an iPad, you can get the Logitech keyboard cover and use the iPad in portrait and landscape mode.
With China Mobile, once Apple signs them on, that'll most likely double the iPhone sales for yearly sales since they represent about 800 Million subscribers, which is HUGE. But they also have to upgrade their systems to 4G/LTE, but they apparently are going to use some proprietary system, which I think is stupid, but that's their choice. I think there is a 95% chance they'll sign the deal later this year and then Apple iPHone sales will take off even more.
Outbound sales people use them to input and track orders, give presentations, customer sales process tracking, and the traditional stuff like email, etc. I think your problem is that you looking at a variety of different types of business applications from different industries because you aren't exposed to that. Most kids don't know anything about business, kids only see games, social networking, movies, music, and internet/email/messaging.
The word INNOVATION is kind of a BS word in a lot of ways. INNOVATION means different things to people. MOST Innovations fail. Sometimes the innovation is small and most people don't notice it and sometimes it's a big innovation. Right now, everyone is still trying to figure out what is the best screen size, and then it's a matter of case design, progressively getting better processors, etc., but smartphones I think will get incrementally better and only a few innovations will come.
So if he normally types at 50 on a normal keyboard... then typing at 52 on the touchcover isn't bad at all is it?
People who do "video editing" for a living are a VERY small number.
Surface: Quad Core, NVidia Tegra 3, 2GB RAM Ipad mini: Dual core. PowerVR and the best part is: 512 MB RAM You'd be surprise to see how many windows developer in this world..
The iPad mini is selling like hot cakes and Apple is coming out with a high resolution model soon. The processor actually does a decent job, even though it's a A5. Bottom line, Apple makes nice user experience and that's why they buy em. They have the apps, whereas Android doesn't.
But the touch cover is bullshit, because its very easy to mess up words on the keyboard. Typing on the tablet would be better, or you could get a type cover
Yet, Apple's system of exclusivity affects their business model. They price high for a reason and it's to keep customers away to a sense. No matter what they do they aren't going to attract the budget conscience. I assure you if Apple finds a way to make a tablet with a Full OS it can convince the world you need it. I don't think this is some phase or eye candy stage. The future relies on tablets, but as it stands apple benefits upon publicity with added desktop/laptop sales.
They have Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive on OSX and iOS you MORON. God are you STUPID? Give it a rest. The smartphone makers have to get approval on each revision of OS before they can release it on the various model products they make. It's a totally messed up platform. Only SUCKERS that don't want to spend any money that just want to screw around with their products like Android. So far, most of my friends that use Android plan on getting rid of them and going with iPhones.
im not a fan of apple by anymeans but YOU SIR are a fanboy for this product ..Its great i love the look and cant wait to play around with it, but im not expecting a fully functional desktop because it has a keyboard attachment..hell even ipad had a bluetooth keyboard
Apple's sales are increasing on a year to year basis. They are just in the midst of having to change suppliers for certain parts, and they are also waiting for various technology to be available. But in the mean time they have to introduce new products. What are they waiting for? Advanced ARM processors, IGZO screen technology, Authentec technology, various chips from Broadcom and Qualcomm. 802.11ac approval. Lot's of changes.....
To be fair.... Apple OS makes the majority of it's sales through Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad. While laptop sales have increased... I think there will be a point where things become stagnate. Yet, I will say people can be sheeps to a horrible degree. Even now people hopped in line for the surface RT when there was a x86 Windows 8 tablet for $50 more that leaves the RT in the dust. It will be the same for the PRO... there will be better win8 tabs and no one will ever know
@Paulo Pavačić Man please..... everyone knows all apps are made for iphone then android...
Does the Surface work with the Pen Input?
It really depends what you want a tablet for. If you just want the tablet for entertainment then I agree that the iPad is more than good enough but if you want to do serious work or even play non-app games then paying a bit more for a Surface is not too big of a deal because you really do get a lot more
It depends on the user and what they are using it for. Some use these things more as readers and casual use, some people are using them for specific purposes that a fairly sophisticated app was custom written, etc. So, what do you think of the WIndows 8 and WIndows 8 Pro prices increasing to $120 and $200 respectively in Feb? I already knew Microsoft would raise prices so they have a chance at meeting sales projections. Freaking Microsoft at it again. BEND OVER MR. CUSTOMER. PRICE HIKE.
What are you talking about. Android has better apps than iOS
It charges that much because it's a better product..
Are you stupid or what? You can connect your phone with USB to it. It have USB plug! Like on PC (where you connect mouse, keyboard etc.)
Of course people have different levels of being able to predict the future. I predicted that Apple was going to be the stock to invest in, and I thought back in 2000 that MIcrosoft wasn't going to do that much better, when Dell was at $65 /share that it was just going to go down, I also predicted many things that have come true. It just depends on how accurate. Some are more or less accurate. What do you think Bookies and casinos do for sports related bets.
Fragmentation plays a small role for the avg consumer... if fragmentation really was a key player...droid would have fell along time ago. Yet, even for those custom apps those apps are fairly limited to their usual PC counterparts.. it all ends up going back to simple light task . As far as a windows 8 license... who cares... that mainly only plays a role for SB or large corps..
The tablets are just a BIG amount of confusion in terms of what and how people use these things. There have been surveys done, but I don't know if they've included people in all of the various markets (consumer, education, corporate (segmented into sectors), small business, retail, military, and government, law enforcement. Everyone has their own methods of using these things. One thing Microsoft does is automatically thinks that everyone is going to use Office. Not every tablet user will.
we already knew what devs were focusing on..... nothing new.
ipad mini shouldn't even be classified as a tablet....
*need a new one ran out of chars* The Ipad runs on iOS, iOS is nothing like Snow leopard or anything. The ipad is a great casual thing,but doing a decent amount of work on it is very hard. The surface changes that. Also your added money give you a lot more ram, CPU power and graphical power. A better comparison to the iPad (or iPad mini) would be something like a nexus 7 or a kindle fire.
I also forgot this yesterday... but what purpose can tablets serve? In the grand scheme of things they are nothing more than a glorified smartphone with extra features to optimize the use of the larger screen.. they should be called E-READERS. As buggy as Win8 is.. the Surface Pro or other windows 8 tabs should be called tablets. They are a serious VIABLE option to laptop/Ubooks.
It depends on what you do for business. Creative professionals usually go for Macs, but Macs are seeping into the corporate world as they are using more browser based client apps where it doesn't matter what the client uses. But Apple is gaining. They've gone from 4% in the US to 12-14% market share in the last 6 years. So, at that level, they'll easily see 25 to 30% market share within the next few years. The international markets are gaining at a faster rate, especially in China.
Terrible keyboard. I'll type at 50 words per minute and I normally can reach 110.
Just because HE typed at 50 doesn't mean you will. There was a 10 word/minute difference between touch and type, meaning you'd type at 100 wpm.
... I find the whole concept of convergence as a compromise in quality, a la jack of all trades, master of none. People have given up on buying/carrying digital cameras, handheld gaming devices, etc. and settled for the good enoughness of their smartphones. The same thing is happening with tablets and the Surface could be the end of laptops as we know them.
Is the kickstand part of the Tablet?
There are probably more than you think, but that market uses very little copies of Windows. I didn't know we were going by market share. In case you didn't get the memo, Windows is a dying OS, the number of Windows based desktop/laptops being sold each year is going down by around 20% a year, while OS X is going up at about 20% year by year. At least that's about what happened this past couple of years. I don't think Windows 8 is going to help much.
I'm going to say laptops/desktops sales will decline. I will say apple with see a temporary increase in those sales, but i assure you it will stagnate, and the sales of other devices will continually rise.
How does a retail store use a tablet? I've seen them used as sales information sales kiosks and cash registers. For a restaurant, they are used to give the customer a menu they can order off of, send the order to the kitchen and then the cashier rings up the sale. In the case of taxis, they are used to track the fair, directions, and cash register. If you talked to Apple's customers that buy iPads and ask them, many of them develop custom apps based on data they gather.
Why you guys talking about iPad.. what about my Samesung Tab? Samesung is better than iPad!!! It feels like my Samesung Tab didn't exist.
Android is for customizations, but I'm talking about productivity apps, not programming/hacking apps. For creative professionals, iOS apps are far superior. Most companies develop for iOS first, at least the bigger name developers. It all depends on what you want. Android is a joke, just a hacker OS, but most people don't spend time hacking their OS, they'd rather spend time using the product, rather than hacking them.
Wifi only? lol, this is a joke compared to the iPad.
I just got my 27inch iMac with Fusion Drive and it KICKS ASS. I've been a Mac user for a LONG time, as well as have used Windows, but I gave up the WIndows platform COMPLETELY around 10 years ago, and I only used WIndows because of the company I used to work for forced me to use them, but I never bought a Windows computer. I have enjoyed Apple's continual changes/improvements over the years.
The surface pro will not replace your laptop and desktop... it is a strong alternative though for light duty work.
true - I think the fact that it sold out world-wide in 2 days goes to show people do want it
I have question : Surface can play game on wed ???
You had breakfast with someone that is GOING to work for a hospital. I KNOW and HAVE known someone for 20+ years WHO DOES work at a hospital. I know very well they do use Ipads there and it is a requirement. Using a computerized system to track patients on a mobile platform ISN'T NEW. Tracking records, orders, presentations.. tell me something that I DON'T know. Quit assuming you know me and the consumers of the world. Life fluctuates in different directions and can never be predicted.
The whole issue of using a smartphone and tablet are just selling lots of them because they are new, less expensive and people are doing things differently. It all depends on how you work and how you live in terms of computing devices. But I still prefer a traditional computer experience because of bigger screen, traditional keyboard, more sophisticated full featured apps and storage and the things that require a traditional desktop.
i hope these tablet are cheap, i will definetly get it if it does
Few copies of Windows? Are you crazy? And no, while Windows is losing market share as mobile increases, there are more Windows users now than ever. "Dying" is ridiculous.
I just ordered the Surface with touch cover. Does the type cover come in colors or is it only available in black? I have the 1st iPad and I am not a fan of the BORING iOS. It is just a bunch of tacky icons all over it. It is so dumbed down that a complete idiot could use it. I got my dad an iPad. LoL
Awww yeah!!!! 240p 2012!!! come on really? A front facing camera looks better.
can it get a virus? i see a USB port in there...
Well, so he claims. Needless to say, he was looking at the keyboard the whole time. I know I can't type without looking at the keyboard if I can't feel where the keys are. The second one that was shown, though is good.
I don't know if that statement is still valid. There are a lot of corporations that are easily custom developing applications to run on iPads and IPhones. GE and others aren't small little companies and they seem to be enjoying the iPad experience quite nicely without Windows. There are markets where that's true, but most markets are running server based apps where the client runs in a browser. You might be surprised at how much is actually out on OS X that's not available on Windows.
I hope I wasn't the only one who screamed when he held it upside down!
There was a recent article that showed Apple's US marketshare chart for OS X based computers. It went from 4% to 12-14% in 6 years. That's a tripling in 6 years. Extrapolate 6 years from now, that would indicate 36% or higher. I think it's safe to say 25% would be reasonable. That's double current market share for OS X. They also mentioned that the growth rate for OS X computers in the International world is a faster growth rate. So, look at the numbers.
does that make you a little nervous
"can you let me see how that feels like a book spine?" *takes Surface and runs* *guy is dumbfounded*
Most tablet users don't use tablets while sitting at a table. They use them while standing, sitting in a chair w/o table, lying in bed. I typically don't want a seep rate keyboard since typing long documents is not where I use the tablet. I'll use a desktop with a big screen for typing intensive applications. The RT is going to fail because it's just not a great overall product. They shouldn't have bundled Office and left 12+GB of storage available
No. Apple never wins. Colorful locked approved software etc. Yuck. Better to go with the real hardware that lets you be free. Just give it some time and it will come out on top again. Macs are great in professions like music, graphics etc, but PC is so versatile and fun to deal with plus it runs a million more programs. No contest. If you want something more stylish and less free - go Apple. I will never go Apple.
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