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Fake News Prank

by JestComedy • 88,283 views

See more at It's our prank that proves people will believe anything you say if you look like a newsman and you're holding a microphone.

O KURWA Germans Attack! 
I think USA should help us because USA is an ally with Poland.
there also a ally to gremany
Especially if china is going to be slowing down the bandwidth for everyone...
:40 is that the reaction we shiuld have when told that a country invaded another country?
Lol, all of these people are fucking retarded...
I think they know this is fake and just played along.
ya, we here in Maryland also wanna be annexed to the crown.
All this proves is that most people will hold a strong opinion on any subject, even if they have no idea what they are talking about.
lol how did you do this with a straight face?
ha ha ha yes... dumb people > smart people, but I never believed in zombies, if a life form is dead, it stays dead. however I do love killing zombies in video games though!! XD
This is just sad. People are so dumb
No it is real. That's why the title says Fake News Prank.
Probably just for entertainment
German invaded Poland today what do you think ? Well we are not in 1939 DA FUQ you saying
I don't want to live on this country anymore...
As someone from New Hampshire I want to become British.
Pretty sure you can find morons in every nation
I want to watch real people fight to the death, like in gladiator. They should rebuild the colosseum and recruit gladiators!
Am I the first one that's calling bullshit on all of this? Or am I being naive, and the people in this video are for real?
i have the gun to my head...goodbye morons!
Worst thing is i would be surprised if any of those actually happened. But Poland and Germany going to war, i mean you must be really really thick to believe that ? War of that size would be talked everywhere, and might start the third world war. Those 2 people must be dumb as hell to believe that.
Seems as if they just asked the most stupid people they could find. OH MY GOD, some of them are so thick!
news guy " would you watch someone on this tv show die...." woman " probably just for entertainment" ..... i no longer want to live on this world anymore..... my faith in humanity is totally gone.... and why would you laugh at a person dying? Or at least get 'entertained by it"
wow. People would just watch other people die for "the entertainment". Unbelievable.
well the people who were going to do that killed themselves like i am going to do right now...
Oh my god they would actually watch hunger games reality show?!
This is pretty funny and awesome. But why always Germany started a war ? It's kinda annoying
This is crazy, are some people really that uninformed?
Germany? So Germany requires a big army despite the fact it has no major quarrels with any country. So the UK doesn't require an Army despite the fact one of it's crown dependencies is at risk of invasion? You a true idiot.
maybe some of the people were just playing along? lol
the suckers are the ones who think its a real video
Sorry New Hampshire i guess you don't really matter.
people are so stupid lmao, when he said hunger games i lost it haha
oh my god! need to store more internet!
Shut the fuck up you are a disgrace to Americans. Why don't you jump off a bridge bitch dick.
My sister was in America once for an echange. When she asked her guest family what they think about Guantanamo, they found it GOOD. SERIOUSLY. They are nice, and really ok, but this is hilarious.
I lost faith in humanity, finally the correct place to say it
Interesting.... I remember the video of a girl cursing on camera because she did not know what a leap year was (~7 million view) Or that of a woman no knowing how to pass through an auto slide door. Or the comments from the video of the racist British woman. (Small example: If Americans where not here, all blacks would have died of hunger blah blah. They don't even need pesticides to grow crops, idiots.) Go on some online forums or games, you will see that its not a stereotype at all, sadly.
I'm almost skeptical to believe that people are actually saying these things. Oh what the hell, I call shenanigans!
Fuck the living shit out of humanity... OH WAIT! It already has.
The video took a turn for the dark when people wanted to watch other people die as entertainment.
0:36 none of them even care. Do they even realise how big that would be? Or maybe they just don't care about anywhere but the U.S.A.
I'm sure you can pull this shit in other parts of the world just as well.
Whats with the Hunger Games reality show?? PEOPLE WOULD ACTUALLY WATCH IT??? I'm scared now.
The guy taking about internet made me laugh do hard. I almost fell out my chair.
most of them are dumbs. maybe you are the one who just noticed, people are converting to zombies.
Wow, you just made americans seem even worse than what the world usually take them to be
Guys every single person didn't fall for it, they just only showed the gullible people.
This is why the rest of the world believes Americans are dumb... I'm so ashamed. I'm at a loss of words.
So the Polish Armed Forces are just a figment of the world's imagination right?
stopping at 2:22 you can see the girl keeps one eye on the camera, and the other on the reporter. She's done this before.
Don't worry, people everywhere are easily deceived. Just look at the use of propaganda throughout history.
*in-300-style* This. Is. America!!!
1:42 is actually sort of true. If we continue to use the amount of internet we due fairly soon we will run out of space in the air for internet. Google "spectrum crunch"
I mean, who cares about South Carolina?
"Yeah probably. Just for entertainment." 0_0
Our country is a landmass as well as a political country...
America is going bankrupt, you're(we're) suppressing your people, you(we) are mostly overweight, careless, and ignorant. I'm a dual citizen of America and Sweden, i have lived most of my life in Sweden though, but at the times i've visiten USA, I was surprised and ashamed by the great inequality, and how the goverment doesn't seem to give any shits about you. The cops are rude, the politicians corrupt, and the people depressed. I can honestly say, i'm ashamed to be American.
I'm pretty sure that some of them figured it out and are just playing along.
America! i feel sorry for you.
That part about "running out of internet" is true,
New Hampshire? Damn I wanted California
Fired the US senate was the only funny one but it was hilarious.
oh my god. america. just . nooooooooooooo!
Oh god, I'm ashamed to be American. I apologize to the rest of the world that you have view these people's stupidity.
with the hunger games show to tv is stupid. There is a new show coming out i don't know what its called but its based on hunger games thats probably what they thought.
"No one cares about South Carolina" D:
i don't know about you but there are a lot of stupid people out there. For example, you.
sigh... I'm Canadian and I'm now ashamed of North America...
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