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Bountiful Bloopers of Love!

by SourceFed • 385,346 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Here's some outtakes from May/June episodes! Enjoy! Go to for our 5 daily videos or anything else we've ever done....

Whoa. Hellllllooooo 2012 Trisha Hershberger.
at 0:21 Lee looks 18 yrs old. Dunno why...
Pause and hit 3. That face...
Where can you get that purple shirt Lee's wearing?
Lol smartass. Thanks for that. :)
I miss when it was 20min or less...
4:29 he is just so damn pleased with himself lol
@EdmontonOpTic Yes, she has, multiple times actually.
When Elliot said family portrait I lost it.
*Still laughing from video* *Look at comments, sees people calling them gay* The hell is wrong with you guys
you know what, Joe and Elliot.....i ship it
i love how much you guys use ronald jenkees
0:16 - 0:19 Best 'Fuck you' ever
does anyone know thte music that plays from 2:30 to 3:56
Elliot has such a nice smile that he whips out of nowhere at the end!!!
Sorry, I was distracted by all the awesome Sherlock tees!
What is up with the gay comments?
Elliot is so attractive. Especially starting at 1:36 xD I love you Elliot -3
Quadruple flip-off from Lee at 3:57!!!
1:36 This is why we all love Elliott.
I don't think it's random that all the chicks on this channel has gigantic tits..... Oh god. I just fell to the same level as all the other titty-joke-spammers. Fuck. It's true though
3:27 Joe realizes only too late that Lee just wanted to get her hands on him...
5:52 Material for Elliott/Joe slash fiction.
I miss Trisha. I like how colossal her boobs are.
Joe isn't married he has a girlfriend and his daughter Hayden, Elliot is married as well as Steve, Lee is single, and I don't know about Trisha or Meg
@Devon Staple they film on 2 cameras. There's a dead space between frames.
1:36 The Joker putting his lipstick on
Elliot and Joe's family portrait at the end made me smile :D.
Im going to write a Joe/Elliott fanfic just for you.and me.
Yeah seriously Joe is married and has a daughter and I'm pretty sure Elliot has a lady as well. What is wrong with people?
elliot putting on his chapstick I LOVE YOU GUYS
3:07 Listen with your eyes closed :D
what is the music at the end? feel like i recognize it
Lesbians FUCKING ROCK! Except for the fact I'll never have a chance with them. :(
I love the Negotiator!!! (there, I said shame, no regrets!)
i DIED when elliott put on his chapstick
4:13 I need that shirt Joe has on, someone out there must know where I can buy it
Loving the George Watsky beats. "Who's Been Lovin You?"
at :39 elliott almost said f*ck you
At around 4:30... Ronald Jenkees...
Joe's probably right about the negotiator not being funny. i have yet to see something funny about it.... EXCEPT the fact that Joe HATES it so much. therefore, obviously the answer is to keep doing it. like how Joe did/does the molester voice for Steve...
Why is everyone mad at them hugging? They both have a wife and I am pretty sure Joe has a kid
What is the song playing at the end
Anyone know whats playing in the background! h@ #t=284s
I laugh so hard at what Elliott does. He's awesome
I don't know if anyone else heard it, but the noise Elliott made when he opened his mouth to put his chapstick/lip balm/whatever he used on was adorable.
WAIT! why is there 2 Elliots??? im really wondering!
Eww 2:05 joe's top has sweat patches :S
Elliot dat smile could brighten anyones day..such a weiro ^.^ 2:48
at :45 what is the song in the background? I know Phil had it in one of his vids but I cant find it :c
Omg Elliot with the chapstick XD
Lol, double derp at 0:43 makes me giggle. :)
lee newton has the best sense of humor out of all of you... don't take that as a diss... its just a damn high bar to follow.
It was used in the PDS like a waaaay long time ago.
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