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Blue Slide Park - Album Cover & Drop Date

by TreeJTV • 913,970 views

Blue Slide Park Coming 11-8-11 Shot & Edited by: Rex Arrow Films

I can assure you, ''blonde girl'' is a total stoner
Mac's a joker lol makes me laugh no homo
macs a real nigga, actually. favorite artist of all time. so much love to each and all of you. you too, mayne. peace brothers and sisters.
Haloia Haloia ciao, klu klu klu kle kle gigi gigi gigidi gigidi GLUE SLIDE PARK?
Check my music out y'all! This is #TeamDannyP -DannyP
this should be a beat to one of his songs
vsdvcsdvkfsdncjnasj blue slide park jbakbcdbcdciufdv mac miller bvbdbcijaciua
Lmao, the epic 'Bubble Gum!" at the end (:
that blonde girl, what language is that ? :)
@alainaaaaRB no hes probably just high.. i would do that
Where can I get Mac's hat? So sick
Why Is The Video In Sweedish tho ?
how could you dislike this video lol
mac miller and skinny jeans dont mix? like if ur with me
0:46 who stole ma donut nigga?
that bubble gum thing is so gay... I'm sorry.
anyone know the hoody he has on?
girl at 0:41 would get fucked everyday.
30sec- "one of these things is not like the other"
did she fuckin burp at 0:58? lol
fucking love this, mac miller makes my liife
i like this but it reminds me of one of those cheesy "orange" adverts at the cinema..
This is actually amazing holllly fuuuucckkkkkkkk
Lets See If I Can Get Top Comment BUBBLE GUM! ;p
Lmao , Why the hell did you present it in swedish ! , Haha Thank you anyways !
Thumbs up if you are from Sweden and you went like VAD FAN ÄR DET HÄR?
guys i live in sweden. trust me when i say that the Swedish girls are the most beautiful!
pft.. svenskar av allt annat? :o anyway, awesome!
0:46 I Dunno Where the chickens at D:
kommer mac miller till peace and love 2012?
I feel like mac miller can be considered like.... double standard hipster.
i love how at like 1:18 theres a little intimate, serious moment haha funny shit
haloia ciao, kle klu klu klu kla kla kla gigi gigi gigidi gigidi GLUE SLIDE PARK
@TheMannat7 Officer asks: whose got the weed? the reaction 1:03
i feel like mac miller would be considered like a double standard hipster.
i really like bubble gum i eat this shit ever day ! true story ...
blonde chick looks stoned or is it just me?
i was like whATHEFUCK they're speaking swedish??????
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