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Bakery Burger Combo - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 3,077,526 views

LIKE/FAV this video!! EpicMealTime eats some sketchy fast-food, and goes on a trip to satisfy their hunger. Blondies, brownies, cupcakes and churros are used in creating the ultimate baked combo...

"or as we call them in canada ............"  hahahahahah!!
For the children, Cake Farts and Meatloaf Farts are 2 different shock videos with women sitting on a cake and a meatloaf as it is inserted into their anus and then it is farted out. 
My mom is going to make me unsubscribe if u don't stop with the liquor I love u I do AND I NO HATER its just she's doesn't want me to learn to cook with that stuff D=
I'm sorry, but they aren't gonna do that. You'll just have to covertly watch EMT in your bedroom/toilet/sleeping bag/butt. :3
Cool but my mom said its alright just don't ever drink jack danyls😊
I lost my shit at "beaver dicks" xD hahaha
The beginning though :-)
How are they not all fat yet
why u nu fat? gym?secretly not eating it all? I MUST KNOW
+Alice McPeak but to answer your question, they go to the gym a lot, and on top of that, they only do stuff like this once a week, and distribute the leftovers among several people.
The beggining reminds me of a generic Cypress Hill song xD hahaha
Lol muscles going ham at 3:50
The sugar demon has been exorcized...for now.
I noticed the length of this video is 4:20....LOL 
I know cause I am a real Canadian
Beaver dicks... We call them tank dicks in russia..
All I can say is you got some big ass beavers in Canada
I need that food nowwww
We don't call them that
uhhhhhhhhhhhhh we dont call them beaver dicks 
lmao video length is 4:20
Yeah! Beaver dicks ftw
Beaver dicks ! Lol
this vid is 4:20 long..:D
My mom thinks they re crazy but it makes me hungry as heck
Makes me sick, I have to agree with my sister! Sorry kid!
Churros fries: Smart.
I'm suprised you don't have diabetes.
churros, or as we call them, beaver dicks!!!! lol classic
Hahahah bieber dicks or beaver dicks?
Bieber doesn't have a dick
Bieber doesnt have a dick why would she????? 
Harley very rarely is seen actually eating the food they make
Damn if i ate that id be scared. Id probably die
shouldve made it candy bacon
All this stuff looks delicious, even with the bacon
Prince Atari is really dumb
Beaver Dicks? Whaaaat? lol
How do u not die from all the food lol
not sure if muscles glasses is back or it's an old lost episode because the outro was the old style? hmm..
I literally am crying cuz I want this meal sooooo bad. Fuck calories. I want this.
these guys are the TRUE meaning of "YOLO".
Every thing is better with baaaaaacoooon!!!!!!!!!!!!
If someone was to make the milkshake and the cupcakes and churros for my birthday. Id'd love you forever
is this muscle man? or his sosia; fat man?
I thought they didn't know how to cook!
You must be new here.
LOL beaver dicks.... I'm a Canadian and I never knew they called it that...
The bakers looked really cute!
These guys ROCK (period).
The little burgers are s cute.
he's back the glasses are back!
Man... I miss muscles glasses
holy crap i will never see something as awsome as this
i wonder if they eat musclesglasses' leftovers
Harley is eating beaver dick
Where do you get that glass jar that is so cool
Yes, Tyler! The only real funny guy on EMT.
That got me fucking hungry with them cup cake sandwiches haha
Woah man I'm tripping balls
U dont need to know shit about gaming to know how to game
Watching this makes me feel so much better about what I eat.....
oh dear lord put it in ma mouth!!
Bieber dicks or beaver dick both are Canadian Oh wait Bieber don't have dick
U guys should be dead by now lol
The bakers look terrified lol
I feel so skinny watching these guys stuffing themselves with food...….,
Americans, starve? obesity epidemic means nothing to you clearly.
Dats sick but I would eat it :)
"We're making some churros now, or as we call them in Canada, Beaver Dicks"
Wait a minute... BEAVERS HAVE DICKS!?
I know one who doesn't
What happens to muscles glasses any the are not having the calories any more
Your comment makes no sense at all.
old ones, the best ones
Yeah, for the last time, fat consumption is NOT linked with heart attacks.
Ok, I showed my dad this video and said "Make this for dinner". Life is good. Very good indeed.
that buff dude in the glasses smashes all the time
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