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"How do you get YouTube Famous?!"

by OfficiallyNerdCubed • 276,935 views

Gaming Channel! My Twitter! Webcomic! I'm sleepy. Also Freudian. Huh... Music by the wonderful...

"I want to do this for about a year" 4 years later..
+TimeForTimbo i think you say that after 8
+Clarence Wilson Unlike you, sir, I appreciate all numbers for who they are and what they stand for. Good day. monocles away
sooooo.... a year ago he had 10,000 subs. now he has 2 million. wow
He's not ttalking about his gaming channel
I HAVE THAT GLASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That code might be taken im alittle late
Very nearly 10,000 subs... Oh hang on, he's got 340,000
he means on this channel not officialnercubed :3
watching this at 2 million subs :)
There is no way you only had 10,000 subs one year ago.
Does it mater? He has 2 mil subs now and his irl almost 400 k subs
very nearly 10000 subs nearly 2 mil
So thhhhissssssss is what you look like! I've watched many of your videos, and I always imagined you looked like Ricky Gervais. I'm glad I have a real face to put to the voice!
I have the same cup
I remember the old days with 100k subs on your gaming channel xD
Almost 2 million subs now
So, the key to becoming youtube famous... baby in a catsuit falling off of a bike... nods got it
aha cool man check out mine guys i just started !
Fuck off and stop advertisisng your shitty videos on a better channel you absolut piece of shit.
Of gas powered stick!
Now he has 1 million ._.
This channel should've been called OfficialNerdSquared.
0:17 what she said. (P.S. <-- CLICK HERE.  You know, if you feel like it)
oh my god this was published on my birthday
This published the day after my bday
dan i can hear you but i cant see you where r u
Am I too late for the DLC?
TPBHV-XRG7G-LEG8R Total War - The Peninsular Campaign Thank me later
g            o                  o                    d
By the time you see this probably 10K last I checked It was around 1M
Why does that look like a penis? xD
Very inspirational, good job Dan
Now having 287,000 subs xD
i wish ppl would watch our videos :'(
what if you are a baby cat who just fell off a bike?
well then you're set for youtube. forever
You have just made a viral video, my good sir/madam.
This video is inspirational xD Thanks for this great video. It was quite entertaining too. 
It's strange by the time I watched this he already has 1,000,000 subs
holy shit, the comments!!!
I'm SO GLAD he said 'Hard Work' It's literally all my channel has going for it, I cant afford promotion and dont know anybody big, so I'm putting in hard work, I work every day all day and I'm hoping that will work eventually, haha.
well thanks for telling the truth about being famous and deserving of it : hard work. 
Or being a cat/baby
Would like to point out the guys behind FreddieW also work crazy hours, they didn't just "get lucky"
By the time I watch this over 1.5 million subs
▂▂ ▌ | ▌ ☻ Bob has been hung for War Crimes against the intelligent section of the ▌ /▌\ Youtube community. Now please stop fucking making Bob comments. ▌ / \ ▌ █████████████
Gives out free dlc. Good guy Dan.
only 10,000 a yr ago?
omg u nearly have 200,000 subs....nearly 10,000 lol
yes I'm a retard i kno... i mean ya that's what i meant *cough*
That's a little too big mate. More like 1,000,000. :)
Almost all of my subscriptions are from me being on Youtube too late, and just browsing. You, Dan, were in my suggested videos after watching the Lonely Island Project from Syndicate. And now, I'm a fan of Emma Blackery because of you!
He's got more than 1 million subs on his main channel, to be honest I think that counts as famous............
He didn't put the things to click on... and he was sooo sure of it. Haha
Look in that black bag behind him... is that a pony? Dan, are you are brony? Or am I crazy?
Nope not 10,000 it is 1,000,000 now :)
If you were on minimum wage with 10,000 subscribers, does that mean you're now on 100 times minimum wage? So like, I dunno, £600 / hour?
By the time I watch this 214,972 subscribers
um hes not at 100 million yet sorry 1,000,000 now enless you traveled back in time and forgot to go back
gosh why so many likes so nerd has one hundred millions subs?
By buying them, he is partnered so he gets money from like every 1000 views or something
I love the free dlc that it didnt give erh grumple grumple grumple
hahaha 10'000 is a funny word
1 year later.... Nearly 1 million subs!!
Oh, back when Dan had 10,000 subscribers.....oh the past.
You look great in those shades.
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