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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 566,032 views

Better in Japan - Happy And You Know It: Epic Rap Battle - Steve Jobs v.s. Bill Gates: 18 Accidentally Naughty Cartoon Images That...

Bro this girl can get this dick
1 apple 2 epic rapper 3 no not really 4 Nyan cat
1:PC 2:Epic Gamer 3:notta 4:nyan Cat because of song XD
1 PC 2 Driver 3 Nope 4 Nyan Cat
1. pc 2. driver 3. nope 4. nyan cat
1. PC 2. Gamer  3. No...not by itself. I'm sure people could make it funny.  4. Nyan Cat
That has got to be my favorite commercial of all time <3
1.PC because of bigger screen 2.Epic Gamer 3.Not at all 4.Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows!
Apple (microsoft is a lile biger asshole than mac) Gamer No Im completley crazy so im going whit nyan cat
I'm still a child......sobbing uncontrollably
well rugrats is officially ruined for me o.o
Doesent mess up my child hood I watch porn soo
wtf my motha firetruckn' childhood 2.driver 3.yes 4.nyan cats
Am I the only one that think mari is motha fuckimg beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey it is my birthday Saturday I am turning 14 my name is raj
I LOVE THAT ERB EPISODE!!! Oh and... 1. iMac (ha its an apple but its a computer too!!!) 2. I'm a Gaming Geek cause I play loads of horror and skill games on my pc so Epic Gamer! 3. No 4.UNICORNS
1. apple 2.gamer 3. Yes 4.Wookiee
1. Apple 2. Gamer 3. No 4. WOOKIES!
1. pc 2 an epic gamer 3 nope 4 nyan cat
1.PC 2.Gamer And Still A Gamer 3.No... 4. NYAN CAT!
Burner aka BrineBrothers calm down. 2.gamer 3.hehe dirty minds these days i actually know a seaman and im a Tseman 4.unicorns of course
...then just quit with the english... you sound like every fucking operator i call when my tech needs fixed...
this explains why we are such perverts
1. Apple (though I'm on a PC) 2.Gamer 3. *giggle* 4. Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyan Cat
1. pc 2. epic rapper 3. no 4. real men choose unicorns 2.epic gamer :D 4.nayn cat
1. Apple 2.gamer 3.Yes lol 4. Unicorn :*
1. PC 2.Gamer, duh 3. Um I just laughed, so yes. (wtf) XD 4. Nyan cat:D
1.PC 2.Epic gamer 3.No 4.Nyan Cat
apple. none. kind of. nyan cat mixed that cat is mixed with a poptart AND a unicorn .
1. Apple (pc for gaming) 2. Gamer 3. Kinda 4. Wookies
I'm on Linux bitch. I thought you GNU.
1.pc even if i have an apple epic rapper 4.nyan cat
1.PC 2.EPIC gamer 3. yes and no 4.WOOKIES!
1. Apple 2. Driver 3. No 4. Unicorns
1. Apple 2. Gamer 3. Not really 4. A Nyan-Uni-Wookie
1. APPLE 2. Gamer 3. Nope. 4. WOOKIES
Lol she sounds like a young asian corespondent trisha takanawa.
1 pc 2 driver 3 no 4 nyan cat is good but unicorns are the best unicorn powers
1. Apple and Mac >.< 2. Gamer ( iwould suck at any other one) 3. Yes :/ 4. Nyancorn!! :D :3 (in case your stupid thats nyan cat and unicorn)
u bleeped out shit but not dick?
When their mohawks moved I was like: HOLY SHIT!!! It actually scared me! XD It scared me even more when I remembered my old crush had a mohawk...
1. pc apple sucks sometimes 2.all of them 3.yes it does 4.all of them thumbs this up if your comment matches it
1 Apple 2 Gamer 3 No 4 Nayan cat 2.gamer 3.yes 4.nyan cat
1. pc 2. an epic driver 4. unicorns
1. PC 2. An epic gamer 3. Yes 4. Nyan cat
1.PC 2.An Epic Raper who´s epic gamer. 3.Wut ? 4.Nyan Cat what is riding the unicorn.
1. Apple 2. gamer 3. Yep. 4. Nyan cat
I watch every rap battle until I can sing it all day long to myself in my head, anyone else?
Oh thank you i totally didn't want to sleep!
1. pc 2. gamer 3. no 4. nyan cat nyanyanyanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanayanay
1. apple 2. gamer, im already one 3. no 4. Nyan cat
i can tell a joke, too. what's worse than the holocaust? finding two worms in your apple
i personally think that it depends on what you want the computer now if it's for very simple not much video editing or music your good how ever for anyone who wants a personal, customized to what you want, unblocked sites like d2l, or wants to share threw built in wireless networks, or a gamer and you can still do music editing or video editing on a pc and just get virus protector and your set. So because i like microsoft
1: PC 2: Gamer 3: Yes 4: NYANUNIWOOKIES!
1 apple 2 epic rapper 3 yes 4 nyan wookiecorn
1. Apple 2.Gamer :D 3. ....YES.... 4. nyannyanyanyanyanyanyan
1. Apple 2. Rapper 3. O.o 4. Nyan cat and unicorns
1: I own one computer of both marks, so.....THIS. QUESTION.IS. SO. ANNOYING! 2: an epic rapper or gamer...i dont know... 3: oh hell Yes! 4: Omg.......*rage quits because of too much epic words in 1 question.*
Wellllll, Evil Barney, I am now scarred for life...
Answer to questions:D 1.Pc FTW 2.Epic Rapper DUH! 3.Call me stupid but whats seamen? 4.Badass Nyan Cat! WooT!;D
This is going to give me nightmars
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