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Renewable Energy fueled by the Ocean!

by SourceFed • 238,207 views

Get yo! Tumblr Updates Here: Order your SourceFed Posters here: Description: Scottish Power completed preliminary trials of a giant...

hell yes the cost is worth it especially when we are spending billions on bailing out execs comparatively this is nothing
Steve.....I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!! The tidal farms sound promising.
What if swimmers, surfers or divers get chopped up or rammed against the blades due to the strong waves...?
They should put cages or something around the turbines, so that water still runs through but animals are kept from injury. And yeah, I say go for it :D
so your taking energy out of the water system,,,, That's not going to have any effects on anything....
It's going to do a lot of good for coastal defences in places where the coast is being washed away.
If we don't find a source of renewable energy somewhere somehow, there won't be any whales. I'll rather give up a couple whales and fish for a source of energy that is clean and renewable than continue the use of coal and nuclear power that has proven to harm the planet indefinitely.
This is the most energetic and enthusiastic discussion of tidal power! Let us know if you ever fancy diving into the subject of wave energy too...
of course they should do it, less pollution, nuff said.
Its not viable ocean water is to corrosive and would take more energy to make and maintain then its worth
It most likly will take forever for the u.s. to even think about using this. I mean, what are they made of ? For 11 million a pop its got to be nuts. How do you keep them maintained? And how expensive is that over a long period of time? We've had the tech and the no how for awhile, theres a reason it hasnt been used on a large scale already.
What really is Devo Max though? It's sort of an ambiguous and vague idea. As I understand it, it would be like becoming an independent country in all but name, as in the Scottish Parliament would have just about any and every power it could ever want. But in that case why not go the whole hog? If something's worth doing...
How long do they last and how much maintenance will they need once they are running for sometime?
I wonder if this is implemented on a large scale what the effect on the tides and ocean currents would be.
Fishies will not be so happy when their friends get butchered by those big blades.
I think it would be worthwhile. :)
Allmost half of the coral reefs in the world is gone due to increasing acidity, there's deserts the size of continents in the oceans where you could build a million of these and still have so much room between them that you could go diving in a submarine there and have troubles finding one of the turbines. What we have built so far, in the entire world, all the major cities and the millions of miles of road, fits fine on the 30% of the surface that is land, 70% is ocean and its empty of whales.
Someone needs to tell Elliott that Scotland is part of the UK.
Ok let me rephrase the time scale for Scottish Independence - they will be able to handle independence when they have an economy worth anything. If they gain independence before they have a working economy all they will gain is thousands of homeless people who used to live in council housing paid for the UK (amongst other benefits they don't and can't pay for.
no i think nuclear energy should be used more
whoa I have a lot of feedback for this one so. 3:12 Time warp shirt, 1.21 gigawatts, Steve is wearing an adventure time shirt which at least to me shouts "I get high and watch cartoons", and I still want eliotts hair which is why im getting my haircut, and I guess I should just add everyone from comment commentary in here so Lee Newton is painfully hot, and Joe I love the stache keep it up you are an inspiration to mustache lovers everywhere
Other places as the uk? Scotland is in the uk!
OOOHHH this is a good comment! :)
I think its a great idea but it does need to be researched a bit. once it is realized that this type of power source can become extremely profitable, then that is when money will be put in and it will become both efficient and effective
Enybudy else notesing Steva shurt inside his shurt 3:11
yes since the propellers will spin so fast it will cut them up... -_-
Don't Norway&Russia already do this?
Who cares about 11 million dollars per turbine. They give away more then that in the lottery all the time. Renewable energy is in its own way, priceless..
thank you for making news so frellin entertaining. I love you source ed ;);)
But Nuclear Energy Causes Radiation! May Even Give Radation To Rocks Trees Etc. So Water Would Atleast Be A Bit Better. An With All The Movies Stars And Rock Stars Out There Im Sure We Could Afford It! ;) Right.....? Right! Same Shit With The Wild Fires. Are Those Million Airs Afraid To Fly There Planes And Drop A Little Deja Blu Lol
congratulations!! your discovery will go down in history
I'd like to know the whale casualties so far....
You have just as much right to have an opinion as I have the right to tell you just how nuts and out of proportion that opinion is :P Neither of us though, have the right to say how nuts and out of proportion our respective bodies or minds are.
We wont stop at a couple of turbines after a few years if this idea is launched we will soon destory a masive part of ocean life
Interesting. I'm not sure how much more power nuclear plants produce than these sea turbines but there is definitely WAY more space in the ocean than on land witch could make up for the lack of energy produced... plus over time i'm sure someone will develop technology to help those sea turbines produce more energy.
then the fish would be chopped also :) and probably loose a great deal of seapower :)
@SourceFed Learn to pronounce islet.
why think about the cost of it now?! when the bigger picture of ending the use of coal power plants should be a larger concern so as to diminish the effects green house gases are having on our PLANET!
if they hurt whales i will destroy them one by one!
fuck this!!! I want cole fusion!!!!!!
its better then those stupid and useless windmills that look like they don't even do any thing. i'm all for donating my tax dollars to this.
SharckS eating 110$ propeller .....
Okay, this sounds cool enough, but my moneys still on the swedish eco-friendly project: tidal energy without any risks for sea life, quite the contrary, studies have been made that say any tidal plant locked to the sea floor may become perfect homes for small fish and underwater plant life. Anyways, my point is, don't jump the first horse you see, cuz you might get run down by the giant stallion-superhorse that you ran past.
If we can get fusion going we won't need things like this.
Nuclear is still cheaper cleaner and easier and produces 10000000000x more power
of course its justified, they may not make nearly as much power as nuclear or coal but those technologies have been around for many many years, you just cant compare them, if we give this technology the same amount of time to grow im sure it will prove much more powerful in the future
Look at Steve's shirt at 3:12 O.o
Well, they wont build the turbines where they could harm whales or sharks
Sounds great! Let's do it, Canada!
Trust me. This would have NO effect on the tides.
if it "needs more time" they say that now and theyl just say that in 10yrs when it comes in to reconcideration again, so then it will never happin. we need renewable energy to because without it if we keep polluting we will die. we are setting are selfes up for are demise here with pollution. have u guys ever read any postapocoliptic books before! Like the hunger gamesidk about u guys but i dont want my child be killing other people to save myself in the hunger games in 50yrs. so yea get on it!
DARN IT! Why can't I stop staring at Elliott's Adams Apple!
Depends on who you ask. I'm not saying I'm in favour nor against Scottish independence. As an American, It's really none of my business. I have just heard that there are those in Scotland who want it and those who don't. 'Forever' is a long time, you can't really speak with certainty on such things.
That's a thing? Uh ho. Is someone copying their boss Philly D?
Wrong. Tidalpower may be the most promising renewable source of energy in the future. Some rivers and oceans in the world have water level differences of over 20 meters, imagine all the amount of kinetic energy that could be harvested. Research in this field shows to be the most promising aswell. Since testing started in Norway in 2003, the HS300-tidal-engine had over 14,000 production hours before they began development of a new engine, designed to produce three times more power!
Was I the only one who noticed Steve's shirt towards the end?
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Even if the turbine idea succeeds the amount of power generated is still not enough to meet the demands of major cities in large nations like the u.s
Thorium reactors. All the goodness of Nuclear, no fishies harmed.
Ya that's great untilled we chop up the whales
1:14 We know man :| ...the guy on your tshirt knows too.
I think this would even be safer for Japan instead of nuclear energy.
too expensive for what could turn out to be harmful to the ocean.
The idea that the slowly spinning turbines will hurt fish is about as logical as the fear that swaying tree branches are a danger to birds.
Anybody else thinking of team Aqua attempting to control Kyogre... no just me okay i will go back to my corner.
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