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by TobyTurner • 240,598 views

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WHAAAAAAT?!! haha he's so cute :3
2:55 " get it in" many times have I said that ? LOL
the problem is he's using his left arm lol
He's left handed as he said, IN THIS VIDEO!
Yes! left handeds unite! 
Ugh my brother came and took my phone!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(
wtf srsly 2 girls kissing?
lesbian means 2 girls kissing
Hi I'm Alyssa Cheong and um i like your videos so ya keep up the good work bye :)
Steven was finally revealed at the end lol
woo I'm going to renfest tomorrow
Omg x3!!!! fangirlgasmmoment at 1:58-2:03 ;P
im a righty......NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:O uploaded on my birthday!!!! ho did i not notice till now
Razorblade is not les...jeez ppls she's not les, friends are at the same place jeez how u pplz ever heard of bbf or bgf. U guys who think she's les r retared
TOBUSCUS people think that me and my friend are your little brothers and to prove to them we are can we be in a video announced as your little brothers
the hotnes in the video is OVER9000
attention please: HOTHOTHOTHOT!!!!!!!!!! that is all
toby if u r still like this at it ur gonna kill some one
Guys throwing javelins and girls making out, it has been quite a productive day.
Did anyone hear the "im not anorexic i will eat you" haha:P
my dad works in alot of the fairs at fortloderdale and my voice is in this vid
at 2:00 haha u had a spaz attack
I wonder if Toby has ever had to defend himself
Toby couldn't throw one of those to save his life!!! Hahah
either that or in baldwin park.. i go to both haha
toby is a lefty? YAH! i'm a lefty!
I wanna live in california but indiana is good enough Olga into girls? Shit son lol
Bless the faces of mooshing biches
"mother of god sweet kelly..." what was that all about? lol
emoo kissed a girll and shee liked iit ........... XD
Toby throwing javelins.. Olga kissing cleavage wench.. this doesn't have more views because?
Who did Olga just kids and why!?!
My brother is 2 in Scotland in the under 18s javelin distance
This video is perfect. It has cleavage, lesbo kissing, hilarious cannibals and we saw Steven
Lol lesbian shows up Tobys like omg sweetkellychrist
Anyone who thinks that was Steven, watch the rest of the vlogs. All of them. Before and after. Somewhere he'll say STEVEN ISN'T REAL!!!!!
I'm left handed too!!! :D LEFT HANDED UNITE!!!
Like if you actually blew on the javelin
considering the camera was pointing down right it here tits.... i think everyone did.
Who the frig were those two woman
3:48 pause now look at the bottom of the screen creepy
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