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Avada Kedavra

by AlbinoBlackSheep • 1,611,679 views

Harry Potter and Lion King parody with music by Steve Goodie and Nuclear Bubble Wrap and animation by Andrew Kepple MP3 on iTunes:...

My favorite song
i watched the entire thing... also, love the starkid reference.
I was enjoying this video, until I saw that
Check out this video on YouTube: LOL!!!!!!!
I enjoyed that a little too much!
Voldemort's face when Wormtail "They don't get any worse!" LOL!
Voldemort:"🎶Avada Kedavra🎶" Draco:"Avada Kedavra?" Wormtail:"Yeah! It's our favourite hex!" Draco:"What's a hex?" Voldemort:"Geez kid what the HEX wrong with you?" Lol
There's a certain politician if like to use avada kadavra on, cough dick Chaney cough
Does Draco actually turn evil and use this? also shouldn't Draco be in azcaban?
This is simply made of win.
Dat TF2 reference doe...(I'm gonna be that kind of fanboy)
That quote that says "NO, he's mine!" kinda sounded like Virgil from Dante's Inferno, to me.
You mean devil may cry?
That fursuit / scout transformation tho haha
Anyone else notice that the puppets bullying worm tail were saying bother? Like potter puppet pals?
That's why I want to be in sylitherin
Wonderful to fast exterminate
4:01 I want to go to Pigfarts, but I don't have a rocket ship and I can't just buy out NASA when my parents die. It stinks, I want to ride on Rumbleroar's back! Oh, by the way, Rumbleroar is a lion. Who can TALK.
The only thing wrong with this video is that Voldemort has a nose
This is fricken amazing 😂
always singing this while doing the dishes
how in the shitstorm of fucks can't this movie have more views?
For a good time call acco dumbledoor XD
Oh my god this is good
What the FUCK did I just watch.
At 4:45 u can see a Pac-Man ghost and the snail from adventure time. And at 1:57 there's a reference 2 The Wizard of Oz. Wormtail flies and creates the words 'Surrender Dumbledore'
This is from 2010? How have I not seen this before?! It's amazing!
Because Jerry Peet didn't direct you to it at that time.
Unforgivable Yet Satisfying.....XD
Lol anyone else saw the Fourth Doctor?
Draco makes a pretty good scout.
This should be the remake for the lion king....or should I say wizard king
Did I...did I just see the doctor? YOU MONSTERS!
+reagan paulino but if he's killed durring regenneration. he's ded for good. And yes. I know I spelled dead ded.
my friend showed me this video because she knew i liked harry potter and i laughed so hard i fell off her couch
Uh.......... SPOILERS AHEAD!!?~
Can i have someone give me a way to download the video?
Lol, I started singing this in math class(I have a math teacher who loves harry potter) and she started screaming. I stopped singing and she was like, "M-Megan! Your a...death eater?" And I just started cracking up because you can probably guess what house I'm in from my photo and I'm not very evil...
with an american accent... hahahahaha
all i have to say is that wormtail doesn't have a silver hand
Did she just kill Obama
No, she killed Ron Weasley...
How to turn a childhood classic into a killing spree
Avada kadavra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to watch this video over and over again, Oh and don't forget Avada Kadavra😀😀😀
I feel I should be outraged and disgusted at this parody of Hakuna Matata. But, all I can say is that this is so damned clever and funny, I had to listen to it three times. This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
It's really cool but Peter Pettigrew have on his left hand only 4 fingers in this video he has 5 fingers on both hands.
Haha they killed the fourth doctorXD
They killed the sorting hat! Meh, the sorting hat was creepy anyway. is the sorting hat even alive? Where does it keep its brain?
Loved it. This was great1 lol.
3:40 wait, did he just kill doctor who? I know he's probably a character but i barely watched the movies, but read the crap out of the books, so thats my excuse for not recognising him. But he does look like Doctor Who.
1. Looks like no more regeneration for the doctor 2. Is Voldemort freaking Bill Cypher?
Draco sounds like a fagt
2:04 does it bother anyone that he is wearing a fox costume even though this video came out in 2010 and what does the fox say came out in 2013?
3:00 ~ Never thought I would see the day when Voldemort twerks o_0
lol i saw scout's outfit
I think I was just mindfucked. Still awesome.
when i was 6 i thought draco was hot... (he still is! )
I really like the attention to detail here - like when snape died, his chicken leg still had his tattoo there. Well done!
You have no respect for one of the greatest orators ever, Barack Obama. Go and f off and stop being rude and going around insulting people.
Draco: I felt like Shunpike XD YESSSS
4:03 "I can't go to pigfarts! It's on Mars!!"
Anyone else think Steve Goodie (Voldemort) sounds a lot like Tom Kenny?
Noooo, not Rumbleroar & Draco... Why did he have to kill them? DX
Why is there master Ambrose?
Harry Potter and The Lion King, awesome.
what did i just watch .-.
Damn wondered into the weird part of the internet...
+MisterJukeBox8 I would go so far as to say they're one and the same.
+Robert Taylor I don't mean they're always the same thing, but there are a ton of weird fandom-related things on the internet... and by a lot I mean 90% of the fan-made videos I've seen. This is coming from somebody who is usually a part of those fandoms.
A parody of Hakuna Matata King Lion? 
Diet Death and Death on Toast :D :D
+Perry Katrak  This is quite possibly the most meaningful piece of animation I have ever watched.
well exuuussseeee meee!!! but if the Doctor and those retards met we all know who wins its the Doctor! jeezz! 
Cool make more of harry potter
Oh my god, they didn't use Avada Kedavra on Snape! They transmogrified him into chicken!!! XD
"Harry Potter?" "No! He's mine!" Angry much? XD Wait, Voldemort has too much nose.
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